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  1. Devstream Early Acess #7 Overview Weekly update review : Like every devstream, the first part was for speak about the weekly update and review it, i put you a link to the update thread : Party : The Party system is finnaly here, it's will you add the ability to : Have a Party Chat Seeing Minimap icons for party members Invite/vote to kick Weekly Quests : - Can be completed once per account - Resets on Wednesday at 11CST - 7 quests in the pool, one per hard mode dungeon - They won't repeat in consecutive weeks - Each will have 4 parts - Rewards Will includes : - Silver for each lum-in - An Influence buff from the appropriate boss, lasting 7 daus - The Zenith is being removed Exemple of an Weekly Quest : Sentinel Quest : Part 1 : Rose to the Ocassion The most important rite in our order is to lay the winter bloom upon the graves of our forebearers. It is time for you to undertake this mission. Collect the flowers from a dozen winter blooms. Part 2 : Grave Concerns With the winter blooms collected, you should now lay them upon the graves of the great heroes of the order. All of the graves are in the Haven. Lay blooms at each tomb in the haven. Part 3 : Alpha Test It is most troubling that all the tombs have been desecrated! It would seem the tomb of the Great Lord Commander has likewise been desecrated, and his great sword taken. We must recover it! We must find the location of the Alpha, who will undoubtedly have the sword. Kill Wolf Warriors until you find a clue to where he is Hiding Part 4 : Sent in The Wolf Lord has taken the sword ! Visit his den and take him down and recover the Lord Commander's sword Wolf Lord the boss of the quest Bugs : The Infiltrator invinsibility bug trigger has been find by the devs and will be fix soon Locus bug finnaly fixed A new type of stream has been annonced the day of the update with others members of the team, the devstream will still happend
  2. Devstream Early Acess #6 Overview EA Week 7 + 8 Review Oferring : Offering has been added because the older system was considered like pay2win, "it's create a more fair path to item recovery" How do it's work ? One oferring is used to recover one item. You can get them in two different way : - Prenium option by purchased them from the Returner for 35 Electrum - You can craft the Oferring (Blue Jade and Waystone Fragments) + = Katherine have already resumed some part of the devstream before the devstream in this post, so i will not add more information that you can find in this post. Dangerous Chest : Enemy Behavior Revamp It's something that is for now only in the t2 dungeon but it's basicly add differents "class" for minions from dangerous chest. So instead of have 6 normals ennemies that will spawn, You will have Defenders, they are bigger than normals ennemies, have more hp and will send more projectiles The Burrowers that are smaller, faster and do more damage. Theses "classes" are created to be complatery themself. They will be more "classes" in the future with the others tiers dungeons More They know that the locus bug is still in the game even with the last hotfix The update will not be today Hardmode raids have be annonced They are currently fix the bug that make you lost your stuff (like healing potion) you will get refund laters. Sub-class are comming soon™
  3. Seem good .. i will test first
  4. Devstream Early Acess #5 Overview We only got a few annoncements in the devstream, most of the live has been used to show how the new event Resurgence works, as i already explained in the last overview , i leave you the link if you want to know how it work Content this month Relic rework will come first the 16th, it's will increase the utility and values of the relics. Overal of the quest are comming this month to the 23th, new quests and new way to get them (more information in the previews overview) More Party system is comming before guild Rework of legacy is comming in 1-3 mounth, the legacy will have a true impact on the gameplay, and we will create sub class for each class If your holiday consumable stuff get removed, you can contact the support to get refund (https://survivedby.zendesk.com/hc/en-us) Pet update is far away because devs want to rework more things before, like the ancestral legacy with the new sub class stuff. Each player that enter in the dungeon make the dungeon 80% harder. Dev want to remove level restriction for dungeons if the others players are in your friend list
  5. Resurgence ? you mean invasion ? what happend ? the name has changed
  6. PS : Forum White theme is the best one and i love this concept image ... theses stickmans are adorables
  7. Devstream Early Acess #4 Overview Invasion The new live world event will be live the next wednesday What is invasion / How to play it? Invasion is a new dynamic event that can happend at any moment, the chimera decided to start their attack on the shrine of the heartland to destroy them, your goal is to defend theses shrines : Step one : 15 before the invasion start, an annoncement will be send to the region chat, at this moment a marker : will appear on the minimap. Step two : Before the start of the invasion you need to go talk to the local commander and he will spawn the guards Step three: Donate a certain amount of gears to the guards, donate a tier 2 gears give 2 points, tier 3 3 points ... the donation are communal between players and the amount needed is calculed by the local area tier * 10, so if the area tier is t2 you need 20 points. Local commander (if their is no invasion curently happend he will give you tips/hints) Invasion fight part Concept of the invasion fight