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  1. Hi! I know that things are on fire since the public release, and the dev team has a lot of stuff to do/fix. This is just a reminder about the fact that the game has an outdated, hard to use user interface. This is not a top-priority thing, because it is more or less usable in its state right now, and there are other things requiring higher attention. But still, it can be a turnoff for players that are used to the clean, simple UIs we have nowadays. A list with suggestions: - The crafting menu. Currently: It is hard and time consuming to use. Suggestions: There are/were plans for replacing the current one, I'd like to have the new ui as soon as possible. - The item selection. Currently: It is hard to set prices in shops/vendors. I cannot delete the entire price values at the auction house for example, as it will jump to the lowest possible number, making it unnecessarily complex to set a custom price. There is no 'select max' button when selecting stacked resources from the inventory (as far as I know), it's bothering when dropping full stack of unused mats for example. The item categories are a mess. Weapons, armors, potions, etc. have their own category with usually only a few items listed or none at all, and literally everything else goes into the materials group. Suggestions: Allow us to set numeric fields to anything, and stop the action / overwrite the number later if there are invalid values set. Add 'max amount' buttons next to the '+1' button next to numeric inputs. Well, I have no suggestions for the categories, they kinda need an overhaul. - The waypoints. Currently: The on-screen indicator with the distance and the minimap icon is super useful, but the way it is handled is bad. Clicking on the small circle that appears at the right side of the screen for only a few seconds is annoying, especially during combat. Clicking the waypoint text in chat only brings up this small circle too for a short time, even if the main reason of clicking on that was to see the waypoint itself. Suggestions: Make the waypoint notification circle easier to access, by increasing the size and the countdown timer. Make the in-chat waypoint link show the waypoint instead of the circle at the right. Make unused active waypoints automatically disappear, for example when entering / exiting a dungeon. - The minimap. Currently: We cannot zoom out enough to see the entire dungeon, sometimes it's hard to track other players in dungeons. For partially colorblind players like myself it's hard to tell the difference between the color of friends and random players on the minimap. Suggestions: Allow us to zoom out the dungeon minimap enough to see all players/rooms inside. A different color for the town portal would be nice, since it is the most used one. It would be nice to have a minimap icon for dungeon entrances and chests AFTER they are found by someone. - In general. Currently: It feels like this UI is just there because it is necessary, and not to provide players an easy, intuitive way to interact with the game. This is a thing I'd expect from a backend developer. Suggestions: Players spend about the same time interacting with the user interface as shooting at things, so I think both the UI and the game's general look should get the same amount of attention and polishing from the dev side.
  2. I had exactly the same feeling. The early access release felt a bit too early. Like it was rushed to be out for the game awards. We had great news and plans for the crafting UI rework for example, but the game launched with the old, wonky system. And now most of the newcomers don't know about these plans, all they see is the current hard to use crafting system. It is nice to have a list in the main menu of the planned features and developement news, but casual gamers usually don't read these. Same with the forum and twitch/youtube presence. These are not relevant for the common folks, they just want jump in the game and have some fun in their free time.
  3. I also encountered this issue, it looks like the minimap progression is saved locally. You have to explore everything again if you log in on a new computer. Your minimap on your 'non-work PC' should be intact.
  4. About the dungeon instances problem: someone mentioned an issue here in the forums, that if you are too close to the dungeon entrance when someone else is using a key, you will end up in a different dungeon instance automatically. It was a random comment on one of the more populated forum threads, I couldn't find it. I haven't tested it either, so this is not 100% sure, but it sounds possible, since after one of the patches the dungeon opener is also moved into the dungeon automatically on using the key.
  5. Hi! Let's start with my point: I think the game / UI is pushing too hard on monetization. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the current system. This is a fair free to play model, and players can earn the premium currency without spending a penny. All I say is that the electrum purchase screens are all over the place. Right at the start menu there is a huge 'buy electrum' button. Then after messing around in the town, newbies will see electrum everywhere. dyes, skins, tombstones, thorns gear, all these things selling for the premium currency. After some progress they will find the 'craft now' button, inventory, vault space purchases and so on. Even when they die, they are greeted by electrum purchases: marking stuff for kin, additional legacy-slots, additional character-slots, unlocking classes and so on. Some of these can be unlocked via game-play directly (daily login, events and the Well (which is not well-documented at all. Pun intended.)), the others can be earned by trading bloodstones for electrum. But this fact is not pushed into the players' face as strong as the "purchase electrum" message is. Players are super sensitive for microtransactions and "pay to win". There are tons of crappy, scammy games nowdays that are pushing for heavy micro-transactions and exploitative buisness models. And it is clear that players had enough of that crap, seeing the serious backlash on EA's lootboxes for example. Survived By is not one of these, but for newcomers it seems like it is. Just looking at the new legacy limitations: It was mentioned in the patch notes that it's possible to earn additional (free) slots in the Well, but I couldn't find anything about this written on the in-game screen. It looks like just another money-grab. I would suggest to communicate the in-game electrum trading aspect and the unlockable content through gamelpay (skins, legacy slots) as well as the real-money purchase is communicated right now. Just to tell new players that it is fine if they don't want to or can't spend money on the game. Thanks for reading!
