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  1. Try Steam Input, you need steam overlay enabled. You may want to launch the game in steam big picture mode. I'm able to launch the game with my controller off while I'm in normal steam mode, and the game detects my controller and steam input configuration with no problem. Doing those things is good for seeing what works though, troubleshooting. Also check if you're in steam beta, if you're in opt out, if you're not in it enable steam beta (again troubleshooting, this sometimes helps with steam input). Also check that steam recognize your controller, you may need to enable one of the options depending on which controller you use.
  2. Try launching the game while you're in Steam Big Picture mode (the square icon in the upper right of the steam app). When the game is launched see if you can bring up Steam Overlay with the Playstation button. Oh also make sure Steam Overlay is enabled in the seam settings. After bringing up the overlay pick Controller Configuration. Now change the buttons to mouse and keyboard buttons. Left analog = WASD for example. The middle touch pad should be mouse, you could also try right analog as mouse (I used to play Civilization 4 with a dual shock 3). On top of that you can also set it up so that when you're firing bullets the right analog turns into mouse region. This effectually turns it into a twin-stick shooter. For Mouse Region make the region a bit small, I should actually make mine a bit smaller. To try to get you to understand what mouse region is, just in case you don't know I took screen shots of the description that Steam uses, and I enabled controller HUD (steam overlay feature). That circle is my mouse region. so no matter how little or how much I move from neutral I'll be aiming in that direction. I'm not sure if it will work for a analog with how it's saying pad in the description though. hmm
  3. I've been trying to stick to the classes I like, but I think it's time for me to delete infiltrator, melt its penta weapon, and join the train. Harbinger is now my main. I just got beard geomancer too.
  4. I look forward to solo dungeon modes where people can't enter after you. Maybe with these changes will cause the solo entry feature. I'm just not a fan of others joining my dungeons. Suddenly I have to rush to the boss, I can't kill every thing because they are running ahead, and I could miss out on the boss, it's exp, and loot. The first few seconds after I enter a dungeon is like waiting for a wheel to stop spinning to see if I get to play in peace. Before that it's keeping a eye on the map to make sure players aren't near by to limit the chance others will follow. If people area around I run off to not seem interested in entering the dungeon, killing enemies a screen away for a bit.
  5. Nice, good info here, thanks. I should join that discord to look at that discussion. Is it open to people joining or is it a private one? Is it Bloodstone Pub by any chance?
  6. Wait, when you open a dungeon with a key and people end up following, they don't burn a key or need one? I've been waiting until that timer run out before entering other's instance, this is the first time I've seen that keys may not be needed (80 T5 keys). Also is there a way to lock a dungeon for when you just want to chill and solo it without waiting until it seems like the coast is clear before entering?
  7. Thanks for the breakdown, I will use this information as I reroll. I appreciate this very much, and I hope others that google for this info on this find your post.
  8. Lately I've been trying to get something other than the Penta wavy I had. Wondering if something else would be more useful. I saw a video of someone with a fragmentation and it seemed to have a good amount of distance so I decided to try rerolling. Now as I sit twiddling my thumbs on whatever pattern I'm currently stuck on I'm wondering if I should just stop and make use of the one I currently have. Right now I have Long Range Ricochet. It's not quite Fragmentation I'm sure but it take care of the range situation. Hopefully I'll eventually get a alternate weapon with a imprint on it to have a fallback when I get a bad roll. Since I'm not sure how it stacks up, how bad is Ricochet? It seems like it can bounce back to a target that was hit already, but I'm not sure. It looks like it can bounce up to 3 times, but the targeting of the third bounce looks random as you can see below, avoiding the bug to the right edge of the capture. Ricochet Wavy Penta Quad Spread Penta Spread Fragmentation is hard t capture, here's a video of it being used. Triple shot was just 3 shots in the same direction tightly packed beside each other.
  9. It's been like this for me for maybe two days or so. Just when I was going to get a legacy card.
  10. The beauty of Steam Input is the things that aren't finished or in a good place can be adjusted with mouse + keyboard buttons assigned to the controller with the crazy amount of customization that's possible with it (activators, action layers, touch menus, custom icons on said touch or radial menus). Mouse control for menu will be slow with just analog but it's doable. I used to play Civilization games with a Dual Shock 2, not good for middle of combat menu stuff though. Attempt two of my failed video example embed.
  11. I thought I ran out of space so the extra stuff I did to seemingly get a random Premium Ancestral Legacy was being cut off, because of no room for it to show up after dying in the well. Unless silver Ancestral Legacies count as premium. So all the challenges are a chance at those when you die huh. Now to think up a more efficient way to search for those Ancestral Legacies, definitely not doing those long challenges until things are more clear, quicker rolls vs slower rolls.
  12. I googled how to get imprints and saw this. I wish the normal shoot pattern wasn't so boring after so long. I have one imprinted weapon, but it's on a tier 4 so even when I get higher tier weapons I stick to the tier 4. Now I'm on another class but nothing interesting is happening for it so back to the other class until a imprinted weapon for the other one drops most likely. Until then I'll just work on leveling up (legacies 1-25 > welling).
  13. Ah that's how it happens. Video
  14. On keyboard and mouse I felt like I was paying way too much attention to WASD than the screen which made things awkward when I would get caught up on environment pegs and blocks. Then I set up my steam controller and added a cursor visibility app I frequently use for games like Diablo 3, and Path of Exile, something that lets me always clearly see the cursor with a lot of stuff going on in the screen (Yolo Mouse). Match made in heaven for me. When it comes to movement I always think a analog is great vs WASD though. The touchpad is something I'm very used to when it comes to steam controller and it's haptic feedback simulating a trackball, then add the customization thanks to Steam Input. It's just amazing for playing with what makes you feel right at home, especially when a game changing item is on the line. I don't know what I'd do if I don't get a backup for this weapon soon. I can't go back to pew pewing. https://youtu.be/Ai9e1sIlmfI (I don't know how to embed). If you have a steam controller here is my setup. With the PS4 controller there's a touch pad that you can use for menu and things like UI manipulation like I showed in the video, but it'll be dual analogs for combat, which isn't much different, touch pad just lets me aim my Alchemist acid better I think. It auto hits the first enemy it reach anyway but if you want to strategically place it on a future choke point where no enemy or wall is located it may be tough.
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