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  1. You could do that??? Now I feel dumb that I missed on some lore/stories. x) As a thanks for enlighting me on this, I'll give you a bit of advice: buy health potions from the treasure hunter. You have one potion free/day, and can buy more with the bloodgems (the currency you gain when you complete quest from the quest board. The game is totally doable vithout potions, but it can definitivly save you from some missplays/mistakes.
  2. I aggree to what was said, and I add one thing: stop wasting players time, and let them play. You want to craft? Wait. You died? You want to play again, or even stop for the night? Too bad, you have to sort wich legacy you whant to keep or throw away. (And do dying is even more frustrating...) I want to like this game, and I think I will, at some point. But right now it's like the game is trying (and succeeding) to waist my time. I don't want to play a game like that, and even less support it. And some others and I warned them that getting to early access this soon was a bad idea... They should have tested the legacy limit before the early access to have feedback from beta testers... I can undertand that limiting legacy clear some space in the servers, but 10? I would understand not allowing to keep duplicates or whatever... But 10 legacy...
  3. Nice! Glad to ear it! Free stuff=best stuff! x) Oh well, it wast free anyway...¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I can see people getting pissed at thing like that... =/ If you can make those quest one time only, I don't think it will be an issue for the bloodstone economy, and since it's one of the first things new player will see, I think it's better to not time gate it. (It give the image of mobile F2P time gating right out the gate, I don't think it's a good thing...)
  4. Hi, seen you launch early access, I log in to see if I got the "Starter Pack" for free as promissed, and apparently not (got 150 electrum tho, no idea where taht come from^^'). Also I would have liked to be inform of the reward of buying electrum give next of kin supporter pack earlier, but too bad, it was annouced the day early access launched. =/ Also, I don't have the dye that was given int beta is that normal? If so that's a shame but okay. Other feedbacks : The knight dude quests (get to lvl4, and go slay the T1 golem boss), why put a 18h(or daily?) cooldown? In my opinion it would be better to make his quests one time only and be a guideline on what to do/where to go for new players. Also, I don't know if I was unlucky or what, but I didn't got quest scroll untill lvl 4, so the first 3 lvl up where quite uneventfull just bashing random mobs till lvl up without anything special to do/anything happening. Best of luck in your early access launch!
  5. It happen sometime, my usual fix is to open the weapon (or any item menu) and spam mouse scroll up/down till it appears. ^^'
  6. @HH_katherine Prime exemple why I think it's too soon to go to early access. While I think the game push to buy stuff (I mean, it's a F2P what did you expect?), I don't feel there is any paywalls or that it's pay to win. Sure, the game have a lot of grind, but so does a lot of MMO... But I'm curious too ear what made you feel that way, and if you explain it maybe the team behind the game may know what put players off and what need to change.
  7. Nice! 😃 I disagree, It would make the progression toward late game, as well as making a back up gear much easier, and would smooth the progression a lot (especially if the craft time become decent). But I aggree the well situation is not okay, and a fix, even a temporary/quick and dirty one (like a reverting the well change and setting a time limit) should be done for the next patch.
  8. Okay, guess I have lost 1 space in my inventory then. ^^'
  9. I don't entierly aggree with that, craft times can create a sens of wait and anticipation and a feeling of getting ready for an adventure (well, if you roleplay a bit), if the craft time is not extreme. Like in old wow, when you started crafting your new epic and see the countdown reach 0, that can feel like the wait 'till midnight of christmas. However, I aggree that it's not the case for every items. Waiting for the craft of materials, for exemple, is shitty. And more, if you have to craft every materials, then start the craft of of your item and wait again... It can be extremly frustrating. So yeah, imo you should not have to tell yourself that your run is over for now 'cause you have to wait for your stuff to craft... In warframe, the long craft time works(or at leat is not infuriating) because it don't block your progression (most of the time, anyway, and if it does you still have other thing to progress toward in the meantime). There is a lot of game out there, if a player feel like the game is wasting his time, why should he bother with it?
  10. Hey, I finished the T7 quest chain, and got the "Shifter serum" consumable. But I can't select it to see what it does, and it take inventory space. Anyone know what does it do?
  11. When you die, you get "valor" a currency you can use to buy or upgrade "legacy" cards/talents that up (slightly) your characters when equiped. But upgrading legacies to the point where they really matter cost a lot of valor, and the longer you play/slay monsters/progress, the more you'll be abble to upgrade them. My advice, don't suicide, exept if you have a back up equipement for your new character, or if you are doing so to unlock a new class : dying in the well (the gundeon to the north on the starting city) when lvl 25 with the harbiger/infiltrator/alechemist unlock the druid/sentinel/geomancer. And with the firsts deaths, dont upgrade your legacies(exept if you found one that you really like), but buy some, so can see/choose wich legacies you want or activate some legacy sets (the "if you have 2/3 legacy with the same set do X" on the top when you inspect a legacy). I personnaly fancy the set legacy that up by %20 your defence.
  12. To my knowledge, there is one in T7 (near the road coming from T5), if there is some others I haven't found them. I agree with you, quests would be great to flesh out the world. Personally, I would prefer random events and tasks a la gw2, and one main questline to give the player some direction to where to go and why.
  13. When I enter the circles, mob appears (even with my harbinger). Speaking of, is it what give the wild abandon? I got one but not sure it was from the circle or from something else...
  14. The free 150 electrum is great. 😃 For the open beta, I strongly recomand to wait after the rework of the crafting system and probably a balance/rework of the classes. The craft right now looks to much like a mobile P2W feature and may scare the players. And the classes balance doesn't feel good (at first glance: why play something other than harbinger?) My point is: nowaday triple A games use this term to put demos of their games, and so for a lot of player it means "demo of a almost finished product", and you risk that a good part of the steam comunity that will have access it will look at is as such, and may downvote it, hurting the visibility of the game. Anyway, it's just my opinion, and you probably thought about all of that, but I love the concept of your game and would hate to see the game faill because of that (a lot of bad review early one can really hurt a game). In an other topic, does the account reset will reset the ancestor name? My forum name and my ancestor name ain't the same and I'd like to correct that. ^^'
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