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  1. So I need to collect 5 of whatever Imprint I want to put on said item? They stack in inv/vault just like other items? Is that correct?
  2. I know this is an old thread but i just found it. How do you know what Tier the imprint is? I had a couple, but don't recall seeing any king of information like you are describing
  3. If I have imprints in my inventory, how do I put them on the gear that they should go on? What is a Wayfare's(?) Stone for? i just upgraded to T4 and it says it gave me something(showed a picture of it), "it is either in your inventory or vault",but I can't find it anywhere in either one when you complete a challenge you get 2-? things, I put the ? because I don't know if it goes higher than 4. I know that the multi-color T is for upgrading after you die, but I don't know what the shield things is, I do see the symbol and a number next to it when reviving, I know what the artifact recovery is, what is the green egg/rock/gem looking thing? Great game, by the way. I'm into he retro thing, since I grew up in it, and this game has a really good feel to it. It's a little confusing, see questions above, but it might also be me and my comprehension skills, it's probably something simple that I am just overlooking. Game on Brothers and Sisters Valyant out...
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