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    Coming Soon: Party System

    YAHOO ❤️ PS: I totally didn't tell my stream to come post all these comments >.> PSPS: Smile
  2. Kelphaz

    Coming Soon: Party System

    100% agree! If we could get an incentive, like 5% bonus loot drop per person in the party, that'd be great!
  3. Kelphaz

    Safety of Relic Consumption

    Yep - all set to go! Eat them relics!
  4. Kelphaz

    GUILDS! :)

    Hello Fellow Ancestors! Unfortunately, I have been very busy the past 30 days playing Survived By so I haven't had much time to visit the forums to post my ideas. Farming relics is currently my full time job and Monster Energy Drinks don't come cheap. So without rambling for another 5 minutes... lets get straight to GUILDS, and how I think they could be set up for GREATNESS! Creation / Joining a Guild - When you log in you will see we've added a "Banner" Icon to your tool bar, located just under your map. The banner default icon is white, and will change to your guild banner as soon as you join or create a guild. - To join or create a guild, simply click that icon which will lead you to two buttons... Join or Create. If you click join, you will be able to enter the name of the guild you desire to join. That guild will then have a request from you to join. Once accepted you will be part of that guild. If you click create, you will then have to enter a Unique Guild Name, and select the 2 colors and the symbol that will make up your guild banner. After you are done with your customization, you will be required to pay 50k silver to officially create your guild. Please note: Your Guild name and banner are permanent and you will not be able to change them later without making a new guild. Guild Leveling - A new guild will start out at Level 1 and will be able to level up to 50. This is accomplished by slaying enemies, just like leveling up a character or a piece of gear. Everyone in your guild helps level it up as a team. The guild will get harder and harder to level up and will take a large amount of teamwork and time to fully level up a guild. Guild Player Count - Guild members will show up blue on the map, and you will have a specific chat tab to talk with only your guild members. At level 1 you may have a total of 10 players in your guild, and as you level it you will receive more space for more players to join as shown below: Level 1 Guild - 10 Players | Level 10 Guild - 15 players | Level 20 Guild - 20 players | Level 30 Guild - 25 players | Level 40 Guild - 30 players | Level 50 Guild - 35 players Guild Buffs -Every guild will have have access to five different "Guild Buffs" they can acquire and upgrade. At level 10 you are allowed to unlock 1 buff. At level 20 you unlock the next buff. At level 50 you will have access to all the buffs. Please note: You get to choose which buff you unlock at those levels, so talk with your Guild before choosing wisely. - The guild buffs will be based off some of the old relics that were never introduced into Early Access... that is until now: EXP Increase, Silver Drop Increase, Valr Gain Increase, Craft Time Reductions, Teleportaion Cost Reuction. (Increase Drop rate maybe a good replacing for Teleportation Cost Reduction though...) - These 5 guild buffs will start out at level 1 when you unlock them and can be leveled up to 10. The guild buffs will be applied to all guild members for free as soon as that guild unlocks that buff. You can then level them up with silver to increase their effects. The first level increase will only cost 100k, however, as you level them up they will quickly require more and more silver. Leveling a buff all the way up will be impossible alone, so make sure you find and work together with your fellow ancestors. Guild Weekly Competition With the new relic system, everyone is out farming T9's for relics. Well with the introduction of guilds, we also wanted to sport a little friendly competition! Every time you go out and complete a HARD-MODE dungeon (T9), you get 1 point for whichever dungeon you completed for your guild. Example: If you go out and kill the heart of the forest (T7h) three times, then your guild will gain 3 (T7H) points towards that weeks total. At the end of each week, 50 Electrum will be given out to the members of the winning guild(s) in each dungeon category (t2-t8) and will displayed on a leaderboard. Example below: GUILD WEEKLY DUNGEON POINTS T2: Sephos Warriors (505 points) T3: Beach Bums (603 Points) T4: Soggy Cookies (200 Points) T5: Sephos Warriors (140 Points) T6: Sloth Army (69 Points) T7: Sephos Warriors (89 Points) T8: Soggy Cookies ( 95 Points) In this example we see the guild "Sephos Warriors" took first place in T2, T5, and T7 granting all their members 50 x 3 Eletrum rewards. Conclusion: I feel this would be a GREAT system that solves a lot of potential problems in the game... This gives players a fun way to both work together while also competing against other guilds in fun weekly challenges. Also, a lot of end game players have a lot of silver and the only thing to do with it currently is crafting. I personally have about 10 million silver and would love a fun silver dump (guild buff leveling). If you are a player like me PLEASE comment whether or not you'd like to see a system like this. I personally think it would be a huge improvement to the game. ❤️ Thank you all to those that read through all of this and that liked/commented. - Kelphaz PS: Always happy to chat guild ideas on my stream as well! https://www.twitch.tv/kelphaz
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    exp & drop potion

    @Beathoven Try checking out all the items the Treassure Hunter has to offer in town... A few of the "Stone" buffs are similar to the support pack buffs.
  6. Kelphaz

    Excessive catalysts

    @Tox Green Look at the post just posted 2/8/2019 Others have the same idea as you and agree.
  7. Kelphaz

    T9 catalyst

    I support this idea. With almost 700 hours into the game I never once crafted t9 gear which means I NEVER used the catalysts. Solutions: 1) Make a couple of catalysts able to be crafted into a t9 relic as well as gear. 2) Allow use to sell catalysts. OR at least 3) allow players to stack up to 50 relics so that can be dropped on the ground faster to get rid of them from crowding up our inventory.
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    Early Access Week 9 + 10 PREVIEW!

