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  1. hh_katherine

    Unbeatable T5 Boss!

    We're working on a fix for this now
  2. hh_katherine

    Lost Consumables from Supporter Packs - Update

    @Amoru unfortunately, they'll continue to disappear until the underlying issue is resolved - still no ETA on this unfortunately as it relates to bigger issues of server stability, but I will let you know as soon as it's fixed!
  3. hh_katherine


    Hi Altari, apologies for the delay -- if items are lost you can submit a recovery ticket here: www.survivedby.com/zendesk
  4. Great stuff, Wind_Blade! Thank you!
  5. hh_katherine

    Survived By EA Week 7 + 8

    That's not a bad idea, especially with the Exchange down - I know we've talked about the idea of a rotating pack where different deals are available each week. Something Bloodstone themed would be great.
  6. hh_katherine

    Ignore list

    That definitely sounds doable, I'll ticket it up!
  7. hh_katherine

    Survived By EA Week 7 + 8

    @GeNoSiszZ - we definitely want to turn the Auction House and mail back on as soon as possible, but it's important that we have as many security measures in place as we can first - cheating players can destroy the game economy and make the experience worse for everyone. @NVTR - Bloodstone can be acquired through both Daily Challenges and Quests for a maximum of 45 possible Bloodstone per day. But, I agree that the Auction House and Exchange need to be re-enabled in order to provide more avenues to obtain it.
  8. hh_katherine

    Offerings, Dangerous Chests, and Drop Rates - Oh My!

    We want to make sure that our game has content that is fun for both casual and more hardcore players, but a lot of the changes in this week's update a reflection of necessary balance changes and a response to community feedback.
  9. hh_katherine

    help with daily challenge

    Yep! You're all out of challenges for the day, but it resets so you'll have a new set to complete tomorrow~!
  10. hh_katherine

    Question in my heart

    There's a "Looking for Group" channel in the official Survived By Discord server, let us know if you'd ever want to join us for some dungeon runs!
  11. hh_katherine

    Electrum for bloodstone

    We don't have an ETA quite yet on when we will re-enable these systems, but we are almost ready - we're working on one last tool to help prevent cheating before we turn it on.
  12. hh_katherine

    Question in my heart

    Hi AceTW - we totally understand, we want to make sure that we have as many security tools and measures in place as possible before we turn the economy back on. We'll keep doing our best to make playing Survived By a good experience for all players!
  13. hh_katherine

    Invasion/Resurgence Review

    Haha we used to actually have a lot more of those "flashy" effects in the game - I think that in general, it's a good idea. Sometimes it's not obvious enough where an attack is going to hit, especially if we're going to be adding more character behaviors to the Heartlands. I'll make sure to share the video, I think it does a great job illustrating why this could be really helpful.
  14. hh_katherine

    Survived By EA Week 7 + 8

    Hello friends! We've made a special post answering your questions and more:
  15. Hello Ancestors, this week’s update features a few bigger changes in relation to materials, item recovery, dangerous chests, and more! We’ve listened to your feedback and are trying to work towards the following goals. Create a more fair path to item recovery Increase the value of high level crafting materials Increase more smoothly the rarity of materials earned over time Make dangerous chests more rewarding To that end, we’ve introduced a few changes. Item Recovery Changes Prior to this update, Ancestors could only pass one item for kin for free. We recognized there were concerns about how item recovery worked and hoped to address them. Now we’ve added a special item that you can use to recover your items upon death. Meet Offerings - a consumable that you can offer in exchange for a single piece of gear at death. Offerings are obtained by: Purchasing them from the Returner in the Tower for Electrum (35 each) Crafting them from Blue Jade and Waystone fragments Before you can craft an Offering, you’ll need: Blue Jade, dropped by bosses, Dangerous Chests, and bounty targets Waystone Fragments, a potential reward from Rank II and III Challenges and a guaranteed reward from Rank IV Challenges. Additional Offering notes Offerings and Waystone Fragments are bound to the character that earns them, but Blue Jade can be exchanged with other players You’ll need to have your Offerings before dying in order to pass them down your lineage Materials Restructure In order to make high-level crafting materials more valuable we’ve adjusted the drop rates for T9 and T10 enemies so that they provide rewards more often, but at a lower tier. Changes to Drop rates for T9 normal enemies Before: Dropped T5 materials Now: Drops T1 materials and T3 materials Changes to Drop rates for T10 normal enemies Before: Dropped T5 materials Now: Drops T3 materials and T5 materials Enemies below T9 will have the same drop rate and materials that existed prior to this update. Revamped Dangerous Chests In addition to making high level materials easier to find in T9 & T10 we’ve also revamped the dangerous chests to have better material drops and in some instances better quantities. Changes to Dangerous Chests T2: Increased amount of materials dropped T3: Upgraded drops from T0 to T1 T4: Upgraded drops from T0 to T1, increased quantity T5: Upgraded drops from T0 to T3 T6: Upgraded drops from T0 to T3, increased quantity T7: Downgraded drops from T5 to T3, increased quantity and drop rates T8: Downgraded drops from T5 to T3, increased quantity and drop rates T9: Increased drop rates, removed T8 drops, reduced pool of material to 2 per dungeon, added chance for L5 and L6 charms (pool per dungeon limited to no more than 3 charms) T10: Increased drop rates, removed T8 drops, increased quantity, added chance for L5 and L6 charms (all) To balance these new rewards for chests we’ve also taken a look at the types of enemy encounters that you face to make them more challenging and thus more rewarding for seeking them out. Changes to Dangerous Chest encounters Spawning Nest (T2 and T9), reduced size of burrowers, increased burrower speed, reduced burrower count, added defenders, increased defender size and Health, increased defender projectile count Other encounters are currently being worked on and we will share details once the time comes! Let us know if you have any questions! - The Survived By Team