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  1. Hello Everyone this is xReaperx, The reason I am writing this post is the hot topic of loot scaling with more people in the dungeon. As of now only the difficulty increases with more people in the dungeon so i see that as a justified reason as wanting rewards to scale. However it seems the DEV never planned on rewards to scale in the first place. To start i think the difficulty of T8 dungeons and below is fine where it is now for solo players. But I think T9H and T10 base difficulty should not be set at Solo. I think it should be base at 6 players because this is what our current endgame content is. So that means if you enter a dungeon alone it will be the same difficulty as if 6 people were in it. This makes team play actually wanted since the dungeon is going to be that hard anyways. I don't think the difficulty of endgame content should have ever been set at solo because of the issue we are running into now of people not seeing the use in team play because it only ever gets harder without more reward. I realize that shooting the difficulty to a base of 6 players would be extreme. But most games end game content is extremely hard and requires a team to complete it. Lemme know what you guys think about this idea. -xReaperx
  2. Right now the catalyst you get from the T9 dungeons are very inconvenient and almost useless unless you for some reason need to craft t9 gear. Additionally there is no easy way to get rid of them, you cant sell them and to drop them you need to type in to drop a whole stack. I think it would be neat since relics are a very big part of the game now that the catalyst respective to the T9 dungeon can be exchanged for that specific relic. Now obviously it wouldn't be a 1:1 ratio i think this would make the catalyst less of a nuisance and feel more valuable.
  3. As an "endgame" player right now the only productive content i can do right now is solo t9 over and over for silver. Doing this gets old very quick because i know the best thing i can get it t9 gear/thorn gear/socket item. Thorn gear in its current state is a joke for endgame players. Socket item is nice but does not give me that satisfaction of getting a rare item because it does not make that big of a difference. I would love to see unique items have a very rare chance of dropping from dungeons /raids. Maybe have a rare item correspond to a different dungeon so people don't farm t2h and t3h over and over kinda how relics are spread across dungeons just make the drop chance low. Set items would be cool to see implemented. Maybe class set items or a ring and neck combo that gives a boost to stats or something like that. These items also dont always have to be game play changing maybe just cosmetic things like a attachments or patterns under your feet. I feel if this was implemented it would take off the thought of grinding over and over again knowing i will not get something super cool to drop. I would love to hear other peoples opinions. Thanks
  4. I have noticed while playing that if you sit on a mob that shoots 8 bullets that do 42 damage each you only take 1 bullet of 42 damage. absorbing the other 7. I dont know if this is due to the server not realising you have been hit by 8 and only takes the 1 or you get a very brief immunity to damage shield after taking damage. I think this removes a lot of difficulty from the game for example not having to worry about sprinting over mobs or just sitting on top of the mirage boss because you soak his 3 shots and only take 1 shot worth of damage. For example the geo can sit on the mirage boss soak 3 shots and only 1 turret will go down absorbing all that damage.... The idea of sitting on a mob/boss and taking all the shots with the possibility of being one shot adds a certain level of difficulty i think would be nice to see in the game. In its current state everyone steam rolls though dungeons without a worry of stepping on top of mobs. I would love to hear other peoples opinions on this and if you guys have noticed this as well. Thanks
  5. I agree with everything said on here. I just wanna hit on the 2 things that bug me the most. 1. Class balance/stats- Some stats do things that dont make sense for example will power just like stated above makes sense on one half but then provides huge damage bonus. For classes like sentinel that should be more tanky focused, now does the most damage?! Takes away from classes that are squishy and meant for damage. 2. Difficulty- I would love to see some actually challenging content for more hard core players. But the end game content we have now can be soloed and the final boss killed in under 20 seconds. It would be awesome to see more interactive dungeons encouraging group play. Also bosses that are just meat shields is boring. I suggest making bosses with more phases that have invincible periods where you are strictly dodging as i think that will increase the difficulty. -xReaperx
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