  9. Kelphaz


    Please read the full post and don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, and turn the bell on. Leader boards: Leader boards are common in many PvE games and tend to suppress the end game players (like myself) that beg for new content. Simply put in a leader board system into the hard-mode dungeons, raids, or even better... THE WELL. A fairly simple concept would be to have an "All-Time" leader boards, and "Weekly" leader boards. Every weak, strong players will put their "Well" skills to the test and compete for a CLASS SPECIFIC Well rating. The top 5 or top 10 in each class will be rewarded with that weeks reward depending on their placement. Would create a lot more for end-game players to put there time into and will push players to expand into other classes! Please comment below your opinions and like the post if you agree to get it seen! ❤️
  10. Kelphaz

    T5 material drops

    Definitely some good points, but hard to find a balance. I like the idea of t3 dropping in hard-modes while potentially still having t5s drop in t10. Will agree that is hard to find a balance.
  11. Kelphaz

    almost 1 month feedback :)

    I believe the intention of this change is to stop players from entering lower level and trolling by killing the boss before the "opener" can get there.
  12. Kelphaz

    Roll back duped my stuff

    @Wenira The people that got extra items got them because of their hard work. I myself got an extra t10 sword and wouldn't have gotten it if I didn't spend a large amount of time to get that sword in the first place. Giving a player that has only been playing a few days a set of t10 makes absolutely no sense at all... That's all I will say to avoid being rude, but I strongly disagree with your opinion... @RedBlooded Couple things... I know you wasted 10 hours... but a lot of top tier players spent much longer to gain a large amount of "wealth" in the game. I myself spent 200 hours just to get a large amount of blood stone. Without this reset all my time and the time of other hard working players would have been wasted... so this was a needed reset. However... i do agree that the devs should have sent something to compensate our loss of time... *cough* EXP POTION *cough* ... unfortunately they are probably still bugged and would make people even more upset by giving them an apologize potion that doesn't even work... I suppose Silver would have been a good substitute apology.
  13. Kelphaz

    Roll back duped my stuff

    Like I just said..... "Mail return"
  14. Kelphaz

    Roll back duped my stuff

    Copying over a post i made from the in-game help discord text page: I believe the cloned items people received were via the mail return meaning that if people have cloned items, they are most likely items that person already had and put up for Auction All this means is that only the items in the AH were doubled. Which isnt very bad considering the millions of bloodstone that was released yesterday. The bigger issue here was solved. If you got an extra item, consider it a gift from the devs being as we lost a few hours of play time and progress.
  15. Kelphaz

    Everything was just duped

    Without a roll-back you will lose a lot of dedicated players... I understand you are thinking about the down-sides to a rollback being that it effects everyone's progress over a 12 hour period.... Sure that will suck for them... but think about the players you will lose that have put over 200 hours into the game... Without a rollback you leave the current high-level player base feeling as though their game is ruined. Please stay true to the players that have stuck with you over the past few weeks and roll back the servers. Just roll back the servers and potentially send players an EXP potion as an apology and to encourage them to get right back on the grind.
  16. Kelphaz

    Everything was just duped

    Can confirm. Economy. Broken. G_G
  17. Kelphaz

    State of the Game

    With over 300 hours played in EA (Im on holiday give me a break) I will agree with the post above. Specifically: 2: The amount of bugs in the game is pretty scary. I know y'all are working hard at fixing them all but I have had little to no response or help with the bugs I have experienced... My vault was wiped twice, timing out while posting expensive items on AH and logging back in to find them posted and sold for way cheap, and many other game breaking bugs. I have lost many hours of work due to bugs and have had no reply/help. This concerns me. 3: Its the basic idea that a tank should be able to do the most DPS. I can currently kill the t2 Hard mode boss in 3.43 seconds as a sentinel. I know thats top tier but I would be hard pressed to do it that fast on any other class. Also the rouge bug or exploit is a bit scary... I have try it myself and it is impossible to die. Hopefully this wasnt intended and will be addressed. 4: Specifically agree with the Legacy change. I believe you guys are looking to change them because you hear negative feedback about that system. Please understand the only people commenting about it are usually people that do not like the system. Personally, I think it is great. I think you could probably TWEAK a few things here and there, but it would be very dangerous to completely change that system. Bullet Patterns should stay out of the legacy cards.... in my opinion that sounds like a whole mess and may ruin the game. 8: If nothing else here... just ADD additional hard content. This allows for new players to still enjoy the medium difficulty of the dungeons while giving old players something to work for. Without any goals you will start to lose your strongest players, some of which are key pieces in your community. I really hope the game takes off and look forward to improvements. Kelphaz
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    ERROR: 401 Unauthorized

    Cannot log into my account. Happened to atleast one other player I know of. Please fix...
  19. Kelphaz

    Empty Vault bug, I know when this happens

    Agree. I have had the same problem and it was related to welling. After creating a character it would say error and I go back to try to log into the new character and would get an error screen again. Then after awhile I would eventually get in and my vault is gone.
  20. Kelphaz

    Druid Swap Bug

    If you switch from bear form to human form too fast you occasionally get stuck in the wrong body. Meaning that the Druid shoots as if he was the bear and the bear shoots as if he was the druid. After your energy runs out everything returns as normal.
  21. Give them a bit of time. They are a small team and am sure they are working on a fix now.
  22. I can confirm this is happening again. I currently have my best legacies locked out, and am unable to use them... 💔