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  1. PS - thank you, that seriously means the world Thanks for supporting the project, and thank you for the kind words!
  2. Hiya @RoryOz!! Yes, absolutely - full refunds will be issued. We have seen that sometimes these are rolling out in partial refunds, where a portion of the refund will be applied to Steam Wallet and the other will be applied to your credit card. For others, all of it is going to the Steam Wallet but Electrum purchases are being refunded before Support Packs go through. The full refund will process in the coming weeks, but if there are any long-term issues, please don't hesitate to reach out and we'll tackle it.
  3. Hey there, Ancestors! We've received a number of questions about what will happen with our official forums and Discord after our servers come down on April 19th. Because our servers are tied to the forums login, our forums will no longer be accessible and will be removed on April 19th. We have also decided to close the official Discord on the same date. We'll let you know specific times for the game, forums and Discord closure in the next few days. If you have shared any content to our forums that you wish to save, please take this opportunity to copy it to another location.
  4. 😭 There are some seriously heartwarming messages on here, thank you all for your support and appreciation for the game and the folks who worked on it. This doesn't have to be goodbye! Feel free to send me a friend request on Discord (HH_Katherine#7632) or on Twitter (@HH_Katherine) if you'd like to keep in touch. I'd like to host at least one more dev stream so we can have a little going away party for Survived By closer to April 19th. Stay tuned for details!
  5. Hiya Rehtael! Feel free to send me a friend request on Discord :)
  6. After much deliberation and sadness, beginning today, we will be ceasing development of Survived By. We greatly appreciate the time you’ve spent playing Survived By since our launch in Closed Beta and all of the feedback you’ve provided. This decision hasn’t come easily. We still believe in the core idea of Survived By, but after careful consideration of the game’s progress since its inception, we feel we won’t be able to reach the vision we originally conceived. We plan to keep the Survived By servers up until April 19th, 2019 and disabling all in-game real money purchases later today. To anyone who has supported Survived By’s development, we’ll be giving full automatic refunds to everyone who has ever purchased items or packs in the coming weeks. Thank you all, Ancestors. --The Survived By team
  7. @zifnab Thank you so much for reaching out! You're totally right - there's no better time than the present to speak up about any suggestions you may have. Several of these things are definitely bugs as you pointed out and not intentionally designed that way, so we'll definitely take a look - especially any issues that are preventing your friend from being able to pass to kin. I definitely hear you on the well changes, I'm someone who isn't so great at lasting very long in the well haha! We're always open to rebalancing things as needed, and can investigate this as well. In general, we do agree that dying doesn't feel worth it right now. The big AL overhaul coming next update will, at the very least, provide you with legacies that cause serious impacts on your playstyle - Legacies that grant unique special abilities, shot patterns, and role customization (DPS/Healer/Tank.) I think that will help a bit because our current Legacies don't always feel worth dying for, but now there's at least a chance that you could get something pretty great. We're also looking at overhauling the death cycle itself, possibly giving the player access to areas that they can only see on death. We're hoping for the Auction House to come back in the next update, (fingers crossed) but your feedback about T7 is super helpful. It makes a lot of sense - if you can't see your character, it's hard to feel like you're in control of being shot. I'll bring that to the team for our next design meeting and see if there's something we can do to alleviate those issues. Thank you for sharing this with me, it warms my heart to hear that you and your friends have made Survived By a part of your routine. If you have any additional details about what's happening to your friend when they try to claim their items on death, please let me know. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other feedback!
  8. Hi @Genevah! First - thank you for playing the game so much, that's awesome. I'm glad that, for the most part, it was a positive experience. I think your feelings are very valid and that we can absolutely improve on how we handle progression/death. I also really appreciate the way that you broke things down - seeing what did/didn't work for you at each stage is super helpful for us, and really allows us to evaluate exactly where those point points are. Now, onto relics... It definitely seems like the relic overhaul will need some additional thought. Yes, you are able to become far more powerful than was possible before, but as you mentioned... dying and losing allll those relics does NOT feel good. Several ideas have been proposed for this: making relic benefits work differently, but make them account bound. Convert the number of relics consumed into some kind of bloodstone or valr amount that is awarded on death. But, yours is looking at it from a new angle. I definitely appreciate that the proposal doesn't involve saving all progress, because that might not be something that we could accomodate - but this is interesting, and I like that it has a cap and mini thresholds for players to reach. I'll ticket it up as a suggestion to this problem and we'll evaluate possible solutions. Regardless of which one is picked, I think that you're right - the game could benefit from more satisfying meta-progression. I do hope that this will be addressed at least a little bit with our Ancestral Legacy/subclass update. In the meantime, thank you so much for sharing and letting me know your thoughts!
  9. That's a cool idea @Dryice101! While we probably wouldn't want to introduce a new currency, per se, we could introduce something that operates similarly - maybe something closer to a point system that guilds could use to cash in for different upgrades.
  10. Thank you for reporting! We're hotfixing this very soon :
  11. This hotfix will address a bug where dungeon enemies had HP scaling for 10 players and were dealing more damage than intended. Servers will come down at 3:15PM CT and will come back up around 3:30PM CT. Thank you for reporting this bug!
  12. We're hotfixing this at 3:30PM CT today
  13. Hiya Kelphaz Thanks for the support, I'm really excited to see how this change improves the game and also see how it changes with community feedback. Regarding both of these points, I think they're both fair. We want the well to have a BIG benefit (otherwise, a character is dying and it doesn't feel worth it) but I agree that awarding more for characters outside of the well seems like a good idea too. The team is pretty "heads down" in development with the AL rework, since there's so much to do - but once it's out, re-examining the balance of Valr outside the well should be a lot more feasible. I'll write a ticket so it doesn't get lost. I really like your relic solution. We've been trying to figure something out where dying with relics isn't so painful, and we've gotten a lot of good suggestions. I really like that solution and will include it as an option for the ticket above.
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