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  1. I figured out that I had a bug where enemies with white flags did not drop materials. I thought that was part of the game. After dying and starting a new character I realized that low level enemies were dropping loot! That is why it was so hard for me to find fire sand before. Everything seems to work again, except daily rewards is an empty black square now?
  2. The daily rewards have been blacked out for me for a few days now. Hasn't worked since.
  3. Thanks Sephos! I was getting tired of killing quest monsters for keys without gaining any xp, but I just have to be patient I guess!
  4. Also, I can't further my crafting to make t5 items because I can't find any enemies that drop the required material to unlock tier 5 crafting. They all have surrender flags over their heads. If I venture out further, the enemies can kill me extremely easily.
  5. I have gone through about 20-25 t5 solo runs and have not found a single piece of equipment I can equip for my lvl 25 harbinger. Why is this so irritatingly slow? T4 boss dropped something for me every 1 to 2 runs. I even used the +30% item drop consumable and nothing. Does the RNG get worse at t5?
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