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  1. Server switching to properly progress is stupid. Think before talking. It's a temporary solution, I would personally prefer a party system or a prompt to make a dungeon public or not. Alternatively, a private dungeon instance with only added friends allowed to enter- but they don't want to make a party system of any kind it seems. I'd rather solo at this point if that's the only thing I COULD do. If the host AFKs just leave and open your own dungeon, or give us a party system/private instance option. That's an interesting thing to consider, but that still leaves room for griefing.
  2. Please make it so when someone opens a cave with THEIR key the boss can't be engaged until the host makes it to the boss room. I've been getting a little bit of a chip on my shoulder from high tier players speed clearing it and I receive no exp or drops. That or make the rewards/exp global in dungeon.
  3. I'm not mad about rollbacks. I'm a sentinel, thus I survive whatever I please no matter the circumstance.
  4. Simple suggestion: I noticed in some of the overworld biomes that there's cave-like holes in the ground and some craggy fault lines. Why not make some enemy lairs you can crawl down into that are small arena-like randomized maps with a threatening arrangement of enemies in them? Could give an opportunity for fun loot grinds, some surprise threats and gives the overworld more life and overall value + interactive value. This could fall into the quest system but be a more dangerous variant? Speaking of the overworld, field bosses. Quest enemy threat ain't enough for this community, give us a reason to rise up together and take on these threats for the rewards we all want. "Stage Threats" was a shorter way of saying the overworld needs more hazards in some places. I have too much comfort in some regions for movement, especially now that I'm deep enough into the economy to have access to low-mid tier bullet patterns. With the power available we should be challenged a bit more tactically so we can't run recklessly in a game that punishes the reckless.
  5. I'm happy to hear that and quite excited about that Invasion mechanic. I love defense missions.
  6. First I'm going to address imprints: I've gone through the process of risking losing an imprint in the dismantling process, I shouldn't have the risk of turning out with an entirely different imprint upon forging an item. I can enforce this sentiment with pointing our one simple problem this poses: When I buy an expensive imprint on the Auction, why am I being scammed out of my imprint by the game itself? The seller makes maximum GUARANTEED profit while I gamble away hard earned Bloodstone on a CHANCE to use my purchased product? Excess Materials: Instead of tossing them on the ground or being forced into storage expansion, why can't we hand over the excess materials to the town itself? The theme's of survival and scarcity exist, why not enforce donations of excess mats to an npc that yields some kind of benefits to the donator? Could be silver, bloodstone etc. If you're worried about oversaturation of bloodstone then just cap donation capacities.
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