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  1. DoctorAuthentic

    Survived By EA Week 6

    Is the auction house coming back anytime soon? There was no official "Sorry for the rollback, here are a few items for the inconvenience" or anything like that... I supported this game and want to continue to do so, but it's really hard to do when it feels like the devs really don't care about the community. I know YOU reply a lot ( Thank You so much for that!!). Please talk with the devs about being more active!! Here are their own quotes (listed below).. 1. Seems like they're digging their own grave.. 2. Last news post was Dec 19th. When you read the reviews (which have a lot of negatives) and look at past games that had potential and see the same patterns, it's really, really hard to believe in the devs... I really hope I'm wrong here and things get better!! 1. COMMUNITY The most important thing in life is community. Without one, you’d have to dig your own grave. 2. NEWS News fresher than your last corpse!
  2. DoctorAuthentic

    i just died because server bad stability

    I just died in a low lvl area for a lvl 25 and I had nothing around me!! Please return my stuff and fix the server issues! My PC and internet are great so it’s not lag on my end.
  3. DoctorAuthentic

    Hitchhiker's Guide to Survived By

    Is it good to keep dying in this game? I’ve died once in the very beginning and haven’t died since (lvl 9 now)