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  1. KararTY

    Legacy Gain probability

    Vampiric and Rally are not available anymore.
  2. KararTY

    Difficulty For Obtaining Keys

    Keys drop in chance every tier. Tier 1 is always guaranteed 100% drop. Starting with around 35% at Tier 2. Tier 3: 30% Tier 4: 27% Tier 5: 24% Tier 6: 21% Tier 7: 18% Tier 8: 15% Tier 9 (Skeleton key) : 10% Tier 10 (Conduit of Fire (I) key) : 5% These are the RareLoot_T* percentages from the dangerous chests, which seem to share loot tables with the respectively tiered elite prefixed monsters but this needs confirmation from devs.
  3. KararTY

    T5 Drops are horrible

    Only 1%-2% percentage difference from T4 boss, https://survivedby.gamepedia.com/Boreal_Shaman vs https://survivedby.gamepedia.com/Locus Bad luck, I suppose.
  4. KararTY

    nothing very important

    @Minutoz Hey, you can transfer your world map data to your other computer very easily if you'd like. If you open up the directory where the game is saved, you'll see a folder called "CloudSaves". Open up that folder and create a copy of the folder inside and put it on a thumb drive (Or on a service like Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) On your other machine, once again open up the game directory and paste over the file into "CloudSaves". If it's asking to overwrite, just click on yes. If you were to open up the game and still not see the map updated, that's because the cloud save folder is named after your Steam ID (ID64). You can fix this by renaming the folder to your current Steam ID (ID64), or just login to the same Steam account as the cloud save originated from. Now, I think the devs could have this fixed if Steam Cloud was to be enabled.
  5. KararTY

    Drop tables

    I'd counter you by saying a tool can be used for different purposes. Both with malicious and non-malicious goals. Meaning (hypothetically) someone, somewhere has done the same but for possibly non-friendly purposes. In my case, I'm using it to populate the wiki. Just to clarify, the github project has no raw code or raw data posted verbatim: It's all repurposed, and available in a more data parsing friendly format. If the developers have issues with me posting the data I'm sure I'll receive a DM soon.