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  1. I have already submitted an in game report a few days ago but haven't heard any feedback or see my post on the forums, so i am submitting it here as well. What type of bug is it? :Loss of gear/claimed rewards dissapear/marked for kin loss items What should happen? :All marked for kin gear (especially thorns gear) should be in one of my characters inventory (the LVL1 sentinel is who i claimed with, but its also not in my other three LVL25 harbingers). What actually happens? :I was playing a LVL25 geomancer and died in T6 dungeon, created a new sentinel and claimed all items (two mais one for the marked after death which was a frost pick the other was for my three thorns gear), then immediately logged out. Jump on a few days later to play with friends and all my thorns gear had disappeared, however I do still have the quad frost pick in my inventory that I had marked for kin after death on my sentinel (I paid for the birthright package which gave me the ring and necklace, and had gotten a drop for the chest of thorns). Can you replicate it ? :Not unless i buy more thorns gear and take a chance at losing them as well. (if you can) How can you replicate it? : Other information :This happened around january 4th and i have not wanted to play again fearing another rollback/having no equipment to throw away on new characters ( I love my three harbingers and don't want them dying lol) Screenshots :
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