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  1. A few days ago i stop playing because of it. Today i gave it a try again. What is the problem? I cleared 6 or 7 times the T2HARD ( T9 ) and i get: 2x Relic, 5x Blue Jade, 2x Conduit of Fire Key. Boss drop worth of: 5 Silver. Minus the DG keys (6 * 1000). Makes it a profit of: -5995 Silver. Yes i know that there are aura stones for droprate and yes im at a point where i can run T2Hard in unter 2mins. But what about the T8 geared with low Legecies guys, who need 10-30min for a DG and risk there lifes? There is a thin line between, "i try it again" and "duck it, im out". How to fix this? one guarnteed gear drop! effort + success = reward. its simple, but it works.
  2. Numenter


    I received the wrong one too, but dided get the right Emoji jet.
  3. Numenter

    The well, no enemies spawning

    It was the first time that i used a Paired Helix Bow. But, idk, that cant be a thing
  4. Numenter

    The well, no enemies spawning

    I entered the Well and there spawned just 4 enemies. No Bigheads, just me, myself and Mr. Nothing.
  5. Numenter


    It is not possible to teleport in the Terrace. Should it be possible?