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    Survived By Week 11 - 13

    Gameplay The Bounty Board quests have been replaced with a Daily Quest system using the existing quest chains plus a number of new chains (one per tier). The new Quest Board, of which there is now one next to every Waypoint Shrine, will now provide directions to the local quest givers. The Influence of the Signs has been replaced with a Weekly Quest system. These quests can be accessed through the Objectives UI or through a NPC in the Tower settlement. Target values for come Challenges have been changed. Rewards for Challenges and Achievements must now be claimed. The Character UI has been updated, adding a link to Challenges and a unified inventory. The Crafting UI has been redone to increase usability. Multiple Relics can now be consumed at once. Added an option to disable screen shake when other characters die. Reduced the benefit of the Rationing Ancestral Legacy. The Berserker Ancestral Legacies have been deprecated. Increased the speed at which the total Valr is displayed upon death. The health regen ground effect now triggers health regen immediately. Improved the performance of the Lineage UI. When banned, the error message displayed is now more precise. Fixed a bug where one of the boulders was flagged as resin, so standing behind it was doing damage. Fixed a bug where bulk purchases were not always respecting purchase caps. Fixed a number of text typos. Fixed a bug where adding only one imprint during crafting would always guarantee an affix. Fixed a bug where long duration buffs were being canceled early. Fixed a bug where some long duration buffs were incorrectly stacking with each other. Visuals More visual and audio queues when the Well Wraiths get more powerful. Fixed a bug where ice was being incorrectly set to lava near one of the Borderlands buildings. Fixed a bug where the chat window was toggling on a set of rules different from other HUD UI. Technical Client optimizations Bandwidth optimizations Server optimizations Added additional anti-cheat measures
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    Week 12 Hotfix 1

    Updated the text for long term consumables to indicate that they no longer stack Fixed a bug where the Followup Ancestral Legacy was not being triggered properly Fixed a bug where it was possible to get locked out of being able to claim an item from the craftsman Fixed some bugs with the completion of the Tier 8 daily quest chain Fixed some bugs with the completion of the Tier 2 daily quest chain Fixed some bugs with the completion of the Tier 1 daily quest chain Fixed a bug where the duration for the weekly quest was incorrect Fixed a bug where random enemies were spawning in the Lava Dryad boss room Fixed some game server exceptions
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    Survived By Week 11 - 13

    @Skrurg - thank you so so much for these suggestions (and bug reports.) We will be sending out a hotfix tonight, but didn't catch those issues in time - so I'll be ticketing them up and hopefully we can get them fixed for next Wednesday's update. I really like the ideas you posted, especially the ones about sorting and making sure logical pieces of each UI remain at the top and are as accessible as possible. I'll also be taking these and turning them into tickets so we can see which ones are actionable. Thank you again!
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    Coming Soon: Party System

    Hi @Dryice101 - yep, as of now the level restriction still applies to parties. Currently, the max party size is 6.
  5. hh_katherine

    Coming Soon: Party System

    Get ready to team up, Ancestors - next week, we'll be adding a much-requested Party System to Survived By! Grouping up with friends to take down baddies will be easier than ever. The party system will include the following features at launch (with the possibility of expansion in future updates): Minimap icons to show the members of your party on the minimap Party leaders (whoever forms the party) will have the ability to kick/invite to the party The health and energy bars of your party members will be displayed on an on-screen UI A private party chat room to discuss strategy and share your favorite emojis We can't wait to release this update, and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for parties! Remember, a separate guild system is still on the way. See you in the Heartlands!
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    Coming Soon: Party System

    @karbo don't worry, we're still working on this!
  7. hh_katherine

    Coming Soon: Party System

    I agree - there's a request submitted for it, I'll let you know when I hear back!
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    I love this idea! I've submitted a ticket and will let you know if there are any updates. Reminds me of the other MMOs I played as a kid (like Runescape) where you could gather in a cool themed space and make friends. Seems like a great fit for Survived By!
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    Trader npc: Wich out of the tower

    That would be super cool! I know we have been looking at adding special bundles that would rotate out each week in the store - it would be really interesting to have something like that in game too. I'll submit a request for it!
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    A loot filter for autopicker definitely sounds nice! How would you want the filter to work?
  11. Hello, Ancestors! In addition to a slew of new daily quests (details coming soon!) we are adding weekly quests to Survived By. These quests will run on a 7-day timer and will generally focus on larger goals that take longer to complete. For example: players must kill X bosses, clear X Resurgence Events, etc. These quests will have a big reward upon completion. Every week, we'd pull one of these quests out of a pool and make it available. They would never be back-to-back, so each week would present a new challenge. But now, we need your help! What kinds of weekly quests do you want to play? What would be the most fun? What would you find challenging? We can't wait to hear your ideas!
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    We're Adding Weekly Quests! Ideas?

