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  1. A - This could be one of the best games on Steam if you fix all the bugs, relic loss problems, and AL problems. B - People would spend a lot of money on this game if the auction house and exchange were working. (Even more if you fix the broken crafting economy and sell drop rate potions.) C - New players would stick around for longer if you fix the Valr system. D - High level players would stick around for longer if they had something beyond Goliath to work towards. E - It is not impossible to create a clientside anticheat with serverside sanity checks to save money. F - All KPIs are deflated during Early Access due to uncertainty and preview mentality. People are waiting for you to 'finish the game'. There are only short-sighted reasons for something like this... either from the developers, their bosses, or the people funding it. Someone somewhere is not thinking very far ahead. Either that or someone ragequit and you don't know how to replace them? idk, but this is my favorite game and I am extremely critical of games, so think about it for a minute with careful consideration.
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    Possibly related: A relog/restart inside the Terrace can break the chat until you exit into town.
  3. [ 1 year later ] Looks like you still have some anticheat bugs.
  4. Fun Fact: when you are not cheating, autoban for cheating is actually a victory screen. Goliath is a sore loser, I guess.
  5. LIST OF NEW BUGS: -the ping arrows never go away, you can have 10 stacked in a dungeon from invasions or previous dungeons. -entering a dungeon in the 'hyped up way' (a party) will assassinate you with glitchy scaling damage. -glitchy scaling damage is SUPER glitchy. (If it says ' 1 ' you probably lost ' 40+ ' HP instead) -the terrace entrance sometimes vanishes (need to restart game between dungeons) -the vault sometimes vanishes (need to run out of town and return, or relog) -all ping cooldown icons on right panel show invasion timers. -rightside icon for cancel bounty quest no longer appears. -ping arrows for invasions show inside of dungeons. -followup 'deprecation' created some glitch card... -you accidentally actually deleted followup. (I'm counting that as a glitch too) I'm not even looking for bugs, so this list is by no means complete... but some of these are annoying as hell lol
  6. I just deleted 20 paragraphs of knowledge-bombs because I'm not sure anyone is going to read the entire thing, or will even understand that type of abstraction enough to do anything useful even if they did read it because it would probably melt their face off to see what I'm actually capable of. So after wasting an hour just to imagine it's not even worth explaining because I am too overpowered, I completely removed all of it, never to be seen again (this is not a joke), and I think i'll just sum it up along with a special and rare prefix: "Trust me" I'm going to completely omit everything about every other genre of game and just assume that as pointless contrast and return straight to the point. ABSTRACTION DISTILLATION: If something is overpowered - DO NOT DELETE IT If something is very popular - DO NOT DELETE IT If something is overpowered - NERF IT (maybe) If something is 'useless' - BUFF IT (probably) If something is fundamentally broken - CHANGE IT (usually) In either case... DO NOT DELETE IT! (I'm saying this as someone that doesn't even need anything you've deleted so far) Listen, when I heard you would delete followup I thought "ha! surely not", and warned against it, lightly. when I heard you 'accidentally' didn't delete it in the update, I thought "that's really clever". when I heard you 'corrected' that mistake... and turned it into a glitch card...? When have you ever heard that your game is better because you completely removed something people like? Do I even need to explain the difference between what I thought you were doing, and what you are actually doing? It seems so amazingly obvious, so I really don't want to spell it out and be that guy, but this is some next-level stuff guys. ... Whatever, just look at this: My version is still better than your version. Do you understand why that is a problem? Is mine 'useless'? - BUFF IT
  7. I think a 10min cooldown on recall is a bit much, but an instant activation just seems like a get out of jail free card. Immediately after changing to instant recall someone is going to create a macro that watches the health bar and hits recall as soon as HP falls below whatever threshold they decide (if the most dmg you can take from anything you fight is 150, then autorecall at 175 or less HP). Instant activation would have to work like HP regen to prevent this exploit, but that would actually be far less convenient in many cases. Opening exploits or degrading the recall mechanic are obviously not good things to do, so there needs to be at least some channel time on the recall. However, I fail to see the possible abuse of a reduced recall cooldown. The only time people are affected by recall time is when it becomes a random inconvenience. It never seems to serve any other purpose than that. Ex: invasion is about to start, so you recall, go to waypoint, warp to invasion, fight, and then you need to pay to warp back to town just because recall is on cooldown for another 5 minutes. So probably the recall timer was decided by the line of thinking resulting in the 30% travel cost reduction buff... (30% travel cost reduction on an aura stone means that stone only has 1 bonus, just sayin'). I suggest: -Recall only slightly faster, if at all. -Greatly reduced recall cooldown (~1min). -Eventually scaling all utility mechanics by a new intelligence attribute that also reduces debuff duration on self, and increases debuff duration on enemies
  8. +1 to this idea. It even fits the name 'bloodstone' as a thematic/lore style bonus.
