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  1. Nelladiel

    How do I invite someone to a group?????

    There is no party system in the game. Whenever you open a dungeon, players can join it within 30 seconds of opening. However: do not stand at the entrance together, because else both of you would open their own dungeon. So to prevent that, let your friend stay a bit away from entrance, then you open it and you can both enter 🙃
  2. Nelladiel

    NPC dialogue

    The dialogues are pain, yes! When you kill the Locus, the lore appears and it mentioned along the lines 'from what Locus revealed' - as I had the chance to read it, and on top of that, the text box appears above the boss. Since it's also connected in a way. Is there possibility to introduce settings regarding font of the chat? The current one is sincerely turning my eyes into color of strawberry. Having an option to increase font of chat box would be really convenient as people could set it up to their preferences and sight. It would also work well with npc/boss dialogues that would appear in the chat box - log ( from mention above). Personally, I would find it much more convenient to read chat box at ease without focusing sight too much at a cost of scrolling. Also since ( sorry, again 😕) the Log was mentioned, would it be possible to change 'Silver x1' into actual Silver amount that was picked up?
  3. Nelladiel

    How many kills?

    Well, now to think if it's 3 days or 3 weeks. Fufu~
  4. Nelladiel

    Purchased Skin is locked

    I just had the same glitch. I unlocked Boreal Skin, used it, recolored it, then after a while switched to basic skin and noticed Boreal skin requires purchasing again.
  5. Nelladiel


    In my opinion, the personal inventory space is alright. Even if we include 5 pieces of gear equipped and dropped crafting materials, it's enough for normal usage, just that it requires to get back to vault more frequently. However the vault space is really limited and it being shared with all characters is not helping much. It's barely enough to keep materials in. In my experience, I couldn't keep any catalysts or patterns in the vault, because it was that tight. I bought +10 space just to get more materials in, and it's all for just one character. There is no way to keep charms or patterns. As much as it's far away from paywall, I think 20 basic vault space is way too small number. Having it 30 would be much of help, but still limitting enough to not get overboard. And since the game has Bloodstone <-> Electrum market, all players can increase it further eventually over time if they would like. That's why I think 30 basic vault space would be a good starter. It wouldn't give a feeling of 'forcefully' paying for space, but yet later on when player would reach charms/patterns and better gear to stock, they might reconsider buying Electrum or spending Bloodstones for it, which would boost the market.
  6. Nelladiel

    [Dungeon] Invincible Locus

    What type of bug is it? : Boss permanently invincible What should happen? : When killing both 'legs' of Locus, he is supposed to be damageable What actually happens? : When killing both 'legs', Locus remains in invincible state, making it impossible to kill and finish dungeon. How can you replicate it? : Not with 100% chance, but when you keep attacking legs and it happens that you kill second leg at the same time as the boss is spawning monsters, he remains in invincible state. Other information : For now, solution is to make few attacks on leg, hide and wait for monsters to spawn, kill them as fast as possible, then do few attacks on leg again -> repeat.
  7. Nelladiel

    New User Quest

    When I returned to game ( few days ago after longer while, and there was a wipe of progression), I started new character and I got quest at level 1 telling me to clear Abandoned Storage Cave. So it seems like first stage of quest was completely skipped. I had scrolls dropping at the start, after Guard quest too. Then they stopped dropping completely the next day. After a while, they were dropping again... And now they are not for 2 days straight.
  8. Nelladiel

    Tutorial Feedback

    Hey, I didn't play Survived By for quite a while, so it was my first time seeing tutorial when I launched the game today to test 'what've changed'. New tutorial is alright in general, it gives small introduction to the world as well as explaining in practice how 'gathering' and crafting works. Also it gives small introduction to fight mechanics, however! I would like to give an idea or few to change invasion part of tutorial, because it's simply putting player in clueless state. One of ideas I would like to share is to change invasion by constantly increasing amount of monsters quite quickly, so player will get overrun and forced to die. The main idea is to make the player be in constant action, to prepare them for actual combat in main world, but also to show how much monster they can pick on to fight ( and teach how to not die in first dungeons, but getting within lots of monsters). Also a small thing, is to give some next introduction when creating character and appearing in the main city. Player just spawns and is quite clueless, can talk here and there, but that's just it. Perhaps making introduction quest of all NPCs in the city just for the first character would be alright, and give player a target of some sort - showing NPCs, then telling to clear the world off monsters, which would be direct allusion to 'go and kill stuff'.