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  1. SB had a lot of potential, which is why I bought into it early. My friends and I had been monitoring the game, waiting for the next big update. Sorry to see it go.
  2. First of all, I'm not speaking for everyone. I'd genuinely like to know other players thoughts on this, so tell me if you agree/disagree: There are four Emoticons in the daily rewards for January, but these are not a great login reward compared to 'character' cosmetic items. They aren't very inspiring compared to last month's blue-green shiny head/wing items from last month. Why not? Well, how often do people use emoticons in chat? Chat has generally been rather quiet to date, even when lots of players are on on NA 1, in my experience there's little discussion beyond dungeon recruiting and the odd newbie question. This is of course an early access game, and that could change. Cosmetics are instantly visible to other players while 99% of emoticons earned will likely never see the light of day. On a side note - the silver rewards are pitiful to anyone at T8 or above. They need to be multiplied by a factor of at least 3.
  3. It’s hard enough to get a hit in. The enemies don’t seem to scale with player numbers significantly and die almost instantly, except for siege. The shrine is under no threat of being lost. Are they doing anything wrong?
  4. They seem to be on the later pages of the treasure hunter. Have you pushed the next page button as well as scrolling?
  5. When trying to gift the starter pack to family for Christmas (Australia to UK), I received the error "Due to regional price differences, the gift you are trying to send cannot be sent to the recipient's region" I mean, I understand why you can't do that from much cheaper regions to more expensive ones, but these are two affluent western countries? You might have missed out on a few Christmas sales here.
  6. In my second suggestion, if you equip a legacy card on a character, it is removed from your pool of cards and only the character who has it can see it. It does not count towards your limit. For example, if you had 8 slots and 8 cards, after 4 of those were equipped on another character, your limit would be 4/8. After a second character equipped 4 more cards, the limit would then be 0/8 (an 'empty' hand) as all cards you owned would be used. Thus, extra card slots allow you to keep more cards to choose to equip, but each character can be used to store 4 cards. Upon dying, those cards would be returned and added to the limit (ready to be equipped again). This suggestion does allow for 'packrat' characters that have cards you want to keep but don't want to have equipped or levelled for now - but hey - I'm already doing that with inventory space because that character can't equip cards.
  7. Other than my suggestion of combining character slots with legacy slots in the store, another option might be to remove ‘in use’ legacy cards from counting against the storage limit, allowing all characters to have a full compliment of legacies.
  8. After buying character slots with founders packs (then unwittingly unlocking more from dropping starter classes down the well), I’ve noticed that you quickly run out of legacy card slots. Given that legacy cards are a ‘core’ mechanic of this game, I feel that they should be combined, unlocking 4x legacy slots with a character slot (with combined price). Being forced to select which legacies to retain is a great mechanic, but pairing once all legacies are ‘in use’, you can’t discard or gain any more for new characters. The current situation leads to ‘gimped character slots’ where all legacies/slots are in use, and no way to get more other than to kill a character to earn Valyr. Obviously any player can convert bloodstone to electrum and get more legacy card slots, but the ideally the process could be smoother so as to avoid this negative new player perception.
  9. As a new player who started this week (died many times, got 2 characters to 25, brought in two friends to play), I’d like to state my dissatisfaction with the changes to crafting with the last patch. I haven’t gone beyond T5 gear yet (and this may change later into the game), but since the Christmas patch, crafting takes so long and has so many steps as to feel utterly pointless. When I started playing this week crafting just used T1 materials to make other tiers, all tiers had the same input time to make one piece of gear (prep materials from raw ingredients, make gear). The extra steps to level up intermediate components have completely turned me off doing that in favour of simply dungeon running and trading loot. I’d like you consider either automating more of the crafting process or reducing the number of steps again. I can wait to get good stuff from crafting, but I’d rather be playing the game than micro-managing the crafting NPC. He’s a smart guy, he can figure out how to make Armor from the recipe list he’s already given me.
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