  9. Same disclaimer as before: most of these aren't 'real bugs' but they are close enough to be treated like bugs. Item #1: Invisible collision tile in T5 It's always next to that object. You can run a full circle around it, all clear, but that one specific tile blocks movement/projectile. Item #2: Invisible collision tiles in T7 this one is harder to demonstrate the problem, because it isn't a problem tile by default like the T5 one. In this photo I cannot run onto the road moving left. The collision tile looks like a road - is the problem. Here is another example: Imagine someone were trying to escape that room and got stuck on this? This tile can appear in all sorts of annoying ways. Also, it does this: That is where the road tile is no longer a road - it's literally a wall. This is a major conflict with what people interpret the road tiles to be (speed bonus) Item #3: T3 dungeon boiling tar tile appears along the shoreline in many rooms no explanation of why that's a problem needed, I think Item #4: T4 cliffs around the dungeon area will EAT YOUR FACE Item #5: large enemies and objects that have an 'upper level' do not play well together with draw depths. This is actually kinda hard to get a good picture of when they're running around, but I did find one example: you can see the 2 normal trees are being assimilated onto the evil tree, forming some type of power rangers mech-tree that I opted not to fight and now I'm hiding in town because the world is too scary. Also the golem dudes can split boulders in half with their face using the same method as this borg tree. The depth drawing problem will be the hardest to fix I think. glhf.
  10. I'll compile a list of all the "tile-based" problems I know of and toss it in the bugs forum later. 👍
  11. So the game needs to handle players that have infinite attributes - [insert infinite dungeons] Huzzah! Anyway, it could be a soft-cap of sorts. ex: Every 10 infusions increasing the max level of the item by 1 (charms/socket utility) - this would compound exponentially onto the increasing XP requirement per item level, and since it has to be max level for every upgrade it would start to take tremendous effort to get an item beyond the +50 range. Throw in some silver costs and you got a strong anti-inflation mechanic too. The actual bonuses are similar to relics in a way, except that 'theoretically infinite' is more interesting to people whenever they can imagine the possibility, rather than looking at a predefined and seemingly unreachable cap that makes them feel like they have a specific goalpost to reach, if that makes sense. Look to the stars! Not level 99... (Even if you will only ever make it to level 30, you could imagine having a level 500 item some day!) Also, crafting super weapons across indefinite periods of time would have the added benefit of padding against the ragequits from relic loss, since that person may have used a lot of relics to customize their gear and feel like their next character is going to have a decent remnant of their power handed down to them. The major pitfall I see with this entire suggestion is something touchy - the crafting time. Decommissioning your super weapon for a day is like a big red message saying "log off". So if you guys ever loop back around to digging this up and think 'actually that could work' just keep in mind to go easy on the crafting time regardless of tier/level/etc.
