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  1. When I go to fix this market, the game is being very much stopped, is losing the grace to play, I have many items to sell, stop, I am with my friends, we are exhausted and we hope the market can open.
  2. It has been corrected ? can you use the duplicates now ??????
  3. Legacy level updates are not working, I've lost 100k points.
  4. Today after what happened yesterday, I started to play and lost all day yesterday about 8 hours of play, I understood, so I decided to go well to make points, I made a certain ca 110k points, I used in my legacy, I put 2 levels 50 , I put protection on items as I always spent 140 coins for that, when I was born again I realized that my cards that I raised from level to 50 were not at that level, I was low level, I died for free I made an effort these 2 days so if you can not leave a good game for your loyal players, solve the problem before, I hate wasting my time, I know the game is in the beginning, I was warned of the bug, more, if not at least fit for being played closes that game. know that it's closed, I will not play and I will not waste my time.
  5. I was using a 100% drop amount that I got buying the package from you. I was missing 6 days and 17 hours to finish the bonus, after the update I lost the buff, I want it back please, I paid.
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