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  1. Gotta rejoin so I can give you the rank
  2. Yeah it seems to only happen with sentinel. It has been reported and hopefully fixed for next patch!
  3. Might it have something to do with people macro spamming Harb spears?
  4. I believe this happens for every boss.
  5. Oh that's awesome! Welcome to survived by
  6. Title. I have no other legacies on this character at all. PS: It also seems you are able to sell legacies that you have equipped Note I removed all legacies from my hand. Still can't use it.
  7. Same thing happened to me as well. Though I reported it in game
  8. Check your inbox every Wednesday! It's random. Keys are handed out every Wednesday. If you got a key but you can't access anything PM Katherine! Basically just to keep people who don't have keys hyped. But also to keep people who have keys informed. Everyone gets these emails. Sorry
  9. Ogmur

    Black screen

    Pretty sure the NA server crashed. Dark and I were doing some dungeons and shit fucked up. This is what happened when it started!
  10. If you want in you need to join the discord again
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