  12. As a person that can find problems with anything, I am having trouble finding many problems with this update. Maybe I should test it before I say anything, but it looks very good just reading through the notes. -More collision objects. T5 and T7 have invisible collision objects! Fix that instead! -Would be nice to see just a couple more crafting bug fixes. -Druid change being a 180 half-circle could be dicey. -Followup deprecation vs nerfing is kinda dicey. -Maybe a few new bugs? Idk, I'll have to see. -"Well grind" may seem worse to people. (new players are still getting 0 Valr) Anyway, it's hard to find negatives in a good patch. Well changes are a few steps in the right direction, I think, but it's a hazardous journey. I would love to see more problems of the well chipped away until the final-boss-problem can finally be assaulted (the cap). Bug fixes of all sorts are good to see, especially the ones like late-game crafting. Suffix upgrading isn't on the fix list, but it is secondary to T10, so that's ok. Shredding away at the tedious aspects of the daily quests will have a bigger impact than people might know. 1 minute saved for 100 people doing quests for 100 days is a lot of time for them to do something else. If I can imagine opening the game and immediately start to make progress, I'm more likely to open it. The T1S2 quest dialogue may seem insignificant to some people, but I have actually answered that question like 20 times. I am not always around when people ask where are the insane people, so it's probably asked way more on NA1 alone. Also I am a crazy person, but I'm pretty sure at least 19/20 of those people were talking about the quest. Party drop rate scaling is going to have a massive impact. People will ask others to group up for things a lot more often now. It will also amplify the game's 'virality factor' and overall staying power in tight social circles. Someone could leave the game only to have their friends begging them to return thanks to the incentive. also this: 10/10 update. It gives a lot more value to Pristines if the highest tier requires them, you know? I don't see any valid reason why people would get a free copy of what is arguably the rarest item, just to make the difference between using T9/T10 for a while. The only thing that would make sense for compensation of T10 being down would be a crafting time reduction potion or something similar, and only for the people that have a T10 crafting table. Since in theory, you could have been waiting all this time on the T10 to actually craft, so as compensation you would have a way to speed up some crafting for a few days to make the difference. Problem is economy stuff. 90% of people will just hoard the crafting potions I think, just like many of them would sell the pristines. There is no world in which crafting being broken justifies giving you whatever you may have farmed had you crafted better gear sooner and farmed that thing faster. "Auction house is finally working so I demand all the things I would have bought at the prices I would have bought them at as compensation!" Sorry but these two things kinda look the same to me.
  13. When a T9+ item reaches max level, it is available for infusion at the crafting table. You can infuse any item into a +1 version using a single relic of your choice, to add that attribute to the item and reset its level to 1. Each infusion adds 1% damage to weapons, or 1% Endurance/HP/Energy to Armor/Amulet/Ring, and +1 selected attribute. Each infusion also increases the XP requirement for leveling the item by 5%, because reasons. Percentage scaling is additive, but makes the difference between T9/T10 leveling times. You may only use a single type of relic for infusions of a specific item, no rainbow. The 1st infusion defines the item, no reroll. This scales indefinitely. Enhanced [Prefix] [Item] of [Suffix] +[X]:[Attribute]
  14. It's actually a lot more interesting if nobody reaches the cap on relics - ever. If someone is capped, nobody can imagine exceeding them and 'being the best'. It's a real problem in most games. example: Well Time is capped at an arbitrary 20 minutes as a bandaid to the well not scaling in difficulty, which means you can never be the best. However, it is quite demotivating when you need 20+ relics for a single level. That's like 50 dungeons for +5 to one attribute. Diminishing returns are the default from flat values. 100+1 is 1%, and 1000+1 is 0.1% So stacking diminishing returns on the rate of increase is like fighting against an exponential curve, and it's a steep one. Auction House possibly alleviates this problem, but it scales up so fast that most people will have a breaking point rather early in the process. I would like if the game could handle people running around with 5000+ in their attributes, so the relics could actually be unleashed. I cannot reinforce this enough: The second problem is critical, especially when considering people can die to lag in resin/lava/tar/etc. and lose 100+ hours worth of grinding all at once. I think relics should 'decay' in some form, so that the person that dies with 1000+ relics doesn't lose everything, and depending on how many were lost they should earn Valr or something else. Leaderboards for relics on death are a nice touch, but for now it would mostly be a list of people that died to lag/disconnect. I really think they shouldn't lose everything just because of something like that, and yet I see it happen far too often. A few people have quit the game on the spot from that single problem, after overlooking so many others. related reading:
