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  1. If you let it craft and don't close the crafting window, it will give you 2 progress for crafting multiple items, if you however close the crafting window and reopen it, it will only give you 1 progress for multiple items.
  2. While it wont let you collect your rewards when you have full bag, it will let you collect the rewards if you don't have space resulting in LOSS OF ITEMS. For example, if you have 39/40 space but you have 4 rewards from crafting, you will only receive one item, and the rest go *puff*
  3. I remembered another fairly annoying thing about kill quests, if you right click the quest icon, which is located at the right edge of the screen, it dismisses the icon and you cannot abandon your quest anymore, and subsequently cannot get any new quests. So if your quest was in the other side of the world that would mean that you would have to either go complete it or enter different instance(thus canceling it).
  4. Well if you want to start over i guess the simplest thing you could do is make a new account, then, even if you change your mind later, you still would your old account with all the progress intact.
  5. Huh, i did spot the quest villager, but never made any sense of his rambling. Despite, some of the time, he just shoos you away. I just checked, and he was just telling me to get lost(which i believe he does when you have completed the quest already), so i went to check if my quest-chain was doable, and for a split second i saw that it showed as if i had completed all the quests on the quest-chain, then switched to normal. Then i went back to the quest villager and now indeed he told me about the Bulwark Fen chain-quest. This is not really a big problem since if you did the quest you would already know where it is anyway but i thought id share it anyway. Edit: Also maybe the text should say "I've got a man in the field, AT Bulwark Fen, who...." since i thought that it was someones name.
  6. This one will be probably fairly hard to understand and probably quite rare but i thought i would add it anyway. So I completed some board quests and the next day my character still said that i had completed that quest, even tho well over 8 hours had passed. It did say i had completed 0/5 quests this day, but mark 2 of the quests as completed. Now my guess is that because i loged in when there was exactly the same quests as when i exited the previous day, it kept the progress of them already being completed? On another note about quests, im fairly new to the game and i never found any pointers in-game to the quest chain quest givers, so im curious are there any? And if so where were they?
  7. So yesterday(10th January) I noticed some odd player, who was going incredibly fast, so I decided to investigate, and came to conclusion that he is cheating, then I proceeded to make him confess. I made a video about it with evidence, here is the link - How to catch a Speedy Man (not sure if i can embed it here) This seems lika a pretty big problem if someone can just change variables with a bit of tinkering in cheating engine. It would seem like the devs should fix this, by protecting variables somehow, this is an online game after all, and I feel like there should be something preventing people from messing with memory and have an actual effect in-game. Now i don't have a very good idea of what is happening with the whole duping and mass bloodstone situation, but maybe they use something like this too. Edit: Forgot to mention the cheaters name, so here it is - Jutro Subota
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