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  1. @hh_katherine Well, since it is a growth type equipment, the theme of it may be best if related to "growth", account growth, stat growth, visual appeal growth, motivation for growth, etc...... Some thoughts off the top of my head would be... ++++++ Other than its stats growing along with your character's level, you can also have even more additional growth of stats, which is based on stuff like number of level 25 characters that have died while wearing the set, highest personal record of number of wraiths killed while wearing the set, number of hard mode bosses killed while wearing the set...you can based the extra growth off any difficult "feats" in game. Just make sure that it'll be easier for players to get their first set of T10 equipment through normal crafting, and make it so that even if your thorn equipments' stats can exceed T10 equipment through these "feats", the time investment to do so would be more that that of crafting T10 equipment. That way, thorn equipment will actually be a long term investment worth keeping even for T10 gear owners. Of course, "feats" requirements must be hard enough, to be worthy of T6~T10, and maybe even above T10. ++++++ Or maybe instead of even more additional stats for thorn equipment, if you are worried about thorn equipment stats going above T6 equipment being a game breaker, and plan to have it stay as newbie kickstarter equipment, maybe you can let players get T5+ stats on the thorn set even faster, such as increase the stats it starts off with at level 1, based on how many level 15+/20+/25+ characters have died while wearing it, just like how in a certain game by the game publisher, your account rank directly affects how many usable points your level 0 new piece of equipment starts off with. Or just increase the rate of growth, so that you can get to T5+ stats faster, such as due to 1.5x/2.0x/3.7x growth rate. you can get T5+ stats at character level 20/16/8, also based on the above mentioned "feats". Of course, the "feats" required will be simpler for this method of "upgrade", as the main beneficiaries will be newbies who do not have T6 or above equipment yet. Will have much less value in collecting and upgrading the set though, seeing as just T6 full set will be more useful in terms of stats; basically old players will only use the set for suicide in The Well. ++++++ A much simpler one will be the good old "set bonus", increase certain effects when wearing the full set. Basic stats, all around increase, or maybe increased hp/energy regeneration due to bloodsucking effects, automatically reflect some damage to enemies due to enemies getting damaged by thorns lashing out, you name it. Static or dynamic amount, static for flat one-off simple upgrade, dynamic if you want to base the amount increased on player feats. +++ Also, best to make it such that the game checks what thorn equipment your account possesses (vault, all character bags, all equipped items on all characters) before generating the thorn drop; each piece is already rare enough with the current drop rate, even worse if duplicates of each part can drop. Long term investment will be more attractive the sooner people can get the basic full set first; else people may give up on collecting the set and just settle for normal crafted T10. Think of how badly players would be demotivated, if after 1000 dungeon boss runs, all they got was 5 thorn rings...(Why, why no amulet/ helmet/ boots/ weapons...RNGesus tell me why!!! *pulls hair out and gives up*) +++ The amount to buff stat amount/rate of stat growth/set bonus effects can be milestone based or algorithm based. Algorithm based would be more motivating, can scale infinitely till a cap is hit (numeric data type hard cap or manually defined cap amount), and will be simpler to code. Milestone based will be less attractive as players may not have that much patience if they don't see a visual indicator of actual growth for too long, will require planning milestones, not to mention it'll have more work involved. Of course, both can also be implemented together, as separate individual bonus systems, each with their own modifiers. +++ Each individual piece of thorn equipment can have their own tally counters (algorithm based)/checklist (milestone based) for feats. Or the tally counter/checklist can be for the full set, regardless of how many thorn pieces the player owns. Simplest to start counting/checking off stuff starting from first character creation +++ Maybe have the visual look/effects of thorn gear get better and better looking the stronger they are? For "fa-shion-stors". Fashion loving an-ce-stors. +++ To summarize: 1. Extra stat growth, based on difficult feats, with potential to exceed T10 equipment if given enough investment; investment that makes getting full crafted T10 set look like child's play. Great gear for old and new players alike. 2. Extra rate of stat growth, based on easier feats, lets people spend less and less time to get to thorn T5+ stats the more they play the game. Great for newbies, not that great for owners of T6 and above, unless they use the set for suicide in The Well. Possible to implement together with first suggestion to make it great for old and new players alike. 3. Bonus for wearing full set, simplest to implement. Compatible with the above two suggestions. 4. Do not drop duplicates of thorn equipment for each account, makes it easier for players to get their full set of thorns, and also more attractive for players, so that they are actually more inclined to get started on a long term investment with thorns. Extremely compatible with first suggestion, also effective for second suggestion, no problems implementing together with third suggestion. 5. Decide upgraded bonus amount based on simple algorithm and/or complex milestone system. Best to have visual indicator of growth and progress, to motivate players. Compatible with all above suggestions. 6. Decide if each piece will have their own individual counter/checklist for feats, or the counter/checklist will be effective for the full set. Also compatible with all above suggestions. 7. Better graphics and looks, the stronger thorn gear gets, for fashionistas. Again, compatible with all above suggestions. +++ If all, or most of these suggestions are implemented... Newbies/Oldies/Fashion Lovers...Tasty benefits, Mmmmmm. At most, make the visual looks/effects different for the possible "non-founders/non-open-beta version" in future. Depends on if you want to make the current thorn set founders/open beta exclusive or not. Same stats and bonus systems should be used in the possible non-founders/non-open-beta set, for fairness in mob killing and dungeon running.