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  1. i think the problem here isnt that shield is too strong. strong shield is required for sentinel to be able to be played as support in raids. If you nurf shield, sentinel will be just dps class that can tank some stuff now and then. It was my belief that sentinel was supposed to be different type of support tank than druid. the one who stays back with long range casters and protects them. Its cool concept imo, dont take it away. If you feel that sentinel is too strong, maybe make him a swiftness based class instead of willpower. The problem here is that geomancer and sentinel both are based on willpower so they deal ton of damage. Meanwhile geomancer with his turrets does fits a role of some ultimate dps class, sentinel however seems to more like a supportish tanky boy. So maybe making new class type for him. The one based on Endurance? Druid could put into this one as well since he is ultimate facetank in game.
  2. its all true, challenges arent good alternative cause they give too low amount of valr. I did nearly all challenges on my alchemist and im sitting only on 2800 valr. Valr rewards from challenges should be pumped by by 3000% ( three thousands percent ) to the very least. So that when you die with fully done character , you get that under 100k valr - which will make you able to buy 6 elite cards. if you get one elite card you will be lucky anyways. problem could be solved with few integer changes 😜
  3. yea great ooze appears after normal ooze is killed,. so if we remove normal ooze from game it will not spawn greater ooze anymore
  4. you dont have to run out of the boss pit in order to avoid its damage, there is a rock on the left side that will protect you from his attack patterns. i have to agree with poison dmg that you get from mobs in dungeon. this was reported multiple times. ooze's dots deal tons of damage. they are the reason every experienced player avoids to go to t7 or t97. easiest fix i can think of is just remove ooze from t7 open world area, t7 dungeon and t97 dungeon
  5. No, lets leave it as it is. When i go to low level shrine with my alchemist, i can pretty easily kill nearly all mobs on my own. Low level players without any prefixes will not be able to get many hits. Some low players will be excluded from those events and it will be punishing for them.
  6. Most likely old cards will not be removed from the game, some cards might have some ballance changes. In most cases buffed cause some cards are rather useless. The did not say anything about removing old cards, just adding new ones.
  7. I believe right now game meta would be to farm imprints from invasion events ?
  8. im not sure how tanky infiltrator is during his skip rush without killing any mobs. I find it quite safe with alchem to clear rooms as i go. Also time for crafting keys seems to be just enough to do a proper clear run. When i get back to town my new key is nearly crafted. I think rushing would make sense only if you have already crafted and ready to use multiple keys 😮
  9. supports: alchemist, sentinel tank: druid long range high dps: harbinger close range high dps: infiltrator, mid range high dps: geomancer, sentinel, Alchemist is an odd ball. He does not have any area in which it would shine, support legacies for alchem are very weak. So full support sentinel is way better than full support alchemist. Dps alchemist is worse than any other dps build class and tank alchemist is just as bad as any class comparing to druid tank.
  10. Why not clear whole dungeon before boss?
  11. put t9 staff with imprints on other character to be safe
  12. i think that would be too easy. you could find' t9 weapon with suffix/prefix you want and simply recraft it into best in slot t10 weapon?
  13. Its true, all of it. I feel that dyes does not do much for alchemist. Teal dye on Harbinger changes his entire outfit colors and is nicely bright, on alchemist teal doesnt do much and seems to be kinda dark. Also would be nice if one dye would change the color of alchemist's mask. This could give more identity to each alchemist. Changing colors of jacket doesnt gets noticed easily.
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