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  1. I wanted to purchase some more vault space and legacy slots. I opened the store and there it was. "More vault space" Description: More vault space. "OK... But how muc more space?", I asked myself. Looked at the bottom. 20 | 100. "Oh my! Does that mean I have 20 spaces already used in my vault and I get to expand it all the way to 100? That's amazing!" Let's see legacies. It's only 90 electrum for an expansion. "Additional ancestral legacy storage" Description: Adds space to allow you to have more ancestral legacies. No number again, look at the bottom. 1 | 90 90 spaces for only 60 electrum!?!? That's a bargain!!! But waaait a second... 1 out of 90? There is no way I only have only 1 legacy card... And then it hit me. I was about to purchase 20 extra storages for my vault, of a maximum of 100. And ONE legacy slot for a maximum of 90. Please make these store items have VERY clear description. The UI used in the game does tell it but it wasn't very obvious. EDIT: Apparently that 1 | 90 is because I already killed one of my characters in the well once and got my maximum legacies increased by one. So that just makes matters worse!!! Now I don't even know how much electrum I have to purchase to get the desired number of extra vault space I wanted...
  2. Ah I see. I thought the boss only spawned after accepting it since I never noticed the boss tracker appear after picking the scroll, only after accepting it. Thanks.
  3. This is my first character and at level 15ish I'm still alive. Most of my silver has been spent on unlocking crafting tiers. As I see, crafting so far isn't much of a big deal but I know it will be later on. Right now it feels like I farm a dungeon until I'm satisfied with my gear but if RNG didn't gave me that tier 4 armor or boot I can use the catalyst and some materials to craft it and move on to tier 5 dungeons. But the main issue is silver. Crafting the book to unlock those tiers is really expensive. If I don't keep those between lifes I really don't see much point is bothering with crafting unless I'm planning to make a stupidly powerful character. That will just end up diving in the Well to die anyway.
  4. I have played up to level 15 or so. Some things I would like to see are keys to quick accept or refuse a quest. It's a small thing but I would much rather grab a quest scroll and quickly accept it by pressing E or refusing by pressing Q than moving my mouse to the corner of the screen and clicking the option. It is a bit dangerous and breaks the gameplay flow when you are fighting two dozens of enemies and have to stop focusing on the task because of the quest. Another point is the visuals. The game looks absolutely gorgeous and very detailed... But this IS a bullet hell game and having clear vision of the field is very important. I can shoot and move though some bushes but that tree stump blocks me. I can walk over those skulls but that animal ribcage has collision. I really would like a graphics option to hide other player's projectiles and maybe an option to make any non-collision, non-hazard object in the surroundings of my character transparent. Thanks for taking your time to read. This game is pretty neat and I'm looking forward to seeing how it shapes in the future.
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