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  1. There could be a board searching for parties or just ask in town, or before they hop in the dungeon. There's plenty of ways that you could implement it.
  2. I think the dungeons would be way better if you could stop random players from joining you. Usually I don't want someone barging in on my dungeon and it makes it annoying when they just sit around waiting for someone with a key to show up. I think having a setting for "private" dungeons would be awesome or a party system where you have to be in the same party to go in together.
  3. DFactor

    Locus Remaining invincible

    I was playing through and going for my second run through the forge of corruption. I got in, fought my way through the dungeon and wound up at the locus. I killed both sides of legs but the shield never wore off. I'm having a hard time identifying exactly what caused this to happen but I thought I should post about it. SurvivedBy 1_10_2019 3_48_15 PM.mp4