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  1. Hello there, I'm just curious if this has been looked into regarding the possible "additional" added legacies cards I was awarded after Alt-f4'ing during the load screen of buying legacy packs.
  2. Not a Sentinel main, but it might be cool to reduce the AOE effect by 25% and have the shield absorb a specific number of projectiles based on current energy. Once shield breaks then you got to refill on energy to get it back up again. Or the Shield can be a different shape than a circle, for example a cone in front of him/180 degrees in front/shield shape around him that gives him the same benefits as current but doesn't fully protect all angles. I guess with this suggestion maybe you would have to consider that once the Sent uses the ability, he would be locked from moving but still able to rotate and could cast more "shields" around him given he had enough energy.
  3. This is basically what happened to me. It seems that when trying to purchase the legacies and the game cant figure out how to get to that screen it times out. Resulting in both you and I alt-f4'ing. Which im curious if when you got back in the game did the "You die" screen appear again back at the Well or did it go straight to legacies? Anyways, after finally upgrading some legacies I had the same character creation issue you mentioned. Upon returning back into the game my vault was missing. I haven't gotten around to checking my legacies since im afraid of dieing and being wiped again.
  4. Good Morning! I'm still waking up but I appreciate your response! I wasn't surprised that most of these suggestions I made were already ticketed about. These were the most visited areas of the game from my perspective, not including the legacy system which I think I've heard is getting some love soon. The game was enjoyable for me ( my vault was recently wiped of everything), hopefully I can avoid anymore progress erasing bugs and play through content again. If I have any lightbulbs go off in any of these departments then I'll be sure to post my suggestions.
  5. I just had this same bug happen to me. I've made a bug report. I'm worried about putting my t8bow with frag in my vault tonight for fear it might vanish too.
  6. I know it and I don't expect this to be a fully flushed out game. I just wanted to give my feedback and let others know my perspective on some features in the game. I probably didn't mention some other things but i'm not very versed in the game by anymeans. These were just off the top things I notice while playing through
  7. Earlier I mentioned posted that the legacy screen bugged on me and now im finally back in the game and now my entire vault has been wiped. I had it almost full, 110 items, relics, charms, enriched mats, t9keys, t5 lvlgear, t8-t9 gear for all the other classes just gone.
  8. Disclaimer: this is my opinion on this game so far. Only 81hrs played in about 2weeks but I've seen most of the content excluding t10 for myself. I am not a profession poster either so don't expect this to be pretty. Character screen 1. Instead of generating a new name have it use the last used name you died on. If you were like me then you just generated names and killed them off and now you have a long line of random names you can scroll through. 2. Way to remove old family from the tree. Again I have 10+ randomly generated names that I can't even pronounce but I would like to use one name and your family tree ties to all character slots so I cant start a new line with just 1 name to pass on. Classes 1. I wont deep dive on this subject because we are all aware of OP classes. Fragmentation imprint is OP. Follow up legacy is clearly OP. Just stating the obvious here. I'm not sure the stats on T10 clears but if I had to guess then most of them clears where on Infiltrator, Sentinel, and Harbinger. Maybe Geomancer....maybe. The druid and alchemy guy just don't have the infinite blocking aura/300%dmg special/insane dmg reduction like the other classes mentioned. The Tower 1. Merchant- you can right click sell stuff to him buy you cant right click buy things. Also, please give us the ability to sell the raw resources for 1silver at least. Its very tedious to go drop stacks of raw resin if you were in T5 for any amount of time. 2. Crafting- currently you can craft the amount which your crafter is lvl'd to. Would it be possible to be able to craft all instead. What's the point of being limited to how many you can craft if your already limited to being able to craft whatever tier your on. Say I have 300+ raw cloth or whatever and now I have to use 4 different crafters to do that but only 6 or 9 at a time on each and im bouncing between stations trying to keep things qued….its almost like another minigame inside a game. 3.Charm upgrading- Probably the most frustrating thing I have experienced so far. So initially I was farming the T7 quest mobs for keys and got these awesome charms, I remember seeing the charm upgrade feature and thought id farm a crap ton and go fuse them up, well no one informed me that I had to manually select every single charm every