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  1. wow, yeah we see the problem and we'll have a fix for it. Support is notified of your issue and will be working on refunding you for the additional 9 crafting stations.
  2. i can tell you that it makes sense that you only get one per claim, the two systems were made very far apart from each other. very nice catch, we'll get that fixed. we are still playing with the UI so that it will incorporate much longer names
  3. so our AL rewards for Challenges are actually a roll on the table to even get one. however our AL rewards for Achievements are a guaranteed card. except for one that says you get 2 cards but really just gives you 1, we are working on a fix for that. We will be making it more clear to the players that Challenges are just a chance at a card to avoid any confusion.
  4. so in a way you are getting 2x loot. because current loot drop rates are 10%. so if you add another 10% to that with the buff it is 2x or 100% more.
  5. we did have some issues with stats. we are still looking at them but the hotfix should have gotten it in a better position.
  6. we went from 90% or so to 5%. we had it so high before to let players test it in our beta.
  7. we are working on a fix for that. we noticed it locally as well.
  8. uuuuuuuugh.... damn email verification.... we got our guy on it. sorry for the delay.
  9. hmmm... our filter should have changed to ignore things like this... wonder if something didn't smash that change. any ways, i alerted the guy who manages the filter.
  10. hello! so as you have noticed you remove all imprints on t1 items. that is because we have changed the way our system worked. I'm not sure if it got out in the patch notes or not, but T1 and T2 items no longer support imprints. so if you have an item with an imprint on it. keep it as long as you can. any re-rolling will remove it.
  11. interesting. i can't reproduce it over here. but i'll have the guys take a look.
  12. nice catch. i'll get them to look at these items.
  13. we didn't patch that friday to my recollection.
  14. it seems you are using an Intel Graphics card. we don't support that.
  15. we are working on the chat bugs. we know it is still happening for some people. sorry we haven't gotten it yet.
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