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  1. GHmate

    11/14 Patch Discussion

    I think my concerns were coming from the item-stat bug that was happening after one of the patches this week. With that being fixed, the out-of-combat heal being improved and the of poison and burn damage fine-tuned, these things I mentioned are no longer valid in this form.
  2. GHmate

    A comment about Suffix crafting...

    Personally I kinda dislike this direction the game is heading. I am not sure if binding character progression to disposable items is a good thing in roguelite, perma-death games. It might works well at the T9 - T10 area, where the players are trying to min-max their builds, but I don't think this suits the pre-endgame content. Currently there is a big 'progression-wall' at the T5-T6 area, because the only reliable way to get stronger is collecting or crafting gear that is one tier higher, or upgrade the currently equipped lower level gear. While I like the former: finding loot, and equipping it to get a power spike is always fun, but if I have to spend time and resources on the lowel level gear, just to be able to survive the enemy hordes of the next tier, getting the next tier items is not a straight upgrade any more. In one hand you have your current, low tier set you worked on for quite long time, you upgraded, rerolled, leveled, socketed them, and in the other hand you have a set of higher level stuff that has higher innate stats, but no levels, no charms, no proper suffix combo and whatnot. Not even mentioning the fact that your items are not safe like other mmo-s with similar equipment-management. But you lose almost everything on death making your time invested into gear totally wasted. I see only one benefit of this thing: You can stash the lower tiered, but highly upgraded gear in the vault and have it as a fallback if you die with the higher tier stuff equipped. But seeing the new crafting materials added to the game, it just means more clutter in your vault/inventory where the number of empty slots is scarce already. I would like to have the gear system as simple as it could be, like: crafting stuff, having them as boss drops, and rerolling their pre/suffixes occasionally. And binding the 'alive character progression' to something else that is helping that character in any type and tier of content. Something like this: Charms are equippable on the character itself, you can add sockets and upgrade/socket the charms like you could before on items. You are still losing all of that when the character dies, but now if you equip a charm when doing T6 content, it will stay useful in any other areas you get in later on. You can freely upgrade your gear to the next tier, without losing the benefits of the charms and you will have a slow, but steady character-progression that will always benefit your character during its lifetime. But this is just my opinion, maybe there is nothing wrong with the current system, and it is just me disliking it.
  3. GHmate

