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  1. Trash Panda

    The 250K valr cap is ridiculous!

    Stop these updates and fix Auction House you'll get MORE players and a thriving community.. There's no more that 200 people on spread around different server....
  2. Trash Panda

    Concerns about the game's future

    Everyone wants AH but instead of fixing it (which they are not going to be fix for a while no ETA...) they come out with impossible relic farm that doesn't matter when you die, kinda rediculous....made T10 gear crap because everyone is running around with Berserk.. No need for gear guys just use druid bear and berserk and your good!..
  3. This game is dead without Auction house even if next month guilds come out or party system, it will still be dead because of Auction house.. I'm pretty sure it will be MONTHS till they really bring it back because they don't know how to deal with it. There's not even a ETA and sucks telling new players what there once was and how you can't get electrum with bloodstone, maybe you make more money with auction house being closed? By making players buy (starter packs) (birthright supporter packs) for bloodstone? 🤔
  4. Trash Panda


    I recently lost my T10 gear because "item recovery" stays on the character not the gear. Like before it was account bound and you chose the items you want and can transfer the gear over and keep account bound item recovery... Now its only stays on player not on items, so I switched my gear to alchemist from my infiltrator who HAD "item recovery" and I didn't buy for alchemist so when I died in well I couldn't transfer any gear over, because it stays on character not on item. Did I make sense?