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    An autopicker is a thing that allows player to instantly pick an item in the ground without the need to come close to it to pick it. I suggest this thing because it would be really helpful especially when farming materials in t9, instead of running around and finding the equipments that you need from the enemies you killed, you can just run and progress through the dungeon and kill enemies. This will be efficient in my opinion because sometimes when an enemy dies, the item that it drops doesn't instantly show up but when you come back to where it died the item will be lying there. There are even instances wherein you can't get that item. If this is implemented I think it will help players in farming because it just saves so much time... FEATURES OF THE AUTOPICKER : > autopicking (lol) >can specify what item you need to pick (would be great so inv doesn't always go full) > can also pick everything > only in materials > if activated, there should be a debuff in the side of your screen showing inventory full
  2. So today, I was playing this game. At a certain point while im playing, I DIED. THIS GAME'S SERVER STABILITY IS SO HIDEOUS, IMAGINE HAVING A 1 WEEK WORTH OF GRIND THEN DIENG BECAUSE OF THE SERVER THAT SUCKS. THIS GAME HAS A LOT OF POTENTIAL EXCEPT THE FACT THAT THE SERVER STABILITY IS FULL OF ISSUE @hh_katherine sorry for the rage but I think this game won't be anything good despite having any potentials BECAUSE of server stability. What should I do now? REGRIND? LAST TIME I DID THAT I DIED TO ANOTHER ISSUE INVOLVING LAG. Imagine how raging this system. I am at the point wherein no dungeon poses any threats to me BUT YEAH I LAGGED IN THE BOSS FIGHT OF GOLIATH then I took every shot I was rubberbanding like 5 times, I tried to escape SPAMMING my potions but what happened? NOTHING my potion keeps on popping but my health isn't restoring. IF THERE WOULD BE ANY WAY TO REVIVE A DEAD CHARACTER, I would be happy and willing to wait but at this current state in which most of the devs would say in tickets, "Sorry we cannot revive you character, we hope that you enjoy survived by as you do before." How can I? I think this can't get any better. I know that I look like a baby crying at this point but I just want to release my frustration, imagine hard grinding for weeks then dying just because of the SERVER-SIDE issue and not human error. PS: Sorry if I said something harsh, the game really lacks this thing called "SUPPORT" atleast that is what I have in my opinion, I haven't tried to send a ticket yet because that is the answer that I am expecting to get because that was the thing that I got last time.
  3. I strongly agree to this, It is very frustrating to die because of a death that is OUT OF OUR CONTROL.
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    I am certain about my items so I won't lie about them
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    Will we ever get help from the support team if we issued ticket? Like returning relics and items via mail
  6. Is it safe to consume relics now because I have heard that there were incidents in which relics lose progress because pre patch relics are kinda buggy. They say making a new charger would fix the problem but for those who has 2 char slots (both occupied) it wont be the best option
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    T9 catalyst

    craft relics w/ catalysts
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    Asia Servers

    Yes, this would be a good solution so that East Asian / Southeast Asian players won't experience so much problem with the network stability
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    Concerns about the game's future

    One more thing that could make the game "more alive" is with the fixes in the relic system. I think it is better to have the relics account bound or some of it be compensated when you die, it is making most of the players ragequit
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    T9 catalyst

    I agree to this idea, catalyst would be worth getting if this update will be implemented but I suggest that whenever this thing is approved, don't make bad ratios such as 10:1
  11. Rerolling is a thing that allows us to change a certain prefix / suffix into another one but it is randomized. In my opinion, the price for rerolling tier 9 to tier 10 items should be lowered for they cost too much and this is supported by the fact that there is no good source of silver for players to gain. I believe that the price for rerolling t10 should be reasonable because 150000 silver is just too much. Just imagine spending like 1 - 2 hrs grinding for gears to reroll but then you got some bad prefix / suffix. I "suggest" changing it to like 100000 or atleast 80000 (if that is still fine) so that it can make more balance. I also heard that there will be various quests that will provide us silver. In my opinion, those quests should be repeatable, daily and weekly in order for us to farm more silvers more efficiently.
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    Need Helpp

    Hi guys! Right after the patch, I am very excited to play it and check out the new changes that happened but then upon updating my survived by, this had happened to me I need help because I can't play and I don't want to miss the cupid harb so please reach out ;-;
  13. XReap

    Need Helpp

    NVM this guy's, it is already fixed thanks to @BreadSlice for the fix. @breadslice2 PS: (tagged breadslice2 cuz unsure if he is him too)
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    We're Adding Weekly Quests! Ideas?

