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  1. Thanks for the update! Did this update address the broken Well or not yet?
  2. Can confirm I experience this bug as well, as well as on non-geo characters I also have an arguably bigger problem related to this issue, sometimes I take "fake" damage even while my geo turrets are out. This results in a lot of confusion and freaks me out a bit thinking I'm going to die when actually I am still at full health. Normally for those who don't know geo turrets are supposed to block incoming damage, but this bug desyncs them entirely and makes it very hard to tell what's going on. Here's a video of that. (pardon the crappy music) https://plays.tv/s/M2ysKbpmFv7n
  3. I don't think the well is bad necessarily, but I am REALLY sick of it to be honest. Dying on purpose feels terrible to me, and when you are a semi-casual player that doesn't have god tier legacies yet (like me) you get disappointingly low returns from running the well. I don't need a replacement to the well, but can we have some kind of early/mid game alternative to grinding valr? Just as an example (I'm not a game dev don't hurt me): how about a valr dungeon kind of thing that isn't endless, perhaps it could be like tier 9.5 in terms of difficulty. Killing monsters in there would give your character valr, but at a slower rate than a high level player doing well runs. Given how core of a mechanic Valr is it's just a little disappointing how few options you have for acquiring it. I much prefer the gameplay loop of running dungeons to the (in my opinion) boring process of leveling a fresh character. This would also give non-harb characters a better chance at acquiring valr, as right now running the well with them is... tricky.
  4. Oh no that's definitely not what I meant. the ability would work the same as it currently does but the function of using the ability button would be slightly different. Currently using the ability button toggles the turrets appearing or disappearing, instead I think it should only be used to make turrets appear. So if you have no turrets it will do what it currently does, create 3, but you can recast it at any time to charge the mana cost again and refresh the turrets to 3. As an example, in the current game if you only have one turret remaining and press the ability button that turret will disappear instead of creating more. I propose that if you have 1 turret remaining and press the button it will charge you the mana cost again and reset the turret count to 3. Basically I just want to remove that awkwardness of trying to see how many turrets are left or clicking really fast to try and refresh to 3 turrets without dying.
  5. Howdy guys, I am a geomancer main and there's one small thing that if changed would make me love the class a lot more. Currently using your special ability turns your turrets on and off, which I suppose has a few edge cases if you really want to save energy, but in most cases turning your turrets off is something you almost never want to do. I propose that instead using the ability button works as a refresh, charging you the mana cost again and returning you to 3 turrets. This way you could keep your turrets up without the incredibly awkward situation we currently have where you have to try to keep track of how many turrets you have in the chaos of a fight and refresh them every time they go down. You would still have to have good ability management as spamming it would drain your energy too quickly. As far as I can tell this wouldn't break the class in any way that it isn't already, and the change should be easy to implement from a development perspective. Thoughts? I've been finding the class frustrating lately due to the lack of feedback for your turrets going down and this would be an easy fix to that issue.
  6. HYPE 🙌 Will this be a permanent addition to the game or just an event? It sounds like it would work great as a permanent addition.
  7. I don't care if this opinion makes me a noob or something, the well to me is extremely unfun. Grinding for an hour just to shoot at ghosts for less than a minute and then do it all over again is not the kind of gameplay loop i want to see in this kind of game. Being encouraged to intentionally die feels awful and makes me not want to play. The game should put an emphasis on challenging yourself and putting yourself in dangerous situations, not unwinnable ones. Being forced to go into the well to get any significant amount of valr just makes me feel terrible, because I know I'm going to have to go through the boring process of grinding a fresh character to level 25 all over again (just to kill them in the well again). I really like the concept of ancestry cards, and obtaining them and leveling them is really fun for me, but I find the well so un-fun that I just don't think I'm gonna bother anymore. I get that some people like the well, so you obviously don't have to get rid of it, but at least make earning valr outside the well a bit more obtainable of a goal.
  8. I agree, I also think there should be a counter somewhere on the screen for how many turrets remain. Right now, especially in the well, turrets can become completely lost in the chaos, and I'm unable to tell whether or not I have any. This has gotten me killed several times where I thought I had turrets when I didn't.
  9. You guys are amazing, I probably wouldn't have given this game a second chance after that rough launch if it wasn't for your amazing communication. You rock!
  10. What I mean by frontloaded, is that currently one of the most difficult parts of the well is the very beginning. You enter and there is a MASSIVE swarm of enemies, but if you can clear out the initial swarm you can run circles with relative easy and rack up tuns of valr. Instead the game should have the well start off with very few enemies, and ramp up as time goes on. This will make the well much less of a noob trap and if done right can still hold onto the difficulty it currently has.
  11. Hi, I'm guessing this has been answered already but I couldn't find it. There have already been a few resets in my time playing alpha, and while I love the game, I will get really burnt out if I keep getting my stuff reset and I probably won't want to play anymore. What are the plans for future resets? Are there going to be any more full resets? Or just partial ones? I would be okay with losing some of my progress (like items or something), but losing everything is getting pretty tiring. If there's gonna be more full resets I probably just won't play until those are done. Also how does electrum work in resets? Is all my electrum refunded and I can just re-buy the things I bought? I haven't bought any electrum yet because I'm a little worried about how resets or future gameplay changes will effect it.
  12. I have to agree with this, I played a while ago when it was free and liked the feel of it. Now I find myself teleporting to lower tier towers and then walking to where I want to go, because the higher tier tower is just too expensive. I don't really see the point of this, teleporting doesnt give you an advantage it just saves time. So all you're doing is wasting our time for no good reason, which feels pretty insulting as a player.
  13. Please, for the love of god DE before it's too late, don't make this a warframe 2.0 where I have to alt tab and look at a wiki every 5 minutes I play this game. PUT MORE INFO IN THE GAME! The specific things that are turning me off so far (haven't played a lot yet), where do I get materials? I see that materials are required to craft stuff, but where on earth do I get them? The game doesn't tell me either. This whole wandering around aimlessly until you find what you're looking for thing is not fun. Also, where on earth are dungeons? I got a key to the sands dungeon, but I spent a good 30 minutes looking for it and I never found it. Why isn't this information anywhere? I'm sure it's simple to find once I know, but nobody in chat knew either and I couldn't find it. What's the point of the cartographer if they don't show me stuff like this? Overall the game seems really fun, but I'm having trouble forcing myself to play it because I feel so lost all the time, and as far as I know there's no wiki or discord yet where I can reliably find this info so I just have to aimlessly wander until I get lucky.
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