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    Legacy Revamp

    Sounds like incoming nerf Also if bullet patterns are moved from imprints to legacies, what will happen to our imprinted weapons? And to our imprints?
  2. Skrurg


    Can this happen? I lost my best bow 2 days ago, it wasn't in my mail box. I though maybe i just skipped that screen, but that seems very unlikely considering how precious it was to me. Also i suppose there would probably be a warning message such as "do you really want to continue without marking anything?".
  3. Hi i've just suicided a harbinger lvl 25 in the Well and only got 2 legacy cards. He had most challenges completed, with around 1800 valr iirc. I read in the wiki that challenges can be completed multiple times, and all my previous lvl 25 characters' deaths gave me around 20 cards. I'm a bit perplexed, and dispappointed, to say the least. Is that normal? Bug? Did i miss something? Edit: i thought maybe challenges could be only completed once per class, so i checked the "available" and "completed" challenges of a new harbinger, but they were reset.
  4. Skrurg

    Only 2 legacy cards on death?

    I did another playthrough (druid, first time used him) , and thoroughly verified my "completed" challenges before dying in the Well. There were 25 legacy icons in the list. But i only got 9. Even assuming that i got only 1 card for every challenge listed as being possibly rewarded with 2, that wouldn't fully explain the difference. If challenges actually just give a chance at a card, maybe it should be clearly mentioned in-game, to avoidconfusion. Especially if a different rule apply to achievements.