Pattern of the fight : The attack lasts for 5 minutes Wave 1 : 60 seconds : Local chimera start spawning Wave 2 : 60 seconds : Mage chimera start spawning Wave 3 : 180 seconds : Artillery start spawning You must keep the Local Commander alive by taking down enemies Ennemies : Local chimera : during the fight the normals chimera ennemies will assault even if they are normmaly no chimera ennemies in the tier zone Mage Chimera : A larger version of the normals chimera and like elite have four normals chimera that spawn and follow him, he speciality is the fact he can heal the others chimera. Siege Chimera (aka ballistica) : Pattern of the ballistica Lobbed attack targeting the Local Commander (every 6 seconds) 5 bullets, 3-whave shotgun attack aimed at aggro target (every 4 seconds) 12 bullet radial blast in all directions (every 2 seconds) End of the invasion : If the Local Commander has been successfully defended : Players are awarded a tier-appropriate piece of gear with garanteed affix If the Local Commander has been defeated : The Waypoint Shrine will be unusable by all players for 60 minutes Rollback compensation Because of bad players that used bugs and ruin game economy a rollback has been done, devs have create an bundle for compensation for everyone, it's include : 45 Bloodstone 1000 Valr 3X reward aura stones 250 promotional electrum 5000 silver It's will be send to you soon Rework and Overhaul: There was a lot of debate about the well, the dungeon is too hard for the new players but to easy for the veterans, so there will be a rework. Today update will add dungeon scaling depending on the number of players. Later in the month an overhaul of relics to make them more valuable a level range lock will be placed on dungeons to help prevent high-level players from crashing through a dungeon unlocked by a tier-appropriate player (+/- 2 level maximum requirement) A leaderboard in the well will be added Because of this difficulty scalling, in a future update, the reward will be scalled depending on the difficulty of the dungeon, so go to a dungeon with a lot of people will be harder but will give betters rewards. The path to access to the hard mods dungeons will be rework to have faster access-problem messages to connect one was rework to give more specific information to the players.-the thorn vendor has been disabled temporarily-there is a rework planned for them thorn gears. More Holiday event is finish. The dialogues of the NPC and Boss are now in the chat logs, there are also new emotions given by logins rewards (pizza, broken heart, gravestone and chicken emotion) . Adding information from rarity to prevent beginners from throwing things like thorn equipment without knowing their mistakes. The auction house will not be open until the devs are sure that their new security functions are working well Total overhaul of quests, additions of a lot quests and adding class quests.
  8. even if you're really sell theses account you're just not allowed to sell them, so yes it can totaly get banned
  9. That not the problem, the Term of use your accepted dons't allow you to sell your account, you can get ban for trying to sell lit
  10. It's against the ToS to sell account no ? it's not your property it's the human head one that lending you the account, you can't sell it
  11. We already get one of theses pool, but since we get the early acess and a lot of news players have join so it's a bit outdate. So what is your favorite classes and what is the classes you like the least and why ?
  12. Well it's seem it's get knocked again for me
  13. Devstream Early Acess #3 Overview The devstream was mainly around the christmas event and how it's work and we don't a lot of announcements, so i will not repeat for another time, you have the official post of how the event work here : Season Progression The map changes according to the season. The water turns into ice during the winter, pumpkins appear during October, leaves fall autonm etc. It is not only decoration it affects slightly the way of playing (the water that becomes the ice is advantageous in t6 zone) More Party system get annonced Dev search a way to avoid high player carrying low level players without put a gate between low/high level gameplay (for playing with friends) Pets are not only cosmetics but will not be op (they will be focus on utility) More endgame contents is comming Issue & bug The item duplicate bug will be soon patched and people who abuse it will get ban progresively In the next hotfix you will get a free atachement in your ingame mailbox They work to fix the kraken issue (he is blocked because of the ice) Locus invulnerable bug should be fixed soon Servers are instable, you consumable can get lost (specialy the north americans ones) The t10 double prefix get fixed, but if you craft it before the fix contact the support and say which suffix you want to keep (the bug remove your ability to reroll the weapon) Digital extremes and Human Head go to vacations, so the support anwser will be slower Feedbacks Like @hh_katherine say in the previous devstream (#2) they start to rework the way class work, they want to make legacy more impactant on your class, they call it "sub-class", so they want idea for ancestral legacy that affect the class ability, so make idea on the forum 😛 A massive system on legacy revamp is comming, because it's affect the equilibre of every system of the game, every system of the game will get a rework The free attachment
  14. Not really a hacker but it's against the ToS (a player want to sell pack and gold for 30% less of his price from a third part website)
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