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  1. Chief, this right here is it. I see this being the general feeling of people who've played a lot.
  2. Zendesk ticket @ https://survivedby.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  3. Adding to your last sentence, have you seen the community suggested changes for the sub-classes? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V4g8gHCWMPYRDgtUIH2xYQFxQB4g6usD5CaQyTJiqSE/edit?usp=sharing Could take some inspiration from that and give feedback on the suggestions on there, too.
  4. Dismantle T1 equipment from the vendor and try your luck using those imprints on crafting.
  5. Make a Zendesk ticket. That's where premium billing issues go. https://survivedby.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  6. Some servers may be unavailable in Russia, try the Asian one. Here's more information:
  7. Can you try launching the game with a launch option? -hosturl as.backend.survivedby.com Here's where you do that: (For devs) This seems to happen for users playing from the Asian region(s). If https:// was to be included in that -hosturl launch option (-hosturl https://as.backend.survivedby.com), they would receive errors. But omitting that part makes the login process go through.
  8. The server consolidation has made it nearly impossible for people living in Russia to play because the IP addresses the game currently rotates with are mostly blocked over there due to DigitalOcean being used to host a messaging app called "Telegram Messaging". <https://meduza.io/en/news/2018/04/18/russia-blocks-tens-of-thousands-of-ip-addresses-owned-by-the-cloud-infrastructure-provider-digitalocean> Before this server consolidation change, some servers sometimes rotated to an IP address that's not blocked in Russia which is why their symptoms sometimes magically disappear and they can play choosing any server to do so. <https://forums.survivedby.com/topic/5288-cannot-join-to-any-server-in-game-except-na2-and-3/?tab=comments#comment-19483> (Last month there was a mention that it was "solved by itself", not realizing that it was only temporary.) I do have a potential solution, but I'm not sure of the technical difficulty. Making sure that the IP addresses being used in the rotation for the sub-servers, as well as the login servers, are not blocked in Russia. That can be done using a service like <https://isitblockedinrussia.com/>, or scanning the source dump over at <https://github.com/zapret-info/z-i>, to check whether the IP is blocked. The end-goal being to cherry-pick DigitalOcean servers to use in rotation. The long-term issue here is that the Russian government keeps adding from DigitalOcean's IP address ranges to their block-list constantly and so even if you were to find IP addresses not yet blocked, they may be eventually blocked and it won't fix all problems: It'll just make European and the North American server(s) available for Russian players, but they will still experience considerably higher ping count than the other players and that's fine for now. But maybe a long-term solution could be to switch from DigitalOcean, however I can see that the droplet feature is being used heavily for the rotation of servers and I can't begin to imagine the migration issues and headaches that may appear. In any case, this game is played all around the globe and it would be a shame if it were to be region-locked. Thank you for taking your time to read this. PS: The block-list currently includes the IP addresses of the domain names for US.backend and EU.backend but not AS.backend as that was moved to Singapore and I've not seen it blocked yet. TL;DR: Some, if not all, server and sub-server IPs are blocked in Russia due to DigitalOcean being a service provider for Telegram Messaging. I'm suggesting that the IP addresses should be checked whether they're blocked or not before being used in rotation.
  9. On the topic of loot chance increase, even a loot chance increase exclusively for bosses would be great if you were to be in a party of 2 or more. Keep materials and dangerous chests as is, but increasing chances for boss loot when playing in an instanced party would be significant. My other suggestion would be to increase boss loot, as well as increase enemy density (But reduce HP scaling) the more people (originally) joined the dungeon. This would make things still difficult since there's significantly way more to kill, but also give more chances of loot since there's more enemies to kill and consequently gain loot from. Now, I'm also suggesting a cost for this change. If you were to form a party and want a loot chance increase, your party would need to spend additional keys. So on top of the original 1 key for opening up the dungeon instance, at least one more person in the party would have to spend a key. And I'm thinking that there should still be a space for "leeches", and as such only the people who spent keys would get an increased loot chance... And the "leech" would get the normal chance for boss loot. And this suggestion is not a scaling for the entire team based on how many keys have been spent, just a user-specific one-time increase for the ones who did spend a key. Any input?
  10. Press tab to switch focus and rely on the yellow line to know what's selected. Oops, that's what you said. Yeah, devs should go with your suggestion or make vault take focus whenever you're close-by.
  11. KararTY


    Tough luck.
  12. The Zenith buffs were fixed on the week 12 hotfix 1 and shouldn't be affected by any time duration buff anymore.
  13. Looks like the altar buff is intentional. It only applies to DamageBonus and not SpecialWeaponDamage.
  14. It might be a UI bug. Did you test it on mobs? Do you still deal significant damage on the respective enemies or not?
  15. That's because the servers majority of the servers active right now aren't blocked in Russia, except two (US.backend and AS1.backend) as of writing this message. @hh_katherine, were there any changes done to make sure the servers being used from DO are ones that are not blocked in Russia? Because that's cool, Russian players have been unable to connect for a period of time due to servers being blocked off in Russia. Note that there's possibly still some hiccups like when the server is about to switch to another one and if the resulting server's blocked, they'll disconnect from the game and lose a lot of progression but I've not gathered anything conclusive on this yet. Only anecdotal examples from @deadushka and a few other Russian players.
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