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  1. Yes, but it only applies for one buff. A level 12 equipment will have a total of 15% buff, while if you want to increase two stats it would be buffs of only 7.5%. Having 7.5% buff means that out of 100, would be increased to 107.5, buff practically derisory to be called "a characterization of the play style". I do not want to be aggressive but, as they are described, they should have a much greater impact. Above all, if they need to be emphasized more than tier 9 or 10, it is useless to have them already found from tier 6 where as a resource it is useless for the little buff that it offers
  2. Charms, as they are now, do not identify with the change described above. The bonus is microscopic and, even if used in all sockets for a specific attribute, does not represent the costumization for the play style or for the difficulties to be faced. Take for example Warframe, where weapon level and mod are well balanced and each change is integrated in a step forward. There we really feel the meanigful play, where what I change I feel it directly and in an integrated way, I immediately saw where and how a mod modifies the parameters. In this game I found myself moving from Tier 6 to Tier 7 with a virtually useless resource for that occasion (the charm) and also in the Late Game have little impact, unlike the Imprintis that identify better in the one previously described: "to personalize their gear to their play style or to the challenge they are about to face". I was disappointed when I mounted a total of 6 regeneration charms, seeing the number change for a total of 1.5, or 0.25 per charm. The bonus is not small, it's simply useless.
  3. This is the first time I look at tier 7 and start to find the Charm. How much is a level 1 charm compared to a level 2 charm? How much does a charm grow by level? And if it is really 0.2% per level, is it not so tiny as to be useless?
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