  15. Rules are made to be broken, warnings are made to be ignored. Balance/reworks are not synonymous. Alternative would be to create a single-use class change item for major reworks. If they are just swapping to the 'new strongest class' then is the game even more balanced? If someone plays a character for 100+ hours only to have it reworked and all their progress is locked to the new reworked class they don't like, then it really doesn't matter what you or anyone else thinks is cheesy. The harb damage could be shredded down to nothing to a point that it is considered the weakest class and people would still play it. Games have 'NoSkill' classes for a reason. It's not an accident. This isn't entirely rocket science. I have seen nothing to indicate it will give the game more depth, so maybe you have more info than me? Like I said, I have very little info about it, but other than that I actually know what I'm talking about. If the current AL system was fine-tuned for balance and possibility space it would have a lot of depth. I have no reason to believe that a rework is going to be balanced, even if I would like it to be. Combinatorial possibility space is limited by balance = balance brings depth. For reasons. If the AL rework is moving in the direction of the Rogue Legacy Loop instead of RNGesus Well Grind then it might eliminate one reason. If new players stop dying only to see they earned 0 Valr it might eliminate another reason. I like to assume the worst when people say they are reworking something. I have not been wrong yet. Reworks generate hype, but by nature they imply the developers didn't know what they were doing in the first place.. so unless they have learned a lot from the mistakes (I'm not entirely sure they have based on the new manually accepted challenges, well changes, etc.), then it's probably a side-grade. I have no reason to expect it is strictly better than what we have now, and no reason to assume by default they are aware of the pitfalls they're walking into. You say hundreds now? Thousands ahead? They have already had like 50,000 people join, if not more. The hype surrounding the rework will drag a ton of dormant players back into the game, but if their sandcastle got kicked over in the process it'll be the last straw for them. That type of scenario results in a negative review far more frequently than just about anything else, which greatly diminishes those future hoards of people you're expecting, even if advertising attempts to make up the difference it will be advertising a negatively reviewed game and cost 3x more. So, you know the drill. [insert warning] I am not affected by people that got to skip the tedious well grind. (Unless they are able to use the cards for 10x longer than me) I just spent 10mil+ Valr to get a single card. It took like 40 hours of tedious nonsense. I am not alone in doing this recently. I explained why I am not alone. ... So I guess you could say I disagree with most of your disagreements. However, I can agree to most of this: (reworded that a bit... but yea)
  16. DISCLAIMER: these aren't actually 'bugs' but they are annoying and should be killed like bugs. Item #1: this stupid thing. Item #2: 5-digit silver wordwrap. Item #3: 100+ bag space wordwrap when you open a loot bag. opposed to this (at vault) or this (in character menu) or this (inventory menu) Item #4: if you exceed 6-digit amount of silver, you can then only see a 5-digit number. ... Actual retail price: 251... What do you mean that isn't enough info? I HAVE 251 Item #5: idk, you tell me? Item #6: Reroll/Socket was never tested. Item #7: also whatever this placeholder thing is, since I should list at least 1 'real' bug. ... well at least the 5/15 doesn't have wordwrap, so I guess that's a good sign.
  17. When a boss is defeated, 2 portals appear. The first portal leads you back to the heartland, to safety. The second portal leads to the next level of the dungeon, but requires an extra key. Each dungeon level increases Map size by 1 room, Enemy HP 30%, XP Gained 20%, Enemy Damage 15%, and Drop Rate 10%. Bonuses compound multiplicatively onto stats from the previous level. This mechanic scales indefinitely. Greed is a Sin. You will die. Also: enemy level scales by 1 each time for crit resist/accuracy, miniboss rooms begin at dungeon level 10+ and have the bounty mobs from that tier, 'magic merchant' at the start of every 10th floor for selling items without recall to town, dungeon depth increases chance for dangerous chests, their difficulty ratio, and their possible reward, extreme depths begin to increase monster variety in some rooms, minibosses begin to appear in groups. etc.
  18. Don't worry OP. You aren't crazy. I noticed this immediately after testing the update and had it in my list. Most of the bugs in that patch could have been fixed in a day or two, honestly. Not sure they understood me though, since it's still missing and everything is still broken. Refine? No. You don't refine to upgrade a suffix. Refine can combine charms/mats - it has nothing for upgrading a suffix or any other aspect of a bow. There is no way to upgrade a suffix in the new crafting interface because it was on the list of things that made crafting useful. Everything that made crafting useful was intentionally broken to examine metrics and the effects on average player behavior. I shall call this the Crafting Utility A/B Test Conspiracy. Wake up sheeple!
