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  1. Hi, The new character and crafting UI are really great! Good job. However i noticed a few issues (some of which were already present in the previous version) and would like to suggest some improvements: - we can't dismantle imprints anymore, they don't appear in the list. Is it intended? It makes remnants acquisition impossible right now. Since we also can't upgrade imprints anymore either, it somewhat makes sense, but... we can still refine remnants. That's confusing. - after claiming items, we're sent back to the main window (where we choose either refine/craft/modify/dismantle). That's quite annoying when you have to perform many short tasks of the same type, especially dismantling which can't be queued. - in the vault or character's inventory, each time we leave the "item details" window in some way or another, the list scrolling slider resets to the top. It makes for example dropping multiple stacks of the same item or just checking items descriptions very tedious, because we have to scroll down the list (which can become quite long) again for every single item. It would be much more convenient imo if the slider kept its position, at least until we change item category or close the inventory/vault. - i would love to be able to sort items in each category (alphabetically, by subcategory, by tier, by recently acquired) in the character inventory, vault, and craftsman lists. - please let me choose if i want the craftsman to list items from my vault, current character, or both (instead of only both currently). It'll help shorten the list, improve clarity and could also reduce risks of dismantling a stashed item, for example. - the currently selected item in the list itself doesn't stand out enough imo. Instead of inverted emboss effect, i would suggest something less subtle like a thicker, bright yellow contour. - when dismantling items with many different salvageable materials, (t9 weapon for example), the item's name and icon are pushed down outside of the display window and aren't immediately visible. I think these should be put on top instead. - maybe don't select any item by defaut in the dismantling screen, to prevent dismantling that item inadvertantly. - clicking menu buttons registers on release. While that's a good way to reduce misclicks (one can still move the cursor away before releasing in case of mistake) it adds a feeling of clunkyness/unresponsiveness. I would suggest making everything register on press, except buttons for irreversible actions (craft, dismantle, fuse etc). I think that the benefits would be worth the little inconsistency. - about irreversible actions, finally being allowed to cancel most tasks would be very, very much appreciated, even with limitations. That's all for now, thanks
  2. Why did you suddenly remove the Cupid skin and electrum from this month's daily rewards? That's a bit disappointing Well, thanks for the fixes anyway.
  3. Not sure it's a naming issue. "Deprecated" means it's obsolete. So i probably shouldn't have it, and shouldn't have been able to use it in crafting. I'm pretty certain i got it less than 2 weeks ago though. I can also upgrade it! (weapon prefixes are normally not upgradable)
  4. Thanks for the heads up! Upgrading a legacy to lvl 50 costs about 100 000 valr, and consuming gives a maximum of 500 (for a legendary one!) regardless of the level. Quite harsh, but in normal conditions, when player choses to consume a legacy, he/she is the only one responsible for that decision. However, if a legacy becomes deprecated and consuming is the only option, then the player is penalized for the developer's decision, not his/hers. In those circumstances, getting only 500 Valr for a fully upgraded legendary legacy as a "compensation" would feel extremely unfair IMO.
  5. Hi I just crafted a weapon with "paired wave" imprint and the prefix turned into "deprecated". The weapon seems to work normally. The imprint itself didn't show as deprecated in my inventory, or in the crafting menu (add imprint, before actual crafting started). Not sure where/how i got that imprint unfortunately.
  6. Thanks! I agree that our abilities need an overhaul, and these are interesting ideas. Unfortunately, however, that doesn't really answer my questions, or alleviate my concerns about losing progression.
  7. Hi, I read in these forums and in game that legacies, abilities, and bullet patterns are going to be reworked. Bullet patterns will be moved from imprints to legacies, some legacies effects will be moved to equipment. Also new legacies for subclasses abilities. Currently, for most players, legacies along with weapon prefixes are the main means of improving our characters. Collecting them takes A LOT of time and effort. It might also, directly or not, involve spending real money to make things easier and faster. What i am concerned with, is that this rework could make many legacies, all weapons prefixes imprints, and most enchanted equipment obsolete. Previously, if i understand correctly, obsolete items were "deprecated", and sadly it basically meant that you could just throw them into the bin. In my opinion, while losing a bit of progress here an there is acceptable in an early acess game, potentially losing so much at once is not. So, i have a few questions: - roughly, what's the current ETA for this rework? January is over and i didn't see any news. - will the rework really render most of our precious items obsolete/deprecated? And if so, - could you maybe provide a list (even subject to change) of possibly affected items, so that we don't waste our resources on them? - will there be any compensation? And if so, - have you already thought of suitable ones? What could these be? Will this be discussed with the community? I understand that maybe you don't want to tell too much too early, or to make promises you might not be able keep. On the other hand, i think players will want to be assured they won't lose most of their progress, before investing into the game. Thanks!
  8. I see, thanks for the explanation. If i understand correctly, it also means legacies related to critical hits (followup obviously, but not only) will be very strongly -and negatively- impacted too. Many of us spent dozens of hours unlocking and maxing these... With this AND the upcomming legacies/bullet pattern rework, which currently sound like a global nerf too, i fear many players will be discouraged to invest as much in the game. I know it's early access, but still.
  9. Does that mean once it's fixed we'll do 3x less damage than we do now? That'll be an enormous change. For people who haven't maxed their gear and won't keep one-shotting most enemies after the fix anyway, that'll be a totally different game. @Rehtael About speed, i don't agree that we're too fast. Maybe it can become an issue with imprints, charms, relics and everything maxed (i'm not there yet). But currently, when i start a new character and until i get to around lvl25 with T5+gear, the slugishness is almost unbearable. It's even worse when you're unlucky with imprints/drops and have to use a single shot weapon at 1-2 shots per second run after run... Boring. But maybe i'm too accustomed to fast shoot them ups. On a side note, and if you can, maybe post a short text summary of your video, i think most people who can't afford to watch the whole 30 minutes would appreciate that.
  10. Sounds like incoming nerf Also if bullet patterns are moved from imprints to legacies, what will happen to our imprinted weapons? And to our imprints?
  11. Can this happen? I lost my best bow 2 days ago, it wasn't in my mail box. I though maybe i just skipped that screen, but that seems very unlikely considering how precious it was to me. Also i suppose there would probably be a warning message such as "do you really want to continue without marking anything?".
  12. I did another playthrough (druid, first time used him) , and thoroughly verified my "completed" challenges before dying in the Well. There were 25 legacy icons in the list. But i only got 9. Even assuming that i got only 1 card for every challenge listed as being possibly rewarded with 2, that wouldn't fully explain the difference. If challenges actually just give a chance at a card, maybe it should be clearly mentioned in-game, to avoidconfusion. Especially if a different rule apply to achievements.
  13. Hi i've just suicided a harbinger lvl 25 in the Well and only got 2 legacy cards. He had most challenges completed, with around 1800 valr iirc. I read in the wiki that challenges can be completed multiple times, and all my previous lvl 25 characters' deaths gave me around 20 cards. I'm a bit perplexed, and dispappointed, to say the least. Is that normal? Bug? Did i miss something? Edit: i thought maybe challenges could be only completed once per class, so i checked the "available" and "completed" challenges of a new harbinger, but they were reset.
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