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  1. Well its your fault that you logged out in the wilds. Just a simple click on 'R' and you would have teleported to the Tower. Now you know for next time
  2. Even MrJaffaCake (not that its the most original name ever), gets taken quite a bit in video games.... Try being Edgy the God of Edge, or, Ed "Its not just a phase mom" Edge, maybe Edgasourus Ed. I dont know, either way, you lost it. If theres a reset, try getting it again, if not, be original next time
  3. TL, DR : Its closed beta, there are bound to be problems, devs are working on fixing it for release. If you want to play it now, enjoy , if not, come back when the game is released. Enjoy your day m8.
  4. Hey, welcome to SB ! Yes, players here are aware of Red Shell, and devs have pledged to remove it. Soo it will happen soon enough (most probably before release). Forums use "Invision Community" software , that has really basic spam protection, reporting works, but sadly devs are online in a different time zone from when the ads are posted, so it takes some time for it to get fixed (they have no EU moderators). There is no Pay 2 Win, you can pay to skip crafting and some other processes, purchase more crafting benches, more character slots etc. But the premium currency can also be purchased with free ingame currency, that you have to grind. Server lag exists on some servers, and not so much on others. It also changes trough the day, major lag has been fixed, but there still might be some from time to time.
  5. Weeks, Months, Years , Centuries . Its all about getting lucky. There are giveaways from time to time, so you can try and get a key that way.
  6. Well its either a mistake, or just a way to express what they are thinking. Its a currency update so they probably thought about prices quite a bit, creating the "300 - 200" dilemma. Either way, I dont think it matters much. It is quite late, and I am quite sleepy, so at this point it can by anything XD
  7. One is for class unlock, and the other one is for character slot unlock. 2 different things.
  8. I like this quite a bit, but.... Silver seems kinda useless now. It would be much better if we had bloodstone and bloodstone shards. Shards could have a 10:1 conversion ratio to bloodstone. Instead of using silver to put something on the market you can have the procentage tax be added to the final price of the item. So the final price could be 10 bloodstone, a player purchases that item, and the player that put the item up receives 8 bloodstone and 5 shards for it. Teleporting would work on a time stack basis. So you have maximum 3 stacks, and each stack takes 20-30 minutes to fill up. Every time you teleport a stack goes down, and a cooldown starts. This would add some resource management to teleportation and make the game harder (and thats good, I think.....) You can make bloodshards be the new rare drop (when compared to silver) , and thats that.
  9. +1 ! High level players get nothing from this but still decide to enter and kill low lvl player stuff. Its not that bad now, but once the player number increases even more its gonna be a mess.
  10. Hello there ! If you are here you have either played the game for some time , and you just want to check out what im blabbering about or you are a newbie and you want few tips on how to "GIT GUD" ! THE BASICS 1. Explore ! - This game is all about moving around and exploring as much of the map as you can ! So do it ! Just move around, left and right, remove the darkness from your mini map (situated in the upper right corner of your screen) 2. If you didn't understand or read the first bullet-point, read it again, if you did, read it again anyway and then continue to number 3. 3. Kill stuff, be it good, bad , or questionable, kill everything you see ! If it gives you more than 10 XP its good to kill, if not stop being a weakling , read bullet-point 1, and go and find harder enemies ! 4. Jaffa, I found a key or a dungeon, or both. - Good on you, if you only have a key, try finding the dungeon (and the other way around), if you have both, just enter and kill some stuff (and by stuff I mean the boss). 5. Whats this glowing stone/tree/shard ? - Those are crafting materials, they can be dropped by random stones/trees/shards on the ground, or by enemies. Either way, they are good, for crafting. 6. Craft ! - You need to get stronger! Sure, dungeons drop some good stuff, but they dont always drop what you need, thats where crafting comes in, craft all your Tier 1 (T1) gear, and once you have all your T1 gear, start crafting your T2 gear, and so on and so on. 7. What is this yellow/blue spinning thing on the ground ? - Thats either a damage or a health regeneration boost, but you do need to be inside of the effect to get it, and that means that you are not moving, and not moving mostly means death in SB. 8. Move ! - SB is a bullet hell game, that means there are allot of bullets, and you dont want to get hit by those bullets. Thats why, you move around allot, so you dont get hit, mastering moving and shooting at a single target might seem daunting at first, but once you get it , you are unkillable, unless, you know, you.... 9. Die - Dying is part of the process, dying gives you legacies, so you can make your next of kin stronger, and so on and so on. The longer you stay alive, the better drops you get, and more valr, and few other things. SOME STUFF YOU SHOULD PROBABLY KNOW.... 1. Use the vault, (that big box thing close to the tower), items in the vault are safe, and will stay with your family even if you die. 2. Do daily quests ! They give you currency to purchase some pretty good items ! 3. Make friends, they are ....friendly... 4. There are bugs, rollbacks , things like thats.. Its beta, it happens, report the bugs, if possible. 5. ACCEPT ME AS YOUR GLORIOUS LEADER AND FOLLOW ME TO VICTORY ! This is a crash course, there are errors, and missing information. Its an evolving post, you can always ask here or on the forums if you have any issues or need help. Im not always available but if truly needed I can help you out ingame. GOOD LUCK !
  11. Its not that big of a deal. In SB you move constantly anyway, putting your guard down for a pile of sand is not the best idea.
  12. Nope, thats just the page between Loging In and going on forums (also the page where you can change your account password). Keys either come trough email or online giveaways.
  13. It would be simple enough for us, but im not sure how it would work out for devs.
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