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  1. the pictures saying all......
  2. Schumi

    tower bug

    can you pls fixing this tower bug finally??????? It makes me angry all the time waiting for my tower backport and relogin doesnt work………...
  3. For my part, I have no trouble going alone in th9 or t10. On the contrary, it bothers when other players go into my dungeon and my solo rounds sweeten me. It costs me time to kill the mobs and the boss.
  4. Nerfing more end game player like me with this no stacking aura stone buff. Help so much to get relics with 30%drope rate buff and with 60 keys in t8h and just got 17 relics XD
  5. Aura stone nerf is hard for end game players like me. If you try to do 80 keys from 1 hard dungeons the chance to get the relic is more harder.
  6. The Key bug still in this game
  7. Nice hotfix after yesterday cause of the bugs and consuming 4 stacks t3h relics and 1 stack of eatch of the other relics (t10/the rest of t9) i dont have it now!!!!!!!!!!! I rly want to quit this game!!!!!!!!!
  8. i tried out if i become this bug in dungeons and its still happen
  9. if you can see this bugs i found with the new patch This is a visual bug for the players and talk with other palyers if they can see my dmg graph like what i do. But they dont see it. Its only for player they got this bug. i comsumed some of my relics but they still not be comsumed…..
  10. @Peat thought it that thr new patch coming today but dont realized it would be now cause server eu1 is also down now. Good for me i do my well earlier
  11. i do a normal t10 run and after i found the boss and do the first Phase down. The secound Phase after he should be down and going to his final Phase .His health bar still on nothing and his secound Phase still be going on
  12. I think the change for the t9 relics are good but my problem is how long you need to do the same dungeon to get the old or maybe the better relic back like now what we´ve had?. I mean i do many of th dungeons and yesterday i do t6h to get a one relic. I need 18 runs ( without 60% drop rate buff) to find one relic. This is a problem for me. Maybe i was unlucky to find it yeah but it would be more helpful to grind it if the drop rate is a bit increased like 4% or 5%. My Idea is to increased the chance to find 2 relics in one bag ( 2% - 5% should be fair enough). So it doesn´t make it to long to grind . I mean some dungeons like t6h and t7h are bit long( for me it´s okay) and you need 1 m 30 s or 2m( 45 s till 1 m if you find him straight up ) to find and a kill the boss to get a chance that 1 relic will drop. Mfg ZoEasy
  13. i´m rly angry and triggerd. Wasting 2 time to do well runs without any mobs. Now i waste 8 item recovery and didnt gain any valr on the well and doing it without any value. i rly wanna stop playing this game cause of the many of bugs they still in this game. I mean yeah its a early acces game and i know that´s nothing all right but cmon. 2 time well runs without any value? Thats pretty sucks and my mood is in the basement!!
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