    11/14 Patch Discussion

    Personally I am not affected by the removal of health restoring legacies, since I had way too few points in them to make them useful. But making the T5 - T10 content even harder? If you make new players unable to acquire (and use) high level gear (which is totally fine and justifiable) and shift the source of player-power more towards the equipment (prefix-suffix upgrade), that newbies lose over and over while experimenting / learning the game, AND increase the difficulty of the T5+ content, it will just make that mid-game area even more tedious and slow. It was already a pain to clear the Tx content with Tx-1 gear solo. After reaching level 25, the players are forced to get higher tier gear to survive the environment, but you can't really get that gear, because you have to deal with high tier enemies to get the high tier gear. This is a vicious circle. Or is the intended gameplay now about slowly upgrading your lower tier gear via charms, pre/suffixes and set bonuses? This kind of stuff doesn't really fit a game where you lose (almost) everything when you die. If I understand it correctly, the level requirement on high gear was implemented to stop newbies getting ridiculously powerful items early on, but it affects the top players too. In this case there should be a way to allow veteran players, who rightfully own their powerful gear, to equip it on their new characters, because restricting those players just doesn't make sense.
  4. What I mean by mid-game is the part when your character is level 25 and the progression loop is: killing stuff in a Tx area, getting keys of the dungeon, doing dungeon runs for gear -> getting stronger, killing stuff in the Tx+1 area, and so on. This part of the game is really slow compared to the pre-25 gameplay. Before the max level, there was a steady progression, you became naturally stronger. You could explore the map around you, find new types of enemies, getting into the dungeon-key mechanics and the different boss-fights. This part of the game is really good. But the moment you reach lvl 25, this progression stops. The only way of getting stronger is by upgrading your gear. You start farming the same area for keys, doing the same dungeon over and over again, and finally when your gear is good enough, you can proceed to the next area doing these exact things again. If you are doing rookie mistakes like me, resulting in a dead character every now and then, you can find yourself doing this content a lot, and at that point the game becomes predictable and repetitive. You know what tier content you are going to farm next, you know what types of enemies you will find there, you know where you find the dungeon entrance, what the dungeon will look like, how the boss-fight will go and so. If I have T5 gear and I plan to upgrade everything to T6, I know exactly what the game will look like in the next few hours. Again, this is not an issue pre-level25, because the variety comes from the quick level progression. But this progression rate is not sustainable through the whole game of course, because players would speed through the whole game then. I am not asking to make the mid-game shorter, and I don't want to skip this content either, by buying gear with bloodstone / electrum. I would have no problem with the slow grind if it had some more variety and the gameplay was a bit more ... fun? Different games deal with this in different ways. Games with perma-death and linear progression like Survived By use more random generated stuff, random events and less predictable progression system: random and unique upgrades in Nuclear throne or Binding of Isaac, random loot and mini-bosses in Risk of rain, totally different random generated world in Don't starve. While other games have a less vertical progression system, for example Realm of the Mad God, where your mid-late-game progression is tied to stat-increasing potions, but there is no strict order of which content you have to do first and which next. Also these potions are not locked behind a single dungeon, instead you can get them in multiple ways. So in that game after reaching the maximum level, you have lots of ways to improve your character and if you dislike some content, you are free to skip that entirely. In Survived by however you are kinda forced to do the content in a single order, proceeding through the tiers one by one, which is not bad in general, but as I said before, in this game the linear progression is tied with repetitive content and predictable gameplay. There are some of my ideas that could make the mid-game more enjoyable (in my opinion), without the need of changing the core game flow drastically: - More interesting enemies in the Heartlands. While there are some well-thought enemy patterns and behaviors, facing the same enemies for the 100th time can make them boring. Increasing enemy variety is not always the answer, there is no big difference between fighting the same 5 enemies for an hour or fighting the same 10 enemies for an hour. But if we had random local events, that let's say, change the enemies around a player into something you encounter rarely, it would spice things up. Like the goblin army and the slime rain events in Terraria. Or we had rare encounters that have some unique / interesting mechanics. In Realm of the Mad God for example there is an enemy called Candy gnome, that has a really low spawn chance. If a player stumbles upon one, it will start to flee, and if the player manages to catch and kill it, it can drop an entrance to a really unique, endless dungeon. And since the spawn chance is so low, it's always a nice surprise finding one of those, it can shake up the gameplay experience. - Dungeon modifiers. Running the same dungeon over and over can also be boring, but it's necessary sometimes if the RNG is not on your side. (Crafting is a part solution to this, but it's even less exciting) The variety of rooms, connections, and the semi-random enemy types is a nice thing to have, but it gets stale quickly. What if the dungeons had some unique modifications sometimes, for example every 4-5th dungeon is a bit different (depending on a random roll when it's generated). I was thinking about small changes that affect the whole dungeon, but only that instance you are in. For example: "In this dungeon the enemies will explode on death damaging nearby players and other monsters."(more risk, more reward and everyone likes explosions) or "This dungeon has only melee-type enemies, but enemy movement is greatly increased."(just for fun) or even "Common enemy bullets deal less damage, but their damage scales up with traveling time" (promoting a switch to a more close-quarter, rambo like play-style). I don't know, something special that can break the mindless grind and change the way you play. The statues in dungeons (xp, damage, hp-regen boost etc.) are kind of like this, but those are just changing some numbers on the character sheet, not particularly interesting stuff. - Meaningful buffs dropped by heartland enemies. The currently available damage boost and out-of-combat hp regen buffs dropped by some enemies are not really interesting or useful either. The idea is not bad, it's definitely worth keeping, but I think they should be a bit more impactful, again, changing numbers is good for general progression, but not interesting as an occasional gameplay element. They should apply 'sticky' buffs to players similar to the current in-dungeon buffs, so they benefit them for a while after leaving the small circle. And they could be used to make the gameplay more interesting and diverse instead of "well, you deal a tiny bit more damage for 3 seconds, hurray". I have some wacky ideas, but these are just examples, not seriously planned stuff. "For the next 5 seconds enemy bullets will heal you instead of dealing damage", "For a few seconds you are covered in magical flames, burning/killing enemies coming too close", "The next lesser enemy you kill will turn into a stationary decoy, attracting and absorbing enemy projectiles for a few seconds". But these are just wild examples I've came up with, anything would do, that can keep players entertained/interested while farming the same areas in the game. P.s.: @HH_katherine Thanks for the kind words during yesterday's devstream ^_^, unfortunately I wasn't there to say hi and thanks.
  5. Road tiles are not connecting properly to the grass at their end / close to bridges. I am not including specific areas, because it happens a lot in other places too. Other visual glitches: (I've noticed more of these visual errors on that island when I explored it fully) The quest guy is missing, and I don't remember reading about this in the patch notes (He was scared away by the spooky spiders of the deep night event probably) Interesting dungeon generation, probably not intended. (My quickest T6 run so far ) I cannot use "Pristine Iris Mounting" from the vault, it's only working when I have it in my inventory. Usually I get an infinite (or exceptionally long, I'm not sure) loading every time I create a character. I have no idea why or when it happens, but if I close the game window after 30-50 seconds, and start the game again, I can see my new character. It might be something on my end, but I don't have long loading times anywhere else in the game.
  6. GHmate