  19. A game is far more likely to find it's 'core audience' during beta or EA if it has either of them. The notion that something causing people to leave the game is not automatically a problem, is completely invalid. People leave the game because lag spikes delete all their relics. People leave the game because there are a million glitches. People leave the game because updates add even more glitches. People leave the game because updates degrade existing systems. People leave the game because they think it's Pay to Win. People leave the game because important features are disabled for months. People leave the game because their friends already left the game. People leave the game because of BAD NEGATIVE THINGS. Then they also leave a negative review, and the next group of people do not even join the game because the reviews are bad. Early Access is not an invincibility shield like many people are led to believe. I'm not opposed to reworks, but they can go very wrong. [insert warning] I don't think this concept is especially complicated.
  20. People can already find higher level charms. (T7+) In fact, people can already find level 6 charms in T9, which is why I chose it as the prime example. It bypasses the tedious aspect, but also invalidates the crafting cost (pro/con) ex: I have tons of level 6 charms, but not a single one from crafting. I did not spend 2 hours straight crafting each one of them. I also did not spend 175k silver crafting each one of them. I am willing to sell them for less than the cost to craft them. So the obvious problem is that when someone actually wants to craft a level 6 charm, they are going to have a really bad time because they're going to spend 2 hours making it just to find that I can easily undercut them by 100k selling the ones I found. The combine cost could be 0 and the crafter would still be at a disadvantage for spending 2 hours on it after also buying all the level 1 charms, compared to me just finding one. How much do you think someone could possibly pay for a level 1 charm if it is going to cost 175k just to combine them? The same problem pervades across 90% of the crafting in the entire game. Look at it this way: -I find one level 6 charm, and sell it for 50k -I also craft one level 6 charm, and need to sell it for 200k (because of the crafting cost) -I profit 2x more from the first scenario, and also have 2 hours to spare to get even more profit. So unless the level 6 charms are selling for 200k+ and also manage to justify the 2 hours, then level 1 charms are literally worthless. In a scenario where someone is trying to buy 3125 level 1 charms they are going to take even longer and spend even more. Depending on how much people are willing to pay for the level 6 charm, the level 2 charms are also possibly worthless. These problems (and almost all of the other non-technical crafting problems) are a direct result of the crafting costs. I hope that clears things up a bit in regards to the charms. Equipment crafting is more complicated, but it has similar problems that can be noticed more easily with an understanding of the charms problem as a foundation. (ex: materials combine in a similar way to charms, so the economic designs for either will have some overlap in the types of pitfalls you will find) I can say ahead of time that if you guys ever think to start dropping high tier materials, the ones at the bottom could quickly become useless garbage just like the level 1 charms, because of the same design flaw in either situation despite being different items used in different ways or found in different places etc. Materials do have some room to breathe from the starting combine cost of 1, but really, that alone should make the point twice as clear. People will frequently and independently conclude that 'crafting is useless' until someone actually takes a few minutes to balance the crafting costs.
