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  1. amethyst_hh

    Vault got empty

    Thanks for this information, @blue12.
  2. amethyst_hh

    Weird reset.

    Thanks for the heads up!
  3. amethyst_hh


    The emoji was linked to the wrong icon. We fixed it yesterday but still need to send out the correct one to those players who received the wrong one. We'll get the Prohibit-emoji sent to you. Our apologies for the confusion this might have caused. Thank you for posting it. The forums are better and more informed because of it.
  4. amethyst_hh


    You're right. Thanks, @Numenter
  5. amethyst_hh


    You are right, @milinagi. You can't teleport because we have the teleport feature turned off in the Terrace. Check your messages. I've DM'd you. Let's try to move your character.
  6. amethyst_hh

    Rename Character Bug

    Thank you, both. I am making sure this bug is tracked so it'll be the same for everyone, and work as intended.
  7. amethyst_hh


    We've heard form others about this bug in Charms. We are looking into it. But it's likely the result of your charm being in your vault. Pull the charm into your character's inventory and try fusing again.
  8. amethyst_hh

    Crafting bug

    I'll put that suggestion in: to better warn players about why they might be blocked from doing something during crafting.
  9. amethyst_hh

    Can't Fuse Charm's

    @Espcevan I'm glad you can fuse, thanks to @BreadSlice's help. Since we're working on the crafting experience now, I've shared your experience.
  10. amethyst_hh


    Is your character still stuck? What happened to your teleport, too?
  11. amethyst_hh

    Enviroment missing

    This is a known issue, so I've updated that ticket with your details. Thanks, @_Vasur_!
  12. amethyst_hh

    Crafting bug

    @peakhunter Can you give me more details? Are your rewards still unavailable to you? Which item are you trying to claim? Can you give us your logs or screenshots?
  13. amethyst_hh

    Marked for Kin Gear lost with patch

    @SushiNoW Can you tell me more about this? What happened leading up to it?
  14. amethyst_hh

    Loose all my money :'(

    @AceTw and @SushiNoW both are correct. There was a bug with that silver. We're working on a fix to return silver to people who lost it before we could pull the bugged silver from the game. I'm sorry you lost yours. We'll keep everyone informed via the forums.
  15. amethyst_hh

    More, and more, craft bug.

    We have plans for crafting. We know it's not where we want it and there are too many bugs. We have someone dedicated to work on this system, but it'll take time to do it right. Keep us informed of anything else you spot.