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  1. What exactly will be cleared? Our whole accounts or just characters and their items?
  2. There is already rain in the grassy areas, occurring from time to time, which I definitely love as it adds more feel to the area. However there is a lack of blizzards, sandstorms and ashes falling in the snowy, sandy, and volcanic areas respectively. I would love to see them happening rarely, and slowing the progress of some unfortunate players! None of the occurrences can happen if one is already active, this is to eradicate any chance of a player being unable to completely escape an area in case they are close to death and are hit with another occurrence. This does not include the whirlpool. Occurences Sandstorms: Uncommon occurrence which only happens once you've completed at least 1 dungeon in the desert. While you are inside, the spawn rate for sand tornadoes is massively increased. ( Only in the desert. ) Blizzards: Rare-ish snowstorms which slow the player down by 1% per level, as well as cause wolves to be invisible while you're inside one, but you can still their projectiles. New debuff applied: Blinded ( Only in Snowy areas. ) Ash Rain: Extremely rare, and dangerous effect, which basically works the same as rain, but instead, burning rocks and ash falls from the sky, new debuffs applied: Weakened, Burning. If a player is channeling back to home using 'R', they won't be stopped, but will still take damage. ( Only happens in volcanic areas ) Whirlpool: Uncommon occurrence which only shows up in sea areas. A whirlpool appears in the sea in a 3x3 area, if a player walks over it, they will be pulled towards the centre of the whirlpool ( Only once ) and will be slowed by 90% for 4 seconds. After the duration of the slow, the whirlpool disappears and the player will be immune to them for 5 seconds. Effects Sweat: While a player is under any slowing effect, they will get particles around them that look like sweat, exactly the same particles as when the player walks through water. Debuffs Burning: Causes the player to burn for 1 damage per 2 ticks, let 10 ticks are in one second. Weakened: The player's defense / armor is reduced by 20% for the duration. [ For example, if you have 100 defense, you have 80 for the duration of the debuff ]. Blinded: The player misses some of their shots, causing the missed shots to deal 0 damage, even if they hit.
  3. I completely agree with you, I have 18 hours, got level 25, already died in the well and pretty much got nearly top tier items But I'm burned out, I can't play the game without switching to other games...
  4. uuh, another nasty bug over here, I expect nothing less than a huge hotfix next patch!
  5. IGN: Psycho Discord: Vxern#7031
  6. i was at full health, i took time to regen, but still what is the point of less than 99%? I think that cap is just totally random because a following up projectile could wreck you just seconds after. Remember that you cant get out of the room or the boss will reset, so where do you regen?
  7. I've played the game for enough time now, to know that enemies in the areas for levels 14+ do way too much damage to a character, with some only having to hit you 1-3 times to reduce you to a tombstone. I also wasn't impressed when in the corrupted forge, at level 13 harbinger with t8 equipment, at the boss, I only got hit once and died, without any warning or notice, and without time to react or reflect. I am aware the dungeon is for levels 14+, but what would that little extra hp do to potentially save a class when a projectile wrecks all of its hp at once? I would suggest nerfing enemies in that area so they no longer are able to do more than 20% of a lvl 12+ character at once, or implementing HP scaling with the number of players.
  8. In the world we have an NPC called the Returner, using whom you can insure your items for electrum. If you insure all of your items, and you die, you can recover any of the items you died with for electrum. If you insured an item, and you also recovered the same item after you died, you've just duplicated it.
  9. My suggestions: Quest - Scavenger! Explore the entire world. Quest - Portal Expert Find every shrine. Quest - Caving Amateur Find every entrance to a dungeon. Quest - Master Guide Open a dungeon, and complete it with a friend.
  10. HH_TJ Please take into consideration all the dupe methods that are available, they are truly gamebreaking
  11. Please don't add pets, I beg you, I don't want to see another completely p2w game with one person surviving only because they spent more money on the game. ( RotMG ) unless they are completely aesthetic id love to see them
  12. It is indeed very annoying I hope they fix / remove this
  13. I've noticed... well most players have noticed, that the grassy areas in the world are very very bland and while you're travelling through them it seems like kind of the same thing over and over again for miles. My suggestion is to add flowers/different grass textures / types to the world to make it a bit more pleasing to look at.
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