    You should not only add weekly quest but also add repeatable and daily quests. Say for example, Weekly Quest = 100k silver / 150 bloodstones Daily Quest = 15k silver / 30 bloodstones Repeatable Quests 5k -> 10k silver / 0-4 bloodstones (This would be great because farming will be more efficient because you are grinding and doing quests at the same time, I recommend 0 to a few amount of bloodstones because it would make acquisition of bs easier, however for silver I intended it to be 5000 to 10000 per finishing because silver is really hard to grind especially when a player only relies on tier 9 dungeon which has a LOW drop rate for equipments that we can sell.)
  15. So right now in the game, I am in the stage in which I am building up tier 10 items. I have 2 bows 1.) Frag 2.) Long Rico with Power The suffix aside, which one do you think is the best?? I think frag is better because I do not know what long rico does, They said that it will go from one enemy to another enemy, is that it? I just crafted it because almost everyone is saying that it is good. Sooo what do you guys think? Which is better for damaging and energy gain??
  16. alright, I just prefer weapon with suffix because I can get more dmg with them, i just tested long rico and i can say that i can get fast energy with it just like frag so I think I'll use it or reroll it in the near future, The only downside of long rico is its low dmg
  17. Oh ok thx for straight answer, I think I just wasted crafting, I think I'll still be using the long Rico cuz it has power suffix
  18. Sorry, I think I replied a wrong answer
  19. Maybe that is a glitch because there is also a glitch between healing and protective wherein both appears as "protective" in imprint name but they are different.
  20. I agree that there should be a trading mechanic between two players because not only it would make trading easier but safe as well from griefers who will try to steal the loots that you drop.
  21. As a player who is still waiting for AH to be released, a compensation reward must be given to those who were waiting for it such as the devs did with the rollback. I think that this would be a good idea because it would make the players active again due to the attracting force.
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    Early Access Week 9 + 10 PREVIEW!

    @hh_katherine I agree that the relic overhaul is not the best thing right now, grinding relics are so much pain so I don't think it would be good for us, like what @Sephos said: "It would take forever" just imagine grinding tons of relics for 192 days and 500 runs per day. If you are to push through with that we should be able to buy relics using silver (imo) or GREATLY increase the drop chance. Just imagine all the nerf that will happen to all our chars. Say for example with relic of hearto f the forest. What would happen? Our endurance will go low and it will take us another eternity to bring it back to the old endurance that we had.
  23. So as we all know, there was a new patch in the game which included the nerfing of drop of tier 9 dungeons. Before, they drop enriched items and they are very easy to farm but now it only drops tier 1 to tier 3 items making the farm from very easy to somehow very hard. It is hard for me (and probably) other players because to get enriched items it requires so much processing. Say for example you need an enriched metal: First get Quartz -> 25 Second get Metal -> 5 Third get Enriched Metal -> 1 Considering the drop rates of tier 1 materials (20%) and tier 3 materials (lower than tier1 ofcourse) , this is really hard. Every dungeon, I can only get like 30 - 40 tier 1 and like 4 of tier 3 materials. If you need to go craft tier 10 crafting you need 10 sable which requires: 50 enriched obsidian and 50 enriched metal all in all. ^^ That is just too much because you need to get 1250 quartz then make it 250 metals and then turn it into 50 enriched metals, the same thing goes with obsidian. It doesn't end there, when you finish crafting t10 crafting, ofcourse you have to use it and there you have to craft tons of stuff again and again. Sooo my suggestion is to "balance" this thing. I mean give better drop rates , add enriched drops in the dungeon (but lower chance) , create a vendor that sells t1 and t3 materials for a reasonable price or just lessen the things required for crafting. (sorry for the long stuff before the real suggestion, I just want to put my point in there)
  24. XReap

    Legacy Revamp

    So while I was on discord, I saw players saying that there is a possible rework for legacy and this is what this player stated. There will be 4 Legacy Slots: 1 - for bullet pattern 2 - for ability modification 3 & 4 - for legacy ------------------------ My concern is about the worthiness of farming legacies for now. Is it still worth it to farm legacy because there will only be 2 legacies that can be used if the revamp came in. I think those 2 legacies will be: Followup Class Mastery I just recently finished my harbinger loadout and the preparations I need for my weapon, now that there is a bullet pattern in legacy, all the grind that I did to get the imprint of my weapon will be wasted. Right now, I am planning to grind infiltrator's legacy but is it still WORTH it in this point wherein I know that in the future, customizing loadout would be really tight and hard. PS: I just want to confirm if this change is true and if it is not true, I'll delete this thread
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    Crafting Materials

    "Don't make crafting material and T10 item popular too much" Lol t10 is what you really need endgame and it is one of the main priorities. Crafting is just a bit hard rn because of the grind. When you say grind it doesn't necessarily mean "extreme working" or whatsoever, there must be balancing for grind like don't make it too hard nor too easy but instead make it just hard enough for players to enjoy grinding.