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  1. hh-katherine 6x5 = 30 not 45
  2. We need the shop back ! its more than important , i don't have any crystal , one day = 30 crytal max if u want just up 5 item max for craft them t10 you need 5 day ( 10 if u up on 2 time because 1h is not enouf ) and 10 other and u need to do all daily quest + they're bug !! give us the shop back pleas And we don't care if some people are insanely rich we just want to have a chance to play you're game , you just kill you're game with you're shop not avaible
  3. This is really the real support game ?
  4. hello , i'm full relic t9 t10 full stuff t9 and i die for nothing , i post on discord but they didn't do nothing can i have all back pleas GeNoSiszZ
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