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  1. Agreed. Another in-game economy that is not finished till today (A.H.) and doesn´t make any scense to me yet. I get the idea of the legacy but many players posted bugs that don´t get anything later cause of them. Aside of this, there should be a mid term tempo for grinding valor. Going in to die with all T9-10 set and not know if it´s going to work makes you feel unsure and actually makes you not wanting to go in. For me, the main issue, leaving bugs aside, is the game economy that yet hasn´t been finished by devs. They should really, in my humble opinion (I´not a dev ), set things clear and structure the game basis instead of adding new content to the game. If the base is unstable the building will collapse...
  2. @hh_katherine Any tip for this problem related to offerings?
  3. It is an in-game coin purchase that can be spent on skins, potions, etc...It costs real money.
  4. I am really sorry @Zenboy to hear that. I remember you in game and can agree that you are telling the truth. I`ve seen your character and even played with you (you gifted me a penta spread t8 geomancer weapon). The feeling is really devastating, I can relate... Sadly, like the terms and policies says, they can do whatever they want...so...either wait for a response or leave the game for later to be more "stable". I know it is unfair for us but at this stage of things, we are the ones that loose the most. For them, one, ten or a hundred players doesn`t make a big difference. This seems rough but is the truth. Sorry for your bad experience. Hugs m8.
  5. So, I died to lag in t4 hard with 4 item recovery on the character. No recovery for meeee!!! Lost t9 set. Really REALLY MAD AND DISAPOINTED.
  6. Agreed. Good guy and full time player so you go ask him! I´m virtus2arg in twitch btw.
  7. I´ve done 10 hydra runs and still no relic. Bad RNG or just maybe something else?
  8. It´s been a long time I don´t encounter Locus bug so...nice!!
  9. Well (pun intended), you will die to age LUL
  10. It is really easy to build up round enery recovery...sentinel is disgustingly unbalanced atm
  11. I agree with most of the things you posted. It is true that a lot of things doesn´t work but we have to remember that it´s a beta...You missed t4 dungeon! But I guess that there is nothing to add. Too ez imo. The only boss that made me rip hard was T7 on hard mode and T10 Goliath. These two without playing sentinel wich is extremely op. Imo there has to be a re balance on alchemist, druid and geomancer wich are trash...
  12. Hey guys! As you all know sentinel special ability makes a circle where you and your allies regenerate hp and enemies and attacks can`t go through, sort like a shield. This breaks ANY BOSS MECHANIC ((?), NOT TESTED). You just stand facing the boss and hit without moving. With a proper build, literally makes the best class in the game for tanking or dps. It´s versatility is by far the best one.
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