    Monster or Debuff Unbalanced

    It sounds quite similar to what happened to me before. I've got a crazy high damaging poison debuff in the T7 area, dealing 200 damage each tick, instead of the usual 20-40.
  7. GHmate

    Crafting Queues are coming, and we need your help!

    Now This is a proper interface, I like it! Let me recommend a few things though: The charm fusing screen: (I haven't done too much charm crafting yet, so veteran players might see these things differently) The current demo involves a lot of clicking if you want to replace multiple charms to craft one something different from the autofilled type. (select one charm slot, (scroll if you need) select a different type, press back, ... repeat x times.) It would be much more comfortable if we could have some interaction between these 2 windows without closing and opening the second one. For the sake of my example, let's say, there is no auto-fill (I will 'add it back into the mix' later.), so we start with 5 empty slots. [1st video, 0:34 - ] "Refine" screen: clicking an empty slot opens the "Inventory screen" with the charms (as shown in the demo). Clicking on a charm adds it to one of the empty slots, but it keeps the inventory screen open. This way you can rapidly click 5 times to select your 5 charms instead of opening and closing the inventory window. Now if you want to switch an already added charm on the left screen, you can just click that slot (right click maybe? or whatever, it can have a 'remove charm' button next to it if it's more clear that way. or both.) and it will be removed, emptying a slot for a different charm, that you can add easily from the inventory screen that's still open on the right side. To make the charm switching process more intuitive, it could have a drag-and-drop system too, which would allow players to pick up charms from the inventory and with a single gesture replace an already selected charm with it. Or drag an already selected charm from the refineme window and drop on the inventory screen to empty the selected slot. So adding back the auto-fill (that I don't feel necessary, but not bad either) will make the "5 quick clicks to select all I need" method a bit less effective (as we don't have 5 empty slots at the start), but with the drag and drop system I could replace the 5 charms really easily if the auto-fill is guessig the desired charm types wrong. The crafting screen: [3rd video, 0:32 - ] In most of the crafting recipes there are ingredients that are also craftable themselves. Eg. enriched cloth and stuff like that. It would be nice if those ingredients were clickable on the item crafting screen and they would redirect the player to the refine -> materials window with that specific craftable item selected. This way I could do "Oh, I need one more enriched whatever, let's press this button, and start crafting it." instead of "Oh, I need one more enriched whatever, let's close this window, navigate to the material crafting screen, select the tier (wait, which tier was this again?), scroll dow to this material, and now finally I can craft it". Also with the longer crafting times of higher tier items, we should have an option to add and remove items from the queue while the crafting is on. If I need 6 of X item, each taking 5 minutes to craft, and I accidentally add 6 of Y item instead, it would be nice to have a way to remove 5 (or less) items from the queue (the 6th is being crafted already), instead of waiting a half hour or paying premium currency for stuff I don't even need. It could work like a cancel button, returning the resources that were used up for adding them to the queue. Also it could work in the other way too, adding more of the same item to the queue while one is currently being crafted. I appreciate the efforts, the nice demo-videos, and the inclusion of players this early on. Great work!
  8. Hi! There are some issues with debuffs in the game. I was aware of this before, but this time, it added up with other ... weird ... things resulting the unavoidable death of my character. Just to collect all things in a list: 1- Debuffs are not disappearing sometimes, hovering on its icon it says 'expired', but the effect is still going on. 2- Somehow in the t7 area I managed to get a poison debuff that was dealing 200 damage (on each tick) to my lvl 25, t6-geared character. 3- Leaving to the menu with 0 or 1 hp (not sure which, but with an active poison debuff) turned my character into Schrödinger's cat, I saw the death screen with my (fancy new) gravestone, and also there was my character alive, able to move and shoot and such. (leaving to the menu again killed him ultimately) 4- When creating a new character, at the last step I've got an infinite loading popup. This is the second time happening to me, so I included it in this list. After forcing the game to shut down, (and logging in again) my new character shows up in the char list. (This time having all the legacies equipped luckily, but last time it had only 1 of them after the loading bug and re-logging process.) 5- also the character creation screen behaved weirdly, as at some point a character selection window opened itself inside another window, when it was not supposed to. Sorry, I don't remember correctly what happened, and I don't have screenshots, because I was freaked out and closed those windows :D. Some details: 1: Sometimes it happened with the attack-speed debuff, but now for the first time, a poison debuff was stuck on my character, making me constantly losing health. Teleporting usually updates the debuff state, removing the expired ones, but I suspect this time I could not teleport because the nonstop damage procs. Even a daily quest can be stuck in an expired state on the top progress bar, if it is active while its timer goes off. 2: I was casually hunting enemies / bounty minibosses in the t7 area with my brother. Suddenly, while fighting a pack of tree-dudes (the ones that are also spawned by the t2 tree bounty-monster), we both got a massive poison debuff taking huge chunks of our hp each second. It was like multiple poison debuffs stacked on our characters. I am sure that it was not intended to remove our 600-700 hp in 4 seconds. And the worst part: it was not expiring. It felt like the damage per second was going down sloooowly, from 200 to 190->180... (I am not sure though), but after running around for a few seconds on 1 hp we decided to leave the game to finally get rid of this sticky poison. (It turned out to be a bad idea.) 3: There is nothing more I can say about this one. The character was showing up normally in the menus, but when I entered the game it died instantly (and 'stayed alive' in the same time). I know this bug report is not particularly useful as I can't provide a way to reproduce all of these, but I hope I could raise attention to these.
  9. GHmate

