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  1. I did another name change on another character and it seemed to work... maybe 2-3 days ago, or so. I just forgot to reply and say something. Wasn't sure if they fixed it on the last update
  2. Its for the crafting queue. Instead of clicking a bunch click once on a new button and choose Craft max. Lets say u have a crafting station with 3 crafting slots avalible, go to make Resin and click craft all and it would queue up 3 resin to craft.
  3. While crafting 300+ of each raw material... I was thinking, Why not add a "Craft All" button that would craft the max amount of materials your crafting station would allow instead of just mass clicking to the max you can do.
  4. How are the Emojis even used?
  5. Along with the reward stone being its own item from a reward stone i got from trader
  6. Im wondering if the silver we got was bugged somehow
  7. Along with this bug, all my Solver in the Vault went to 1 and left me at 2. I had about 5k silver i just put in the vault too
  8. Maybe a "fix" for this, could be to make one of the legs invincible until the other is gone if killing both legs too fast really is the problem.
  9. Same, was going to post something aswell
  10. That worked, Thank you!
  11. I have 5 charm's of the same level and type. A few of them actually. When I put them all in to fuse... I then click on Fuse Charms and this will pop up... I've fused charms before and it worked fine. Is it possible when the mail and auction houses were disabled, it also broke a few other things like this and the friends list at the same time?
  12. "After my character created two, the other person died more than 5 times until the drop effect disappeared automatically within 7 days without any loss. I guess the effect will disappear after death. Because no characters survive, the effect disappears (the effects are shared). This is a mistake waiting to be solved, and many people will happen." -AceTw
  13. What type of bug is it? : No currency removed when purchased What should happen? : The player should have 25 Bloodstone removed from 'inventory' What actually happens? : The player gets a free character rename Can you replicate it ? : Yes (if you can) How can you replicate it? : Try to rename character, it will tell you the name is taken. re-log and character is renamed with no Bloodstone removed Other information : Screenshots : 
  14. Yeah, i took those and pieced them together. It's just easier for myself to use this instead.
  15. I went through and made a bigger map that is a little easier to see where spots are marked. This just made it easier for me to look around the map to find the teleport shrines and dungeons. I hope this is useful to other as-well!! Enjoy!
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