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  1. The health does regenerate, the visuals just don't show it. All you need to do is to get hit to update it, simple as that.
  2. I understand that it was necessary, but come on. With 5-6 people in a dungeon, it takes at least 10, or more, times as long to kill a boss. I understand the mobs, but the bosses? I wouldn't want to die near the end of the agonizing 5-minute fight, and even if I did not, the rewards just do not compensate for the time spent fighting.
  3. Would be sweet if a similar option would appear whilst rerolling prefixes and suffixes. Made a mistake by not double-checking if I was on the proper tab and lost a couple of potent prefixes that way the other day.
  4. @SushiNoW All you can do at this point in time is wait for possible replacement solutions. I'd be fine if I had an option to buy those items in the electrum shop, or maybe even in a special bloodstone shop. Speaking of which, can we have a change to the seamstress to see all of the outfits and other knick-knacks available at all times even if they wouldn't be obtainable at a given point (maybe hint the players when can they obtain those costumes, if at all)? @hh_katherine I'm happy to hear that it's on the radar at the very least, looking forward to seeing what the team will come up with ^^
  5. Just rework the system to work in a similar fashion to Warframe's one. Put every special item on every [x]th day and make any other days random whilst pulling from a specific table of rewards.
  6. Bloodstone from sales got duped as well, received twice the same amount I got from selling one item before the rollback.
  7. Got back to work, booted up the game and was in shock to see the mail from the yesterday's AH purchases and failed sales. Sadly, I have to say that those things got duplicated as well. Received twice as much bloodstone I did yesterday as well as duped T9 pickaxes. I'm not sure if that was intended behaviour and that someone already mentioned it, but I'd rather not have that in the dark. On another note, it sucks that there's that one side of the community that only looks at gaining as much as possible without looking at the circumstances of the mentioned profit and without considering that fact that some bugs or glitches can ruin the economy as long as the numbers are high on their accounts. Keep up the good work!
  8. I'm happy to hear that an overhaul is coming, I'll be sure to share my ideas for subclasses that'd fit the class itself in the suggestions at a later date!
  9. Change my mind. His turrets combined with his "Fractal Obsidian" legacy cause so much frame lag due to how many entities get affected by it not to mention that it's stated nowhere that they protect the geomancer himself from damage as long as they are alive. Their damage is abysmal and the way the follow you really don't help that either. I'd like to see him receive some love from devs, I'm enjoying his gameplay a lot, but the fact that one of his legacies causes so much frame lag for me and almost everyone around (curse you top-tier pcs) is a big turndown.
  10. A couple of ideas sprinkled to my mind while fusing through the tons of low-grade charms. The first idea being - an option to directly fill and craft much higher tiers of charms with the click of a button. The player would need to choose the tier of the charms they want to use and the tier of charms they want to make. Then, in the menu where you choose charms, the player would have an option to fill all of the slots with the specific charm they'd choose with the single click of a checkbox and then the select button. The second idea being - combining different types of charms of the same tier would yield completely different charms. For example; combining the critical damage and vitae (the fire one) would result in a low chance of a blast happening dealing [x] damage of your weapon as well as the tier of the fused gem combined. The third idea being - renaming all of the charms to give them unique names as well as allow players to inspect them to see what they exactly do.
  11. So, I've bought both; Next of Kin and Birthright support packs a couple of hours before dying on my alchemist. After starting a new character I've noticed that the potions you receive from those packs did disappear, is it an intended behaviour?
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