    Deep Night: Early Thoughts

    Hi! I am in a similar spot right now, this event is not particularly new-player-friendly. I won't be able to fight the boss or any t9 content for a while either, that's sure. But if I can give you an advice: try to team up with players with the same level. I am not suggesting to get carried through the content by maxed guys, but this game is balanced around the multiplayer factor. When I was playing with a friend of mine (lvl 25, 1 tier lower equips), the difference was huge. While soloing stuff the killing goes slowly, the bounty scrolls / key drops are scarce, the dungeons take a long time and the dungeon boss drop is often disappointing. But playing with others means that you get more scrolls / keys in total (since each enemy drops stuff for everyone nearby), quicker dungeon-clearing, and you can share excess or unusable loot with the team. Once I joined a team of 3 dudes to run a dungeon a few times. As whe shared the loot at the end, it took me 3 runs to get all my gear to the next level (and collect some additional stuff just in case I die).
  10. GHmate

    Deep Night Has Fallen!

    Great event! ...but it would be nice if we could fight a weaker version of the final boss (somewhere around t5 maybe? for scaled-down rewards of course) with only using the first few shards, so newer and/or more casual players, who have no access to high tier dungeons (myself included) don't miss out on the big boss itself. I don't know much about the average power-level of the players currently, but I doubt that the t9 final dungeon is accessible to roughly everyone. Fighting your way through the lower event dungeons, facing the mini-bosses, getting cool consumables is all really nice, It just has a bittersweet taste knowing that the final goal is probably out of your reach. Anyways, well done, I'm looking forward to try and get my gear good enough to challenge that spiky shadow-dude.
  11. GHmate