  6. It works fine for me.
  7. Just to clarify, there are some people (myself included) who didn't get the "New Kid on the Block" quest at all (quest list was empty, Captain of the Guard had nothing to offer), and had all the vendors unlocked, like before the new player experience patch launched. For those the bounty quest scrolls aren't dropping in the game at all for a few days now, but everything else works completely fine.
  8. There is definitely a rare bug with the debuffs (burn, poison, slow, etc.), as sometimes they are not wearing off normally, and have unexpectedly high damage. Me and my brother experienced this at first hand about a month ago, when we were hit by a random poison debuff that was doing 180-200 damage each tick, and didn't stop until we both died to a random enemy projectile, or to relogging on 1 hp. No idea when or why it happens though.
  9. This might be the cause of the previously reported "Mirage Hunter Boss Buged" (By @CrysisEvr) aswell, because that boss can transform into a cyclone, and the attached screenshot was showing it next to a physical terrain-object.
  10. Hi! The new movement of the cyclones makes them often stuck when they collide with movement-blocking terrain. Typically in the T6 area, but in other places too. (Images) Their new attack pattern feels a bit underwhelming too. (Not a bug, just a related thing I wanted to mention.) They are not a threat any more if there are no other enemies around. (Now they only have 1 projectile at a time, that also wanishes after a 360 degree turn.) I liked how they could stack up projectiles before, so you had to target them down quickly, but I also see that it might caused some unwanted difficulty spike in specific situations.
  11. After reading Ssslither's answer about doing "new player experience runs" I realized that if it is possible to get to T8 in 2.5 hours without using high gear or legacies, then I am the one that needs to change and improve, not the game. Although he was describing these as duo runs, and that is a huge factor in my experience. Usually I can't find random players that are interested in the same content I am doing, but when I can, the progression feels way smoother. My previous comment was posted with solo-play in mind, even if this game is not meant to be played alone. At the end, I am sure, it is possible to clear the tiered content in solo mode in a reasonable time too, just not that ... fun, I guess? About the item loss on death, it is a fair and simple mechanic, I am sorry if my post sounded like I am suggesting to change that. I didn't mean to. My point was not about dying and losing an item, but about finding a higher tier item after you spent a lot of resources on your prevoius tier item. Eg: have a random T6 weapon, find a random T7 weapon -> great, equip it and you are fine. Have a crafted, re-rolled, upgraded T6 item with great pre- and suffixes and high level charms socketed, then find a random T7 weapon -> not that great, because now all the resources and time spent on the T6 feels wasted. I would skip the whole gear-upgrading part until I get the reasonably high tier stuff that I know I will keep and use for a long time. In short: I was not seeking more "persistent power" or "protected gear", but a kind of short-term upgrade (like/instead of the suffix crafting or charms) that is less affected by gear-switching, but also lost on death, like the gear. If it makes any sense now. I hope, because I can't explain it better. And most importantly, this has nothing to do with the difficulty, the permanent and temporary power gain in the game feels alright.
  12. I think my concerns were coming from the item-stat bug that was happening after one of the patches this week. With that being fixed, the out-of-combat heal being improved and the of poison and burn damage fine-tuned, these things I mentioned are no longer valid in this form.
  13. Personally I kinda dislike this direction the game is heading. I am not sure if binding character progression to disposable items is a good thing in roguelite, perma-death games. It might works well at the T9 - T10 area, where the players are trying to min-max their builds, but I don't think this suits the pre-endgame content. Currently there is a big 'progression-wall' at the T5-T6 area, because the only reliable way to get stronger is collecting or crafting gear that is one tier higher, or upgrade the currently equipped lower level gear. While I like the former: finding loot, and equipping it to get a power spike is always fun, but if I have to spend time and resources on the lowel level gear, just to be able to survive the enemy hordes of the next tier, getting the next tier items is not a straight upgrade any more. In one hand you have your current, low tier set you worked on for quite long time, you upgraded, rerolled, leveled, socketed them, and in the other hand you have a set of higher level stuff that has higher innate stats, but no levels, no charms, no proper suffix combo and whatnot. Not even mentioning the fact that your items are not safe like other mmo-s with similar equipment-management. But you lose almost everything on death making your time invested into gear totally wasted. I see only one benefit of this thing: You can stash the lower tiered, but highly upgraded gear in the vault and have it as a fallback if you die with the higher tier stuff equipped. But seeing the new crafting materials added to the game, it just means more clutter in your vault/inventory where the number of empty slots is scarce already. I would like to have the gear system as simple as it could be, like: crafting stuff, having them as boss drops, and rerolling their pre/suffixes occasionally. And binding the 'alive character progression' to something else that is helping that character in any type and tier of content. Something like this: Charms are equippable on the character itself, you can add sockets and upgrade/socket the charms like you could before on items. You are still losing all of that when the character dies, but now if you equip a charm when doing T6 content, it will stay useful in any other areas you get in later on. You can freely upgrade your gear to the next tier, without losing the benefits of the charms and you will have a slow, but steady character-progression that will always benefit your character during its lifetime. But this is just my opinion, maybe there is nothing wrong with the current system, and it is just me disliking it.
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