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  1. I disagree with the above poster who recommended skipping to T8. The enemies in T8 hit like a truck if you are in T6 gear, and they come in endless numbers. Dungeon layout also does not favor harbinger, since often your special attack will hit walls. The problem may well be that you haven't died enough. Legacies are extremely important. You need the good ones, and you need them at high level. It will help a lot. Which legacies are you using? Have you already done the Well? If you haven't done the Well yet, go do it. You *will* die, but you will gain a lot of valr. Equip your best weapon, and cheap other gear, put everything else in your vault.
  2. Ozryela

    The 250K valr cap is ridiculous!

    I know neither of those were intended mechanics. But they actually worked pretty well, and now that you have removed them the game is kinda broken. And I'm not alone in thinking this. I've spoken to quite a few players about this, and there seems to be near universal agreement that the 250K valr cap is a bad one. I understand you don't want players to finish all content in the game in under a week. That would be bad for the longevity of the game. But there are better ways to do that then by forcing your players to endlessly repeat the same early game content again and again. There's no skill or risk involved in well runs. It's just a boring grind. And it's extremely luck based too. Some players will be done in 2 runs, others will take 200. That is going to frustrate a lot of players. It already is frustrating a lot of players. From a game balancing perspective the change is also a bad one, because it makes the game harder for new players while leaving old players entirely alone. That's the opposite of what you want to do if you want to attract new players. You should be adding new content to challenge the old players, while making the early game content progressively easier so new players can catch up. The way you have done things now new players will simple never, ever, ever catch up to old players. What's the point of starting to play this game, if you know it will take you several months of grinding to get what players who started before you (who had much easier valr, much better relics, easier dungeons *and* an auction house) got in mere weeks. TL:DR: Whether the old mechanics were intended or not is immaterial. The current changes make break the game by making it boring and fundamentally unfair to new players.
  3. So far I've spent probably about 3 million valr in this game (most of it before the introduction of the cap) and I still miss most of the good legendary legacies. For example of the four best legacies for Harbringer I still miss 2. Of the 6 <class> master legacies I have found only 1. In other words, the drop rate for good legacies is very, very, low. Getting the legacies you actually want will probably take 20 million valr or more. At 250K valr per well run that's months of grinding. For most people a well run will take at least an hour (including time spent buying and discarding legacies), maybe a bit less if you're spending bloodstone. And it's a mindbogglingly boring grind too. You're not doing any new content, you're just repeating the same low level dungeons again and again. And of course old players who already have all their legacies do not care about any of this. They aren't affected by this nerf. Only new players are. It's like you designed this change specifically to chase away new players. Please undo this disastrous change. And bring back the exp bonus on spiders too, to make leveling to 20 actually fast and fun. Or, alternatively: give an option to buy a specific legacy you want for 250K valr. That way at least you know you always get something for a well run.
  4. Ozryela

    Hard key crafting bug

    Ohhhh! Is that the issue? Dammit. That is so stupid. Well at least I now know a workaround. Still annoying, but at least it doesn't block me from crafting keys anymore. Thank you very much kind stranger!
  5. Ozryela

    Hard key crafting bug

    Since the last update, the crafting of keys for hard dungeons seem to be broken. Most of the time, when you attempt to start crafting a key, it doesn't work. It shows it has having started crafting for a fraction of a second, then reverts, and nothing happens. No crafting is started, and luckily no money or skeleton keys are lost either. Trying again always yields the same results, although sometimes the problem disappears a few minutes later. I have found no pattern in when it does and doesn't work. Very vexing. I estimate it doesn't work about 75% of the time, and when it does work, about 90% of the time you are unable to queue a 2nd key.
  6. Ozryela

    Boss drops not satisfying

    Was there a change to drop rates in a recent patch? Before today I was getting decent loot rates on hard dungeons (the above listed 30% sounds about right in my experience). But today I maybe got 3-4 pieces of gear over easily 20+ dungeons, while using both aura stones. A bit frustrating that. I'm barely breaking even after key cost.