    Socketing Timer bug

    This is still happening.
  12. Hey! I have some thoughts I would like to share: - “Rerolling affixes now costs bloodstone based on the number of imprints used” I haven’t used any imprints yet, but the possibility to roll your weapons/items to have a desired stat is a really powerful tool. I haven’t touched the late-game yet, but I can imagine this feature being abused by many players, so I see where this change is coming from. However I feel that rerolling something with NO imprints used shouldn’t cost 6 bloodstones. Rerolling with no imprints is already a risky thing as you can get even worse modifyers than the current ones. The current unbalanced state of weapon prefixes (discussed in my next point) is not helping either. The silver cost, the time-wall and the totally random result should be enough price for a no-imprint reroll. - Weapon bullet patterns are unbalanced in terms of energy gain. I like the idea of having different weapons for different purposes. single-shot ones for bosses, multishot for clearing groups of enemies etc. But the energy gain shouldn’t be affected by the shot pattern as heavily as it is now. It is really hard to get energy using multi-shot weapons without high level legacies (especially when they are not working because of bugs, lel). I don’t know the exact behavior, but it looks like you only get X amount of energy if all the bullets from the same shot hit something. (1-shot weapons: X energy per bullet. Multi-shot: n/t * X energy where t is the total number of shots simultaneously fired, and n is the shots hit.) If the energy gain is balanced for the default 1-shot pattern, it results the 4-5 shot weapons being less useful, and the high fire-rate single shot one strong as fk. Right now if I want to have decent energy level to cast spells, I can’t really use weapons with 4 or 5 bullets because I can’t make all of the projectiles hit every time. And now with the 6 bloodstone cost for a random reroll I am too afraid to reroll my 4-shot one, because there is a chance I get a worse type, wasting bloodstones for nothing. So I ended up playing without using my right mouse button most of the time. (I am not saying that we should get X energy for each bullet hit, that would be broken too. But the 1/4 X - 2/4 X energy I get per shot combined with the rapid energy drain is just not enough. Hitting with all bullets should stay as it is now, but the minimal energy gain should be around 1/2 of the maximum, the other cases scaled between these values accordingly. And the fire rate should be taken into account somehow too, making slow shooting weapons a bit more useful and high firerate ones less godly.) - Concerns about the late-game. I mentioned the low level player energy issues, that is just one thing that can be ‘solved’ with legacies (and charms and such things I haven’t encountered yet). I’ve heard about powerful items/cards that can give you almost infinite energy, a lot of health re-gain or damage-reduction. This is cool, having a slow progression that makes every ‘playthrough’ easier is a nice way to keep players interested. But you must be very careful with power progression. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not even close to the late game. This feedback is not about what this game offers, it’s about what I don’t want the game to become (is this a valid english sentence?). So there is another really similar mmo-bullethell-shooter-rpg-permadeath game, name not included, because there is no place of advertisement here. At one point the developers added a really slow but insanely powerful progression system (pets). Even if it was behind a huge time or pay-wall, the power cream of players got insanely strong having crazy health and mana regeneration. Since a lot of players have payed for that power, the developers couldn’t just remove it, so they had to balance the game around them. It was making the game less enjoyable for f2p users, and now a lot of the end-game content revolves around insta-killing players (solving the hp regeneration issue, but making some deaths unfair) or temporarily disabling pets (making players regret their money spent on pets and the game in general). I am a bit worried that this game is heading a similar direction with the current progression system. - Speaking about insta-killing and damage-balance (and turning back to the actual game to write about something that actually exists ), in the early game (sub-tier6 equips, no powerful legacies) the poison damage feels too punishing. Since the out-of-combat-only health regeneration system is a thing, getting poisoned is not just taking your hp slowly (a really big chunk of your hp usually), but it disables your health-regen too. I feel like those were balanced to work with the old regeneration method. It would be nice if I was not forced to flee in panic and hide in a corner every time I get poisoned. But if you say it is intended, I can live with that, not a big deal. - And now something totally different: Bounty enemies shouldn’t spawn beyond cracks and other impassable areas. When you accept a bounty scroll, it is spawning a mini-boss around you somewhere, but the spawn distance calculation does not take the impassable areas into account. Sometimes you have to choose if you want to take a huge roundabout to get to the boss, or just cancel the bounty and hope for the next scroll to spawn the next enemy somewhere else. I hope I'm not sounding like a kiddo crying to make the game easier. Actually I really like the challenges and difficulty the game offers. These things I mentioned just felt objectively unbalanced. Thanks for reading, as always, I am open for feedback, criticism, and different opinions.
  13. GHmate

    Is the game working?

    Same here. Level 19 character shown as level 1, and I get an infinite black screen after selecting that character. I can hear random sounds of the game (music and people shooting in the camp), but I can't interact. I've attached an output log file, there is a juicy NullReferenceException in there. (Before the 'Week 13 - Hotfix 2' it was working.) output_log.txt
  14. GHmate


    That placeholder description made my day!
  15. GHmate

    How many of you played RotMG?

    With enough determination and time, you should have no problem with the pet progression in RotMG. I have a close-to-maxed legendary pet without spending anything on that front. With the new-ish daily login system they are giving away a lot of free stuff that helps leveling pets. And they offer free storage sometimes too. My biggest problem with that game was its ridiculous monetization and the greedy behavior of the developers. The inclusion of random loot-box systems in almost every transaction, the pricing being too high for an old flash game, and the often meaningless responses and careless attitude of the developers made me turn away from that game. Deca games, the current developers made a decent job reviving the dying game, but their plan of becoming such open, transparent and user-friendly dev-team as Digital Extremes AND Human Head Studios (I'm convinced), failed in my opinion.