single time. Can you please add a faster feature than left click charm 1 add, left click charm 2 add, left click 3 add...I can't be the only person this triggered. Let us right click to add them instantly or some feature to fuse all similar charms of a type because having 40+ charms of lvl 1 and wanting to fuse them together is going to take someone with patience about 2 hours to do so. 3.Quest givers- Who are they and where are the quest? Ive got every shrine unlocked and been in every sector but I don't think I've completed a single story quest. I know there are some out there in t3 and t7 zones but do they have to be so hidden? Dungeons 1. T1 is fine, not much to say here. Its dark and not very long to get to boss room. I like it. T2 is equally casual, both bosses are pretty good for new players learning. 2. T3 and up is where things go sideways. Well let me jump to some endgame stuff, T9. You have T2-T8hard mode which is the T9 tier..confusing I know. In most hard dungeons the boss is what you go for as fast as possible. Well most bosses can be cheesed and some bosses are unkillable. Note that I am playing harb and have t8bow with Frag. 3. So T3 Mirage hunter, you can do this on hard too, basically take him to a rock in the north part of the boss area and he can get stuck on it. Position behind the rock and just light him up. There are plenty of rocks in that arena to get him stuck though. He wont spawn any adds and the whirly sand blades get blocked by rock. easy enough. 4. T5 locust.. this guy is the worst. If the devs know that he is bugged but cant reproduce it they just leave it be... I've wasted a number of T5hard keys only to have this boss go invincible. Here's a crazy suggestion, remove the mechanic that makes him go invincible! Change the fight to where the legs show up on 1st phase and after you kill legs then boss head appears on final phase...Or just leave the bugs in the game until you can reproduce them that's cool too. 5. T6 Kraken. I dislike so many things about this place. First off, who thought that a tile set with 6 possible "islands" each having 1-3 "branches" were a good idea for a non hard mode dungeon. I've literally spent 10 minutes looking for the boss area before. You can probably make him appear a tad closer and up the density and that would be a good compromise. The boss itself is easy solo. You can literally stand on the right side of the bank near where he spawns and run back when he shoots stuff and they disappear along with tentacle projectiles making for an easy kill both on normal/hard version. 6. T7 forest guy. Guess what, this guy can be cheesed too. Honestly, I have 50 something keys for this place and only done it 4 times. It didn't take me long to figure this fight out. So there is a point right before the "hallway" to the boss where you can stand and hit him with a frag weapon. The actual fight is kind of silly though. If you move to far back away from the boss then you get a cowardice debuff and it makes you do less dmg and less everything. It's lot better to cheese it and not risk getting mobbed by the insane adds/boss dmg this guy will throw at you if your only t6 gear. Consumable buffs Please for the love of all things holy, I've lost 5 buffs because I die/log out and those buffs had multiple days remaining on them. I'm fully aware of the devs working on this and I know we will get reimbursed for the missing buffs but until then, can all servers get some sort of exp buff/drop buff/craft buff till the kinks get worked out on servers erasing the consumable buffs, or give them to the accounts that purchased the buffs and make them last till the entire duration expires? Just a suggestion. I can't think of anything else to ramble on about, these were things I could remember off the top of my head. Again these are just MY opinions/suggestions/thoughts. I'm sorry if you don't agree with some or all of it but I have had an awesome time playing. Now hopefully my character is no longer bugged and I can play some more.
  9. So I suicided in the well, racked up 26k+ valr and time to go reveal legacies. Well I went to purchase the 14k packs for the rare follow up (never lucky) but the loading screen never loaded and it gave an error message. Eventually I alt F4 and got back in the game to see that I've died in the well. I got back to the legacy screen and it looked like the cards that I got last time were auto revealed for me (I never revealed them initially after first death) and now I have 11 or so new legacies to reveal. Perhaps this is some way ppl can abuse the legacy system or maybe im delusional and didn't get a new set of cards. Anyways now im trying to make a new character and its all fine and dandy until I click on the toon and try to get in server. The screen goes black and kicks me to login with an error message saying simply "error". I've tried validating cache/switching servers neither worked. I hate to uninstall but this isn't a very large game so I may try that eventually. I have a t10 bow with frag being crafted and if I lost that then id probably not play again lol.
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