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  1. I agree with you on the dungeon scaling issue. More often than not either myself or someone nearby won't be able to join the dungeon. If someone is using any kind of exp boost then they quickly out level their party and inadvertently knock themselves out of the group after a few runs. Trying to play with streamers on Twitch or Mixer is more difficult due to this as well. In the past, if you were under-leveled you could weigh the risk and join the dungeon anyway and after a few runs you were at the level of the group. Where as now you would have to go level solo and try to catch up to the group before the stream ends. The suggestion that was made before on another post where if you are on someone's friends list that it would disregard the level requirements to enter the dungeon would be a great solution to this problem. Maybe not a complete solution but it would really help the players that do want to play together do so.
  2. I understand the concern of higher level players speed clearing lower level dungeons, but the fix that was implemented may have had some unintended consequences. Since I started playing SB, most of my time has been spent near other players whether that's outside running around together or joining a big group to clear dungeons. However, since the new dungeon mechanic, I have been playing mostly solo since the patch. Having the dungeons set up this way really restricts how players play with each other. I was helping a new player last night. He was in the first area at level 3, I had him follow me through the t2 area into t3 and down to the dungeon. We ran that dungeon together and got him leveled up to 10. As we made our way to the t4 area, I leveled up to 15 (due to exp buffs) while he was still only level 10 or 11. When he opened the door to T4 I was not allowed in by 1 level. I had been helping him with no problems until this one level difference. This has happened several times before, just wanted to give a specific example. Potential solutions I see, -Require a key or some sort of drop found in the dungeon that allows the boss area to be accessed. (This would encourage more exploration and killing mobs instead of running past them) -Make all dungeons more difficult, apply an aura to players that are close to each other that nullifies the difficulty increase. Anyone who runs off solo will have a hard time staying alive while those in the group will be just fine. -Make boss invincible until other players arrive in the arena -Boost drop and XP rates for the boss fight equal to the number of players nearby when the boss dies, incentivize waiting for other players -Global boss XP and drops inside the dungeon I will try and brainstorm more ideas as the day goes on. Please use this as a soundboard for anyone else that would like to see other alternatives. If you have ideas, share them! Edit: wording
  3. A screen recording could help serve as some sort of evidence. Not exactly sure you could prove it was a bot using only that, though.
  4. Please do that! That sounds awesome!
  5. It seems like the damage over time ticks are really large. I was just 25, t6 gear and outside T7 farming quests and one of the tree looking enemies quest came up. I got hit once by the big blue orb and my health kept ticking down until I was dead. I didn't hit or step on anything else. Going to start recording when I go into that area for future reference
  6. I'll get back to you on that next time I make it to the area. Thanks for the response.
  7. Does anyone else feel this way? I main Alchemist and even with a full set of T6 with charms I'm so squishy it takes about two shots and I'm dead. Unless I get carried by a group that protects me I'm dying a lot. Everything up to that point seems easy and then the hardmode switch gets turned on. Am I alone?
  8. Just a kill count, maybe damage totals too. I think it would be cool to see how many enemies you killed at the end. Could do other things too like experience gained, time completed, etc.
  9. Would like to see some sort of pop out window that shows the details of the gear that the mouse is resting on. I'm not familiar with all the gear in the game yet and I think it would be helpful for everyone, especially players just starting out.
  10. Mahj

    PvP ideas

    My name is Mahj, and I support this message.
  11. Mahj

    Map Glitching

    Just went through T4 dungeon and then when I came out this happened. Video of me walking around, no barrier collision while this was happening. Will attach crash folder that happened as I went to the Main Menu, as well. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  12. Enjoying this game so much I was tunnel vision and didn't see the warning to log out!
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