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  1. If you are doing the Captain of the Guard's quest line only the person opening the dungeon will be able to enter it. Every other key in the game should allow groups into a dungeon with a single key.
  2. This is strange. It should show you the build number in the lower right hand corner in order to verify but all I see there is "activate windows". Make sure you are playing Survived By (new download) and not Survived By Beta.
  3. Hey @Wind_Blade, good post. You can expect the crafting queue to get better in the near future. Your feedback is important and we are looking into making adjustments.
  4. Hey @Niceice did you get that error when trying to enter your password? Or claiming a house name?
  5. Alchemist is the bomb... throwing literal bombs. When you feel the world shake, that's not someone dying, that's an Alchemist taking names.
  6. It's not that "random". Invitations go out on a first come first serve basis. So everyone waiting is in a queue but the amount of invites going out every week has increased.
  7. Yeah, the inside of the quest givers house should be a safe place... but their should also be some breathing room outside as well. Noted.
  8. First off, it's freaking awesome your doing a guide!!!! I can't wait to see it. Make sure you link it in the forums when it's done. Second we will look into the broken swamp anima.
  9. Your english is great! And yes, as Twilight mentioned you're suppose to die at the end of the tutorial. This is how you learn your way around the death loop as some of the major ways to gain power in Survived By requires you to to die. Such as gaining access to new Ancestral Legacies and Valr which you can use to buy more Ancestral Legacies or upgrade them.
  10. Good catch, glad my bloodstones helped.
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