    I like that idea a lot @deadushka! Even if it isn't part of one of our quests, it would be great to have more signs of battle around the Heartlands.
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    Hi there! This is a known issue we're working to resolve - when we have a fix for the bug, replacement potions will be sent out to all players who lost them. We'll be sure to post as soon as we're ready to send them out!
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    Email verification

    You should be all set
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    Hola Wilsanium! Eso suena muy divertido. Hemos hablado sobre hacer una Mazmorra Desafiante donde los jugadores se mueven a través de una mazmorra sin fin con amigos e intentar ver qué tan lejos pueden llegar. No vendría por un tiempo ¡pero debería ser una gran adición en el futuro! Por ahora, no tendríamos una forma de destacar jugadores por país, ¡pero un día se podría destacar jugadores por servidor! Muchas gracias por apoyar a Survived By.
  16. hh_katherine

    I want the auction House Back?

    Hi @TheForgotten - we definitely want to get the Auction house back in game as soon as possible. It was removed because a cheating player duped hundreds of thousands of bloodstone and flooded the market, destroying the in-game economy. We needed to disable it and roll back server progress in order to correct the issue. No one wants rollbacks, so we want to make sure that the game is looking as secure as possible before we try to re-introduce them. The last thing we'd want is another rollback. Thank you so much for your patience, and I apologize for the inconvenience.
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    The support team is generally able to respond to requests 3-5 business days after the submission of a ticket. Unfortunately, they may not be able to honor some requests. Please submit a ticket to www.survivedby.com/zendesk and we'll see if it's something we can help out with!
  18. Hey there, Zilch! I completely understand your frustration - while death is a big part of Survived By, it's not any fun losing items and relics to deaths that aren't your fault. Loss of relics has become a hot topic for the community this week and we're discussing possible next steps. This is an important issue that we'll definitely keep working through, and I'll be sure to communicate a solution once we've decided on one. I think your idea is really interesting and not one I've heard before, so I'll present it to the team and see if it might be a good solution.
  19. hh_katherine


    Hi Xreap -- I completely understand your frustration. I would definitely be upset if I put that much time and focus into a character and then it died because of something completely out of my control. This isn't the first message we've gotten about this issue, and (beyond server stability, of course) I think it also calls for a discussion about how we can make improvements to the game's design to curtail some of these feelings. After all, the premise of Survived By is that dying is supposed to be GOOD - fun, even. Right now, that isn't always the case. I'm so sorry that this happened to you, and I will absolutely keep encouraging choices that will take the pain away from death. With every new update, there will continue to be server improvements, but I understand that doesn't help right now. Thank you for reaching out, and feel free to message me anytime if there's something I can help with.
  20. hh_katherine

    The 250K valr cap is ridiculous!

    Hi @deadushka - I understand where you're coming from, and I promise that we do spend time in game testing and evaluating the game without Admin help. That said, it's super helpful having community feedback to provide their perspectives and experiences, as it has a major influence on our decisions. I really appreciate your suggestions - and we are definitely conscious of these Steam reviews and try to reach out and help when we can. There are several major updates/overhauls (ALs, quests, Parties/guilds) to look forward to that we hope will improve everyone's experience and make the game even better. Thank you for sticking with us while we keep working at it!
  21. hh_katherine

    T9 catalyst

    Sounds good - thank you!
  22. hh_katherine

    Lost my Drop Buff

    Hey there! This bug has been an issue for a while, but we believe that we've found a solution for it. We hope to push this update soon! When we do, these potions will be refunded to everyone.
  23. hh_katherine

    Server Stability

    Thank you, everyone! These extra details definitely help. Be sure to submit a ticket to www.survivedby.com/zendesk so we can track how many people are affected, what is being lost, and try to make reparations.
  24. hh_katherine

    T9 catalyst

    (feel free to suggest something else as well!)
  25. hh_katherine

    T9 catalyst

    Hello friends! Out of the solutions proposed by @Kelphaz which do you think would be most effective? I'll submit a ticket once we have a consensus