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  1. just as title says like whats the goal the objective theres not much of anything that tells you what to do or how to do it and the community in game when you ask for help ha forget about it and i see nothing in the forums about guides or anything steam even lacks knowledge for tips the game whats the deal
  2. i sure hope you guys come up with something good very very demotivated to even grind again after losing the whole days progression i had gotten so much done in that time got two lvl 25's unlocked the druid got my first relic, my first few legendary and rare cards all my hard work i was so proud of just gone its heartbreaking to having nothing to show after all those hours i do understand why it needed to be done and for now i cont. to play but some kind of "sorry people have to ruin everyone's good time" gift or something would be a solid direction if even possible although with everyone knowing why it needed to be done it just really sucks to have lost all that hard earned loot and unlocks to be for nothing ya know
  3. cannot log in error failed to connect to us1.backend.survivedby.com port 433 :timed out
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