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  1. Known issue, submit a ticket at https://www.survivedby.com/zendesk and they should help you and return potions back to you.
  2. It would be great if we had chat command to check our ignored players list or one that would fully wipe ignore list. Of course UI based solution would be better but for a start a simple command would suffice.
  3. So I was about to start leveling my Infiltrator and decided to move some T5 gear from my item mule - Alchemist. I unequipped T5 Energetic Boots, Ring and Amulet from it and moved them to the Vault then immediately exited to the main menu, logged in and joined in with my Infiltrator. First thing I have noticed was my own Alchemist standing next to me near the Vault and then it disappeared (managed to take a screenshot before that). Then I open the vault and to my surprise the Boots, Ring and Amulet I just have putted in with my Alchemist are not there. I quickly switched to my Alchemist and items are not there either T_T. It's not the first time this happens to me and once items even got duped (although I lost other items I was moving in the process). I know it's not much but I hope this will help to fix or at least identify the black hole in the Vault that sucks out items from this dimension lol. P.S. Stalladir is on my 2nd char slot and Acidice is on 3th if that's any help.
  4. I got my items in vault wiped as well although I didn't ran into any errors 90% of my materials from the vault are gone.
  5. Yeah, can confirm, majority of my stuff went gone after I sorted my items between 3 chars and vault.
  6. It's not a bug, it's called Desync and is pretty common issue in games like this. Desync is a situation where the game client on a player's computer and the game server is out of sync with each other, specifically with the position of players and monsters. This is because information does not travel instantly from the client to the server over the internet. To not allow cheating the server's decisions take precedence over the client. This means a heavily desynced player may actually be standing next to monsters when they appear to be safe from the player's point of view. This is different from network lag (high latency), and desynced clients can still have low ping.
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    I have a small problem about the rewards... I have claimed Bloodstone, Electrum and Silver yesterday. But this morning I deleted the mail with Valr and Aura Stones left while I was cleaning my mailbox. Any chance I could get that mail restored?
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