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  1. Can there PLEASE be a way to turn off the screen shake. When you're running through a dungeon and killing everything there's a significant amount of shake, then the world tree starts acting up and pretty soon you feel like you might be having a seizure. It can just get to be a might much on the eyes when you're rapidly killing a bunch of enemies.
  2. Same here, I've gotten two pieces of gear over 18 runs which makes it feel like something is definitely off in the balance.
  3. Going through dungeons I started to notice one thing that bugged me more than anything else. Certain mobs have "lobbed" projectiles like the fury processors and Ice Anima that will clip through walls to land on the other side. That's fine by me but, those same projectiles will also hit you in mid air which means that my character must be as tall, if not taller, than dungeon walls.... That further makes me wonder, why can't I just go over the walls if my character is that tall? I think the projectiles should either be blocked by walls like other projectiles or have a range in the middle of their arc where they wont hit the player.
  4. There could be a board searching for parties or just ask in town, or before they hop in the dungeon. There's plenty of ways that you could implement it.
  5. I think the dungeons would be way better if you could stop random players from joining you. Usually I don't want someone barging in on my dungeon and it makes it annoying when they just sit around waiting for someone with a key to show up. I think having a setting for "private" dungeons would be awesome or a party system where you have to be in the same party to go in together.
  6. I was playing through and going for my second run through the forge of corruption. I got in, fought my way through the dungeon and wound up at the locus. I killed both sides of legs but the shield never wore off. I'm having a hard time identifying exactly what caused this to happen but I thought I should post about it. SurvivedBy 1_10_2019 3_48_15 PM.mp4
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