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  1. not a cockroach

    Multiplayer experience on the game

    I believe right now game meta would be to farm imprints from invasion events ?
  2. not a cockroach

    Cowardice 2.0

    im not sure how tanky infiltrator is during his skip rush without killing any mobs. I find it quite safe with alchem to clear rooms as i go. Also time for crafting keys seems to be just enough to do a proper clear run. When i get back to town my new key is nearly crafted. I think rushing would make sense only if you have already crafted and ready to use multiple keys 😮
  3. not a cockroach

    What class should you be?

    supports: alchemist, sentinel tank: druid long range high dps: harbinger close range high dps: infiltrator, mid range high dps: geomancer, sentinel, Alchemist is an odd ball. He does not have any area in which it would shine, support legacies for alchem are very weak. So full support sentinel is way better than full support alchemist. Dps alchemist is worse than any other dps build class and tank alchemist is just as bad as any class comparing to druid tank.
  4. not a cockroach

    Cowardice 2.0

    Why not clear whole dungeon before boss?
  5. not a cockroach

    How to maximize skill damage of Harbinger?

    i fail to see the problem
  6. not a cockroach

    Information about crafting T9 to T10

    put t9 staff with imprints on other character to be safe
  7. not a cockroach

    Crafting and imprints

    i think that would be too easy. you could find' t9 weapon with suffix/prefix you want and simply recraft it into best in slot t10 weapon?
  8. not a cockroach

    Brighten up Dyes in some areas.

    Its true, all of it. I feel that dyes does not do much for alchemist. Teal dye on Harbinger changes his entire outfit colors and is nicely bright, on alchemist teal doesnt do much and seems to be kinda dark. Also would be nice if one dye would change the color of alchemist's mask. This could give more identity to each alchemist. Changing colors of jacket doesnt gets noticed easily.
  9. not a cockroach

    Legacy Gain probability

    what do You mean? i got many gold followups from 14k cards
  10. not a cockroach

    The health buff might have been a mistake

    It was said that increased difficulty will come with increased drop rate in upcomming patch. Right now we have to enjoy just increased difficulty.
  11. not a cockroach

    Implementing rarer drops

    There was a very nice system similar to this in Ragnarok Online mmo. Each mob in the game could drop a card at 0.01 % drop rate that could be socketed into gear items. These cards would have very unique effects like immunity to water element attacks or 10% more dmg vs specific type of monsters. Those cards could allow very unique synergy between players trying to figure out new ways to beat unbeatable content of the game. What @HauteBanana suggests is very similar to this. I like it and it would for sure help. No zone in the game would be 'dead zone' because end game players would spread around searching for these little artifacts rather than just spamming t92 dungeon.
  12. not a cockroach

    Upgrading Weapons / Armor to +9

    this is a very good model that was widely used in korean mmos. another good touch towards gear would be making charms fail sometimes during socketing them in and upon fail socketed charms would be lost as well. Some random chance of failure could justify buffing up charms power. Since prefixes are going into legacy cards anyways, then everyone will be using same t10 weapon of power, we need some way to seperate newbies from veteran players. This model would for sure give us some sense of pride and accomplishment.
  13. not a cockroach

    Buff item time advice

    its true, all of it
  14. not a cockroach

    Thorns gear drop from boss

    u can farm 60 bs daily from daily quests and challenges, break t1 gear for random imprints drop, u can sell imprints on AH once it gets back into the game for 500-750 bs if you are strong enough to run t90 dungeons then you can sell plain t9 weapons on AH for 150-250 bs depends of the weapon. If you happen to get any weapon with imprint you can sell it for nice bs. t5 weapon with any prefix is quite valuable since you can reroll it to frag and its gonna be super cheap. if you get low tier weapon with imprint t1-4 break it and try to get impring which might again be worth 500 bs. if weapon has terrible prefix you can still use it to craft t5 weapon and reroll it for frag. t5 frag weapon is valuable cuz players wants it for leveling up phase.
  15. thats why no one goes to T7 and T97