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  1. This happening to me also. They don't respond...
  2. Your question depend on the change which pretty unsure for now
  3. They have google sheet for this one. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V4g8gHCWMPYRDgtUIH2xYQFxQB4g6usD5CaQyTJiqSE/edit#gid=0
  4. The Game's community is almost dead without AH ... Hi @hh_katherine, If There is compensation, It should be the bonus selling slot in AH ^^
  5. I just die after the game crashed with no reason ?. lose so many items. I give up. IGN: Cashier Dead time 9:00 PM GMT +7.
  6. I mean those things are good enough: T3 material drop rates from T9 monsters increased by 50% Crafting queue will now support current craftsman level + 5 T1 material crafting time reduced by 80% T3 material crafting time reduced by 75% T5 material crafting time reduced by 66%
  7. The idea is a weekly board with Dungeon Tier you want to select. The more Tier more reward.
  8. I think those changes are good enough, Don't make crafting material and T10 item popular too much. U need to grind for them
  9. The idea about pet able to loot which we want, giving stats buff, healing, regen mana is really cool. We can upgrade pet Tier or do more with this Idea hehe
  10. Last night I craft T10 Amulet, I have 2 T9 Amulet in the bag: (One equipped with Protective imprint - 2 Movement speed charm lv4) (One Lv8 in inventory). I click on the Craft button and It consumes my wearing amulet with 2 charm and protective imprint ...? There is should have a way to select which LV8 Item to craft. I can find another amulet but It really annoying for the player who can't find items easily...
  11. Many Thanks Katherine
  12. Hi @hh_katherine, Imprint belong to Equipment, Legacy belongs to Character is good for now. Hope It won't change much ... Just wonder Is there any class rework with new Legacies? Thanks for warm response to community ^^
  13. Zenboy, If your are at Asia I can help u find some T9 item :v
  14. I play in Asia alone too, use to stay at Asia 2-4. Later I will ping your discord ^^. We can do T10 or just T9 grinding.
  15. I think It has been fixed. Never see It again
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