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  1. I thought of druid charge as really great mechanic for Beast Master class that would have tammed beast that charges just like druid, but why make it simplier and give druid some cool spirit ghosts or something that charge when druid uses his bear form, that would not make devs rework whole druid legacies and stuff but class overall would need some work on to balance it. What you guys think of my thoughts? If you have any suggestions or similar ideas share it here, as im big druid enthusiast, but feel that druid needs changes.
  2. I would love to see him by my side
  3. It's well known for all of us playing at least from December that this game without a trading systems doesn't bring as much fun as it once was, all my friends quit playing after waiting 2-5 weeks for AH to come back live. I wait until today and they always ask if AH went back live, im very suprised that nobody talks about it at all and i was wondering if there are more of ppl like my friends that might make devs start focusing on the important parts of the game to fix instead of changing layouts or adding new stuff. Btw. i feel like invasions where added to make us be quiet and get them fixed items, but i might get the wrong idea. AT LEAST ADD TRADING MECHANIC BETWEEN PLAYER A AND PLAYER B so people can actually interact and need each other once again. If you agree let the devs know by posting your thoughts on the subject.
  4. It actually means that someone on the server just died, longer the earthquake the stronger person that died was. About that seizure i suggest turning your monitor's brightness down, it will make your eyes rest . I hope i helped
  5. Hello this is not any kind of guide, but it's more of a suggestion for everyone either begginers and experienced end-game players. I want to present to you Kelphaz, he is a youtube content creator that actively uploads new guide's. Recently he started streaming which i found about from one of his video's. He did not pay me or something to promote his streams and i'm here to let you know why it's worth to watch him to get in-game stuff like Silver, Equipment etc. Kelphaz is a good guy, but you don't really need to watch and listen to him you will get point's from having the stream go, so you can play the game while earning points, but what i mostly do is listen to him while in-game grinding so im up with news and learned really loads of things that i would never know about the game. You don't loose anything here, but you earn more than you'd think as he is very experienced so you don't only get free stuff, but can learn from him, ask questions that will be immidiately anwsered, do some in-game content as he sometimes gather groups to farm dungeons and more. You will find all info from his video about it here: I never ever before was into watching streams and Kelphaz streams really got me for good, but no point for me to make this too long just try it yourself. See you there --------------------------------------------------------------- Kelphaz's Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/kelphaz Yt: https://www.youtube.com/user/Black4ndWhite64 My twitch nickname: graypuch <---- need chat friends
  6. Any more details that you think might be crucial to discover what went wrong ?
  7. I never blamed it on server issues, i meant i had higher latency as on EU server i have like 2-3ms (ping) as i live here, so as i was on american server (far away) the game was behind by a micro amount of time .
  8. I just wanted to add that i usually play on NA servers living in EU with ping around 30-50 so it definitely was a 1shot as i start running this district around lvl 20-21. If that lava pool is a killer of mine it got me good. Can i please ask to never ever again deal with it?
  9. I had one of these deaths on t6 part on map was full hp and as soon as i saw a turtle in the corner of my screen and died, i could swear at my life that nothing hit me but even if, only catapult from t8 invasion might 1shot me like that and it was long before invasions went live. Cant remember exact place but if could see last 15 death cords i would definitely know which one it was.
  10. Has been reported before, i bet cutting my hand it was reported at least twice. Solution to not making boss invinvible is not killing the first hand before boss hp will change from green to blue.
  11. That would link to complications that we wouldn't see at first, but if you think about it. ex. you reset the tree but before that you left your stuff on the ground, quickly make new family nd pick it up.
  12. Yeah, i guess most of the players have alt's (bcs of char slots xD) I for example have Harb just to farm 6-8t and it takes loads of time when i only want to go on other char to check if i have something i look for and then go back. I suggest that Main Menu button, would make you go to after log in screen and add there some logout button.😁
  13. The question is are you getting all cards for challenges that you completed ? ex. if i have 6 challenges all getting me standard cards and 2 gives premium cards should i get 8 cards on death ?
  14. I was thinking about that too, it looked like a lottery at some point where i'd get 2 standard cards for lvl 25 died in well with few k's valor from well and then 10 cards for lvl 18 that died t5.
  15. how do i know the event is active ? any pop-up ?
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