  21. This is how to create a level 6 charm. Steps to complete: #1) create 625 level 2 charms, each costing - 5x level 1 charms, 15 clicks, 5 seconds, and 200 silver. #2) create 125 level 3 charms, each costing - 5x level 2 charms , 16 clicks, 5 seconds, and 300 silver. #3) create 25 level 4 charms, each costing - 5x level 3 charms , 16 clicks, 5 seconds, and 400 silver. #4) create 5 level 5 charms, each costing - 5x level 4 charms , 16 clicks, 5 seconds, and 500 silver. #5) create the level 6 charm, for the cost of - 5x level 5 charms , 16 clicks, 5 seconds, and 600 silver. Step#1 total cost: 125,000 silver. 9,375 clicks. 3,125 seconds of crafting time. Step#2 total cost: 37,500 silver. 2,000 clicks. 625 seconds of crafting time. Step#3 total cost: 10,000 silver. 400 clicks. 125 seconds of crafting time. Step#4 total cost: 2,500 silver. 80 clicks. 25 seconds of crafting time. Step#5 total cost: 600 silver. 16 clicks. 5 seconds of crafting time. Level 6 Charm Total Cost: 3,125 Level 1 Charms 175,600 Silver 11,871 Clicks 3,905s Crafting Time Assuming you want to gain anything from this, you need to sell the level 6 charm for about 200k. Except someone starting at Step#2 by finding level 2 charms instead, can omit more than half of the total cost in all categories. This means they are looking to sell the same charm for about 75k, and your 2 hours of crafting results in a massively negative return. Except the second person is also doomed, because they just spent ~50k crafting something I found in the dungeon, I'll sell it for 25k. This is an example of why people say things like "crafting is useless". A single level 10 charm would cost over 100 million silver to create from level 1 charms. Regardless of what charm you create, a majority of the crafting cost will always be concentrated on the first 2 steps. So either level 1 charms are intentionally worthless noob-trap trash items, or these crafting costs are completely arbitrary. As far as crafting equipment, it's even more busted, but for different more complex reasons that I'll (mostly) leave aside for now. Also, If the value of certain materials fall below a crafting-cost-created threshold, the mats for all tiers below it have 0 value (or 1 from the vendor I guess). Also, the crafting cost for everything but keys is completely jacked. Only T10 crafting cost is somewhat justified within the game. 60k+mats+12hours to create a T9 item that people sell for anything higher than 10k. 18k + the missed 10k sale price totaling 28k cost to dismantle a T9 and get a few mats. T2 items cost almost 3x more to craft than the vendor sells them for. These are all clear signs of arbitrary numbers. Including material combine costs, it would cost you more than 65k to create a T9 item across 12 hours. Assuming any value of your materials and time, you would be looking to sell the item for more than 70k. However, in the 12 hours it takes you to make it, someone is just going to go find one and undercut you by 50% or more. Materials should derive a minimum value from crafting - you should find profit in crafting. People with 'free' mats should be able to profit from crafting something even if selling to the vendor, not take a loss from attempting it. People that buy mats should be able to profit from crafting something by selling it to other players. This is like, Crafting Economy 101. Currently, the only thing to craft that could ever possibly overcome the silver cost alone, is a prefix item. Except requires items that are best used on T10 gear. Also, dismantling prefix items is as busted as anything else. The cost to dismantle rises at an extreme rate, but the chance to obtain the imprint never changes. You can just sell the item to the vendor and dismantle T1 bows, you're better off doing that than paying 18k to trash it. 28000/18 is a lot. 25% chance, is not. Also, catalysts are useless garbage in most cases. (See the relics thread in suggestions for the T9 solution.) Also, if equipment is going to drop in dungeons, it should be 1 tier below the catalyst dropped in that dungeon. (Because reasons.) ... Anyway, I guess there are a few upsides to having a busted crafting system. Nobody feels obligated to use it - that's probably the biggest one. (This is actually the only saving grace for how tedious charm combining is.) I suggest: -divide the crafting costs of everything by 10, with the exception of keys, T10, bloodstone costs, and prefix/suffix reroll. -divide all dismantle costs by 10, because missing the vendor sale price is already a large enough cost. -consider dropping T10 crafting costs at a later time. (if you start spamming them as item drops.) -scale up the chance to gain imprints from dismantling, based on tier. Maybe a divide-by-10 change sounds extreme, but that's only because crafting costs are so far off the mark to begin with. The only way I see current equipment crafting costs working is if bosses start dropping mountains of silver/mats/imprints, instead of the things people craft. (Not saying you should actually remove equipment drops... just that it is the only good way to justify T1~T9 crafting)
