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  1. hh_katherine

    EA Week 2 - Hotfix 1

    Hello Ancestors! We are currently deploying a Hotfix that contains the following: - Allow players to purchase up to 10 inventory slots with Bloodstone, in the Store and Treasure Hunter - The Exchange has received a location change and visual update to draw more attention and make its purpose clearer to players - The Returner is added to the list of important NPCs so new players know they can return items - (Community) Added Vault to game introduction for first time players - (Community) Updated the Craftsman's text for first time players - Improved The Tower layout to provide better flow for players - Auto Select Server now considers all numbered game servers within a player's region - Updated Ancestral Legacy menu and consume warning to only happen on first consume - (Community) Provided more Daily Rewards details for where to collect items - Show a message when the player tries to purchase Electrum when the Steam overlay is disabled - (Community) Recovering items after death for Electrum is being removed - Expanding the Store to include Bloodstone purchases, creating a universal Store - Combining Crafting and Equipment Vendors for added convenience - Allow players to purchase Steam Packs via Steam website when Steam Overlay is disabled - Made it so Tier 9 & Tier 10 enemies drop T5 crafting materials at half the rate - (Community) A fix for the bug that shows an empty Exchange until clicking on another category - Fixed a bug causing players to be unable to remove postings from The Exchange - Fixed a bug preventing players from purchasing in-game Supporter Packs if their Steam overlay is disabled - (Community) Fixed a bug in Daily Rewards that prevent players from claiming their reward or made them skip rewards - (Community) Fixed a bug that put the Daily Rewarded Ancestral Legacy into the players inventory - (Community) Fixed a bug with Rationing Ancestral Legacy which caused the AL to not work on potions - (Community) Fixed a bug where players weren't awarded the 1 Ancestral Legacy card slot at death - (Community) Fixed a bug in the Main Menu Store that made purchasing hang - Fixed a bug where all inventory, Auction House, and Exchange postings displayed as 0/XX, even when multiples are owned - (Community) Fixed a bug that allowed account names to include HH_ and spaces at the beginning & end of names
  2. hh_katherine

    Progress on Economy and Server Feedback

    Update: We found an unexpected bug in our hotfix build that will need to be remedied before we can send it out - this hotfix will be delayed until tomorrow.
  3. hh_katherine

    Progress on Economy and Server Feedback

    Update: We found an unexpected bug in our hotfix build that will need to be remedied before we can send it out - this hotfix will be delayed until tomorrow.
  4. hh_katherine

    Exchange Rates

    Hey there! That totally makes sense. It is a player-driven economy, which means it's largely up to the community to determine how much bloodstone they think Electrum is worth -- but we don't want them confusing one for another!
  5. hh_katherine

    Premium inventory tabs for various item types

    Youre not alone - the ability to sort inventory (or at least have like-items sort together automatically) has been requested by quite a few players. I've put in a ticket for it and hope to see progress soon
  6. Hey there! Invasion will definitely provide a useful outlet for all those leftover materials that should make it far more worthwhile. Charms are an interesting one though, I'll see what we can do!
  7. hh_katherine

    Ease on life stuff

    Hey there! You're not alone - I put in a ticket for this one to preserve minimap scroll and other UI settings. Hope to hear back soon!
  8. hh_katherine

    Disassembly Revamp please!

    Hey there! I totally hear you - I do have some good news though. We are adding the Invasion event soon which is something that will be recurring and will act almost like a tower-defense game fueled by materials and gear - the reward for defending Teleport Shrines in the event will be imprints. They're too scarce right now, but Invasion should really help!
  9. Good stuff - thank you Danger! We want raids to feel sufficiently challenging, so the fact that our mini-bosses might not have stats to reflect that seems like an easy and important change. I do like the idea of blocking players from crossing lava too - collision would be cool, or maybe we could just make lava deal more damage. But! That first point is really interesting too - for now, we always try to make sure that dead ends in our dungeons contain a dangerous chest or altar. This is a similar concept but yours comes with an increased reward that would make dead ends much less frustrating. Great stuff as always, please keep the raid feedback coming!
  10. hh_katherine

    Quest scrolls feedback/suggestion

    Hey there! These are really good points. We're looking at totally revamping our quest and challenges system. One way that we might work to create something more exciting (that would make it difficult for other players to always snipe your quest monster) is if we created spaces in the world where certain elites could always be summoned (a spider nest, for example) and players could craft an item that would summon the elite. This is just one idea, but something we're totally working on. Thanks for the additional feedback, this will be really helpful!
  11. hh_katherine

    Electrum purchases need fixing

    Hey there! We're definitely working on improving this stuff, because your feedback is something that we've also heard from a lot of other players - increasing base inventory was just a start, but you might find some helpful info in our latest announcement here!
  12. hh_katherine

    Progression Propositions: Defining Traits

    Hey there Rehtael -- I'll still try and get to you as soon as I can 😝 This is really cool, and definitely something that Ryan would likely be able to assess better than I could. I'll pass this to him Monday when he's back in the office -- for now, I really like the names and the ways that we could incorporate these concepts into our Ancestral Legacy rework as well!
  13. hh_katherine

    Dyes should affect the whole skin

    Hey there! We can definitely try and expand the areas affected by dyes. It was a pretty big system to squeeze into the end of Beta, so I imagine that this system will become more polished and expansive with time The branches getting dyed is a great example.
  14. hh_katherine

    Dungeon privacy settings?

    Hey there! It's definitely not out of the question, as we've considered something like this for streamers to play with their viewers or for solo players to lock out dungeons. In the meantime we're working on solutions to make sure that bosses aren't killed by overlevelled players looking to roll through content -- one solution we've considered is making dungeons only accessible by players within +3 or - 3 levels of the player who used the key. What do you think?
  15. hh_katherine

    Server Status

    Hey there! So, there's currently a way to show that in game (Settings menu > Toggle Ping off/on) but it definitely would be helpful to have it accessible outside of the game too. I'll ping (ha) someone about it, as our server stability improves I hope this is no longer an issue!