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  1. After December ended, January's Daily Rewards was supposed to start up, but instead showed blank. It's fixed now. All of January's rewards can still be collected! There were 25 Daily Rewards in December, which even with the 12-hour rollback taken into account, could still have been collected within December. We have a list of players impacted by the rollback. The wings could only be earned if someone logged in and claimed 24 days worth of items. If anyone reading this feels the rollback impacted their ability to claim that 24th item (the wings), then contact the Support team (https://www.survivedby.com/zendesk). It's not that hard for us to check whether someone was impacted by the rollback but otherwise claimed 23 items.
  2. Hello, Ancestors- Many of you have reached out with reports of players who may be cheating or otherwise wreaking havoc in the Heartlands. To make sure that these reports are directed to a secure, private, and centralized location... you can report to me, the World Tree Warden! I'm an account that is shared across the members of the Survived By team. We will pop in regularly to investigate all reports related to hacking, cheating, or otherwise naughty behavior. Thank you all for your efforts to keep the Heartlands safe from threats - both beastly and software-related.
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