  22. Scaling enemy HP and drop rate per person entering the dungeon sounds a lot more elegant than just having some predefined goalpost of a 6-player requirement. Some people like to be in a group, some people don't. Some people lag like crazy in a big group and other people are fine. Some people just want to do their own thing while everyone else wants to do something different. Some people play at weird hours when all their friends are asleep. Some people don't have any friends and prefer to creep around solo. ex: in Diablo3 my dad picks up every single item, every pile of gold, breaks every barrel, kills every mob, completely 100% explores every dead end of the entire dungeon before leaving. Find me 5 people that want to do that with him at 6am every day and I will agree that 6 person team requirements are a viable thing to do. Maybe they are different games, but the idea is the same. I think having a place for a group of 6 to go is good, but having a place that mandates it is not. I also think isolating the group of 6 to some group-specific dungeons is not good either, because every dungeon should adjust to them (similar to how they do now). It should always scale in a dynamic way to work with any size group, 1,3,5, or anything else. The problem, for now, is as far as anyone can tell there is only ever a penalty to being in a group other than tangential benefits derived from multiple people killing multiple things or exploring multiple rooms at once, etc. Indeed there are already some benefits to a group, but a small drop boost would go a long way. +10% per additional person is +50% drop rate in a group of 6. Could even be +5% per person and in either case it doesn't sound very game breaking to me, but would have a big impact on how people perceive the value of being in a group since a +25% drop rate bonus in a group of 6 is about the same as everyone having an extra aura stone. I suggest: +80% enemy HP per additional player. Drop rate 100, 110, 117, 121, 124, 126, 127, etc. (the 1st 80% is more impactful than the others, and drop rate bonus affects an increasing number of people)
  23. +1 to the idea of using T9 Catalysts for crafting their corresponding relics, since they are pretty much useless other than using 1 or 2 for every other hundred you find and toss on the ground. Hoarding them for later isn't even an option since they only stack to 10 and there are multiple types. Even if it used 10 catalysts and 5k silver to craft a single relic, the difference between that 5k crafting cost and the 15~20k people are willing to pay for the relics would be the new value of the stack of catalysts and people would actually buy them rather than attempting to avoid picking them up in the first place, or just trashing them in town and leaving some noob cluttering his bank with junk after picking them up. The stack size of 10 would still be a major problem, but at least they would go from 0 value to roughly 1k each, or even more if it used less catalysts per relic (5 sounds correct to me). This would also create a buffer against the feeling of randomness in gaining relics. I see no major downside to this, and a multitude of positives, which means it is almost definitely a very good idea. I suggest: -5 T9 catalysts -10 blue jade -2000 silver -10 minute crafting time ^ to create the corresponding relic of the dungeon for that catalyst also: -catalysts stack to 99 -blue jade stacks to 999+ effects: -t9 catalysts and blue jade are suddenly worth something, -people want infinity of both, and their relative value is debatable. -bag/vault slots are more valuable.
  24. +1 for Tome of Knowledge, or any other method for relic loss becoming a 'decay' mechanic rather than 100-to-0. People feel compelled to use as many relics as possible since, in theory, using them makes the other pile more secure by decreasing your chance of death. Exception if you need 20 to gain a level and save 19, but the general mentality is the same and very few people will have relic backups to buffer their death to some lag spike. Also, relics only stack to 10 for some reason, which means people of higher level can't hoard an appropriately sized backup even if they wanted to. Also, the Auction House being down means people in that scenario cannot recover through buying relics either, because attempting to buy them in discord or game chat isn't very consistent. So the prospect is to grind forever to break even on a death caused by a lag spike, and secondary progression during that recovery time like silver/mats/charms/etc becomes invisible in comparison with the original loss. Also, it is especially disturbing to think that someone could die with hundreds or even thousands of relics and be met with a Valr reward less than the total number of relics lost after spending a month (or more) collecting them, while a person suiciding into the well for 1 minute after rushing to 25 gains 100x their reward. The only way for people to reconcile this design flaw is to imagine that anyone farming t9+ has already done a million well runs and has all the cards, including leveling them to 50 (a scenario where someone might have their cards maxed out and no longer have any need for Valr is another design problem entirely), but this is unlikely to be the case for everyone in t9, especially if they want to change classes to mitigate the pain of losing their character. So then they are put into a position where they not only lost all of their relics, but need to also go into the infinite dicerolling grindfest of well runs to change to a new class and start over, since defeating 5000 t9 dungeons and completing t10 is completely worthless as far as the Valr system is concerned. The death of such a high level character quite literally breaks the game loop, and almost guarantees you lost a player (especially if the death wasn't even their fault to begin with, EA or not).
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