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  1. Your current mood may be similar to my mood a month and a half ago. Why didn't the closed test solve it? Why are there so many BUGs, I paid for the package, and it took a week to respond? Some of the players' warehouses were cleared.....etc. When the mail ate my support package, I need to wait for more than 5 days of work to get someone to respond. At the end of the real solution, it has been more than half a month XD (a whole December is a bad day) Because the doubled items have bug, but the goods are not removed... I don't dare to use it...... I hope that most of the bugs will be solved, and new things will be created instead of the old ones, plus new bugs. However, once a player has no new things to pursue, maybe will start to lose somepeople.
  2. 1. Random (category) monster annihilation: XX~XXX number 2. Random Elite Monsters annihilation mission: XX~XX number 3. Random Boss Challenge: Number of X 4. Assist the shrine in intrusion or have new challenges. 5. make a world boss? When prompted: XXX appears + position + prompt sound effect, and flashes the prompt at the location of the map until it is destroyed. According to the level: give the task. Specify a monster prompt. Shrine Intrusion Prevention: The prompt needs to be strengthened, and there is a bug, so that the player can not receive the prompt. It is best to prompt the position + position target flash prompt until the end of the mission. Chat rooms often have problems and are often not received in chat rooms. You can add the prompt location + time remaining when logging in. Or making new challenges Teleport portal will appear in the village at some time. Then will meet a series of challenges, old players to protect new players, this task will last at least 30 minutes or so For example: defending an item from damage for a limited time, protecting the item in the middle, after a certain period of time, it will release the protective cover or heal the player, and then there are 6 to 8 roads. In a limited time, a large number of monsters and elite blam will be attack item ,player. the last 5 minutes or so, each side will appear boss (because most of the boss can not move, need to make a new boss) About 2 minutes, the residual boss will be replaced by special bosses to strengthen the destruction. Guardian, an item (important person) that will move, and a escort mission to somewhere. There is a poison fog on the road (T8 "fixes the player's light"? ),Some traps, monsters, elite monsters, bosses, to block players. In a week, you need to complete several times before you can get rewards. (Maybe shortening time, increasing monster strength) If the monster is too strong, you should have a red warning menu before entering. Ignoring defensive attacks can shorten the gap between equipment and rank. In the mission, the monster will also drop some items to reward the player to participate! The monster needs to be remade, the same monster has always appeared... a little not suitable. Maybe can make some "traps" This design can be used in many places! Can have a menu to turn it on or off
  3. Do you know that the forest on the left side of the boss entrance can enter, and then avoid the boss attack. But the attack power is not enough, the monsters that appear, can not be quickly cleared, the player may continue to get debuff and then die. Most players will skip T7 and go directly to T8... The monsters that appear will be more dangerous than the boss, and you only need to know where you will get the debuff. Every character I go to T7 will not hide behind the rocks, btw
  4. This is mostly caused by DC, perhaps with LAG The first will be displayed first: valr is not retained at all, so 0 is displayed. Next you will click NEXT to proceed to the next stage: Then stuck In the end, you will not stand waiting, forcibly closing the game... The equipment will not be able to get back, because you have no choice, the thorn equipment, the binding class is not affected. The character Roman symbol also changed back to "I" and started again. (Only the ancestors and the characters waiting to be created "I", no characters behind "II")
  5. To explain the situation in detail, there is a way to assist in the analysis and interpretation. If there is a picture or a movie is better. So your equipment is equipped with new props:Recory offering, not returned after death?
  6. Sry, I often use a computer to hang the net, and the discord state has not been switched. PM18:00~21:00 dinner time, watching TV XD I stayed in the well for a long time (10 days up) until I got to the legendary Harb master. It was 11 days later....... In my game, because I can't read English, I often play alone. Although Na1 is a lot of people, for me wifi thinks it is too lag (ping 220 up). Most of Asia(ping120 up) random 1~6 channels
  7. Because it is two kinds of tasks, it is (6X5)+15=45
  8. I solo T2 (hard) 1 minute 30 seconds ~ 3 points, T10 3 points ~ 15 points. Most of the discord are NA EU servers, my PING 250 or so, walking LAG may even be pulled back to the original place and died... Not that I like solo....XD
  9. Sentinel skills nerf too much, energy is hit to return to 0? Even the T6 revival can't hold it. Is it necessary to change so much at once?
  10. SoulZl, in the game, I didn't use google translation, I don't know how to type. Someone in my guild will help translate XD. Here I am a lone player.
  11. Originally I wanted to study how to lift it. As a result, most of my friends were ignore and disappeared on the list. Please tell me how to lift ignore. Thanks I hope there is a neglect list that can be checked when I want to lift it. Because the ID doesn't necessarily remember...
  12. There are always people who just want to experience the thrill of a new game, and then don't care if someone destroys it and the bugs? No auction store doesn't mean you can't play. I can solve everyday tasks almost every day. If every novice can get to the top quickly, is this game fun? I hope that the auction store will never open, just like Diablo III. Some parasitic player are always unable to understand the slow update of the game, try to profit from the game, the game is destroyed for them has no effect, no loyalty. I only hope that the team can quickly crack down on hackers and annihilate vulnerabilities, stabilize servers, and then create good game space and quality. Age of Empires1>Lineage1>Diablo I>Counter Strike 1.6>Diablo II>LUNA>League of Legends>Ragnarok>Lineage2>Diablo III>warframe>Rotmg>Survived By If you know when these games were launched, you will know how long I spend experiencing these games. Although there are some small games in the middle, I always hope that there is a good developer with excellent game quality that allows me to enjoy the game. If someone breaks his balance, I will be very angry and don't even want them to appear in the game. My heart's question: Are you really playing games?
  13. a bit like a article ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It is not a good idea to increase damage by 50%. If you can remove all the Legacies or the overall repair 50%, it will be a great help to the game. Well, this should not appear in the early days of the game, I think he should be 3 months or half a year, the game is stable. Or if the monster is too strong, it needs to appear to help improve the Legacies level. If you can understand, don't use any Legacies just T9 equipment and bring 10 bottles of HP to restore water at T10 solo, how it feels. (Although the drop is frustrating btw...) Maybe you feel why you are wasting your time, but enjoying this process is definitely worth it. Too many items that break the balance. I don't know what the mindset is. I know that most players want to profit from it. When I first entered the game on December 7th, I clicked on the player to watch his overall quality, and I knew that the balance had already been destroyed. (T10 equipped with 50LV legendary legacy, attacking 8XX defending 8XX and hitting 9XX Harb), but I was not Know how to do it. When a player says that the game is so simple, I think why you don't ask any disruptive intelligence to the manager? Cold eyes watching the game gradually collapse? If everyone thinks that the game is broken, what will happen is not related to me, I have to say that it will be very bad. The closed player and the player who profited from it, think for themselves, although it is irrelevant to some people. The team's commitment: non-essential, will not roll back. This guarantee has been manipulated by the player.
  14. I have to say that this debuff will be stacked to eliminate half of your overall quality from 9XXHP to 4xx hp, but it will stop, not endless. Because most people choose to "logout" lol.
  15. Already have the same emoji, so will find time to distribute new emoticons? Prohibit emoji?
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