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  1. quipham

    Question in my heart

    Agree with you. Btw your ig name in ROTMG is?
  2. "Each player that enter in the dungeon make the dungeon 80% harder' Ok, We are fine
  3. Trying to set up DS4 controller. But not work .... The others game is okay
  4. Totally agree. Now I have more reason to solo run :). What happens with our game for now??? It's broken soon
  5. quipham

    Mid game crisis guide ( legacies farm )

    T10 Fragment weapon T10 Set protective Max enhancement all Suffix Max level all equipment Full T9 T10 Relic === END ===
  6. quipham

    Dungeon Host Limitation

    I think shouldn't. You can go to the order server for private run or run with friend
  7. quipham

    EA Week 4 Hotfix 2

    Hi there, I'm Cashier =))
  8. quipham

    Need help with the Well

    Many Thanks ❤️
  9. quipham

    EA Week 4 Hotfix 2

    Not check in the game now but I think this roll-back process should be fair for the legit player.
  10. quipham

    Everything was just duped

    Roll-back is the worst way, I knew this game is unstable now. But many legit players will not allow their process losing after trying so hard, spent in-game many hours of playing.
  11. quipham

    EA Week 4 Hotfix 1

    So sorry, I just delete the game then reinstall. Don't know how to recover ...
  12. quipham

    EA Week 4 Hotfix 1

    The map data still there (Lucky me), The error still there also ... Just retype my credential
  13. quipham

    Need help with the Well

    I can see the way now. Thank for your post hehe
  14. Pickpocket always includes in core ...