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  1. Most modern systems and engines which keep a record of time are capable of tracking when the internal clock has been 'nudged' and if they allow abuse only do so in one direction (jumping forward) and even then this can only occur once if it is also tracking time by the day/month cycle. Another option would be the GW2 Home server/visiting option which sets your server home to be somewhat permanent but allows you to visit others to do things with friends. Much bigger game I know, but always good to know how other people decided to work these things out.
  2. There will always be people who will try to min-max every possible minute out of those potions if the duration do decay outside of when players are online. While I definitely understand some time would need to be nerfed off the big ones to compensate, consider also that by making them decay outside of play time creates an unhealthy incentive to maximize every minute of its duration. They may be small in number, but there are definitely people who will not stop playing for three days straight if you tell them they're benefits decay while they aren't. May be the consumer side talking here but *technically* the math works out the same in pure played hours. One just supports a healthy lifestyle that means playing in moderation, and the other while cost saving in the short term will probably result in a player who is burned out and disinterested due to their decision to no-life with their buff for three days. Case in point, my friend and I started SB at the same time and we both got Birthright packs. I lost my potions due to a bug, and they didn't. I played moderately and still do, and they have barely logged on since they expired. And...unfortunately a lot of gamers tend to be this way. It's a curse and a compliment. Survived By is fun! But, its also addicting- in the crash and burn sort of way.
  3. No problem Katherine! Most of the time, the 'day' doesn't really make much of an impact in time, but in a monthly daily log-in system like we currently have we have players (including myself) Who were seeing the monthly rewards rollover in the early afternoon of the previous day (In this case the 31st). This is when I really noticed how different the time-blocks were. While I don't think it's particularly fair to have the inverse of those ahead waiting for the last of the timezone to finish out the month before it rolls over- I know this has and will continue to cause some strife and confusion for those who thought they had more time to get some particularly tantalizing rewards. A good compromise, as I listed in one of my suggestions might be to have rollovers occur on midnight of one timezone for each region. NA would go under CST as most developers consider 'midnight' as when that time occurs in their locale. As for EU, and Asia timezone, you have better access to the data then I do as to your biggest player bases. If this were done however, it may be pertinent to add an Aussie and South America Server Set. With time I imagine the more stable they get the less we will have people hopping regions outside of the Discord server group.
  4. Hello there fellow adventurers, first time poster long time lurker here with a few suggestions for some tweaks on specific internal systems for the game Specifically, Time! Time is relative, as they say. The Discord group and I like to joke that those of us in the Americas live in the past- and this is technically correct on pen and paper as we are often a day behind the regions of the rest of the world. But as far as Survived By goes, this game simply doesn't know what time it is. Right now we have three (potentially four) active systems operating at different rollovers, Daily Log In- This system appears to be attuned to a European timezone of some sort, the thing is I can't really even look up which, because not only does this lack the time its on, countdown till reset, but it also lacks the day, and how many days remain to claim what you can out of the current set. Daily challenge board: Currently this resets at 1AM in my timezone, PST This does list the time left before its reset. Holiday event T.R.E.E- This little oddity doesn't have a universal time reset at all, and instead demands 24 hour cool downs- which makes it rather easy to miss a day from attrition if you have a varied schedule, like I do. -Zenith Buffs (Not sure when these rollover other then what is currently designated as 'the weekend') On top of all of this, the game UI lacks a current display of real life time in any form or timezone. So onward to the suggestions then... 1: Dedicate all resets to a universal time, so that all once a day occurrences happen at the same time. 2: Display countdowns to resets wherever they are applicable (In this case Daily Log ins) And in such example, show the hr/day left to claim remaining rewards. ----Optional additions----- 1a: Since this game is a world wide endeavor, it would not be too unseemly to root the timezone resets based on which server set you choose (Asia, EU,Americas etc) At the most one could abuse this system to jump forward one day in rewards/dailies so abuse is rather minimal. And even then one could only do this once, and would need two days of inactivity to do so again. 1b: For systems such as Daily Log In, it may be a better option to instead require completion of a set to move onto the next instead of demanding perfect attendance each month to obtain every item. Given certain moments of instability, rollback, and players own moments of real life taking priority, you will find far less complaints this way. This also allows you to place more value in your long term players as well as inspire new ones to continue playing to earn certain rewards they see veterans using. ---Time Display- Personally I would rather see my current time in the game UI instead of the game based one we currently see in the mini map. I think the sun dial is more then enough for that purpose as currently the time of day has very little effect on the world outside of the bestiary you fight. Other games currently have systems where time can be displayed in a form that shows server time, your own PC time, or both interchangeably when you mouse over it. I personally would like this as a QoL change, so that I may keep track of the world better then I play instead of having to change game play displays or alt tab to check the time.
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